Mathematically Correct Kha'Zix

Mathematically Correct Kha'Zix

Chilling Smite
Alway go blue smite 
Skill Order:
Taste Their Fear
Void Spike
Void Assault

-Introducing: I'm an Plat 3 Kha'Zix mains who plays on Vietnamese server. I have played 2700+ games of Kha'Zix since season 10, had 600k mastery on main account and 200k mastery on alt so I have decent knowledge about his weakness and strength. The reason why I made this little guide is because many people are building Kha'Zix wrong and I'm here to lead you guys to the right build.

-About this build: Trying to maximize damage from Q (Taste Their Fear) while having enough sustain and tankyness to duel every single champion in the game. With over 200% ratio with AD on Q, maximize the damage isn't really that hard since Q already hit like a truck.

-There are currently 3 build which you can go: Eclipse/ Prowler's Claw/ Bruiser build with Goredrinker or Strider. But in this guide, I'm only talking about Eclipse build, which for me, is currently the best mythic item for Kha'Zix.

-Why no Duskblade? Yes I know, this can be a bit confusing. Everyone goes Duskblade, then why I don't suggest it? Trust me, Duskblade passive deals no damage at all compared to other mythic items like Eclipse (which is the BEST item for Kha6 right now). Even if you bought it for the invisibility, it's just not worth it, there's no need for more invis. You already have a lot of mobility with R and E evolved; it's enough for you to get more than 2 kills and get away. Honestly, I don't see any situations which you build Duskblade, since you can E Q aa and get a kill easily with any of my build anyway. 

Let's just get straight into the build here: Full lethality & armor penetration to maximize Q damage. "The best defense is a good offense".

-Eclipse provides anything an assassin need: damage, sustain, and movement speed. With its component extremely efficiently on Kha'Zix (life steals is really good on Kha6, who would've thought?), it's easily being the BEST item on Kha'Zix. Second place belongs to Prowler's Claw. It used to be the best item you can build on Kha'Zix due to its mythic passive plus 5 on every legendary item you have. Which means if you have full build, this single item can give you up to 46 lethality (??!?), that is insanely OP. But in patch 11.13, it has been nerfed quite a lot, from the raw lethality it gives, to its active cooldown. So well, we have to change for good no matter what like the wise Kha'Zix himself:"Consume and Adapt".

-Boot: honestly, anything is good here. You can either take defensive boots, or offense, it's a matter of personal preference. You can even go for swiftness boot or no tier 2 boots, saving gold for powerspike item if you're fed. The only exception here is the cdr boots. Personally, I don't think cdr is really any essentials to Kha6 unlike Zed or Rengar so I don't really build it often. But maybe you can try it out to see if it works for your playstyle..?

-Next item, Ghostblade. Very standard here, nothing too special. Movement speed when out of combat? Seem good to me. Lots of lethality? We take those. The Collector is not our option here. Very interesting passive but anything besides that is just a waste of gold. Less lethality, bad gold efficiency, pass.

-Next item, Essence Reaver. "Seemingly out of nowhere, sheen item on an assassin? But you said this build is full lethality & penetration? " Before you complains and leave the page, hear me out. Do you know the only Kha'Zix weakness is? His kit relies way too much on isolation, (Q deals 110% more damage against isolated target, W evolved slow 90% against isolated target) which is rarely the case in high elo. This build is not created for low elo only, but also high elo or team comp that doesn't give you chance to hunt down isolated target. Thinking about that for a moment, this item came into my mind. So after many testing on practice tool, this idea got my surprise. It's INCREDIBLY good! With these 4 items above, you can already one shot any target that has 1500 health, 50 armor. This item also makes clear camps or taking down drake much faster. Essence Reaver DEFINITELY got a slot in this build. Plus, this item makes sure you don't run out of mana while in combat. 

-Fifth item is either Last Whisper or Lord Dominik's Regards (LDR). You got more than enough lethality and heading to mid-late game, therefore the only thing you need now is some more armor penetration or defensive item. LDR is an overall better than Last Whisper because of its stat and passive which will be active most of the time since you don't build any health, but if you run into a team comp, like example: Akali top, Elise jungle, Yasuo mid, Ashe Lux bot, then you would like to build Last Whisper for the perma slow.

-Last item is situational. It's could be Serpent's Fang for the shield breaker or defensive item. At this moment you don't really need more damage anymore so building defensive should be the main priority but still, more damage is fine. Last item could be:
+ Death's Dance: Good overall vs AD comp.
+ Guardian Angel: Good overall vs AD comp.
+ Edge Of Night: Prevent CC or range abilities (Lux Q, Zoe E, Fizz R, anything has a lot of range that hurts like a truck*).
+ Maw Of Malmortius: Good against AP comp.
+ Bloodthirster: More damage.

-Skill Order: Q -> E -> W

IMPORTANT: DON'T MAX W SECOND, PUT 2 POINT ON W THEN MAX E AFTERWARD (E is much more important mid game duo to its low cooldown when maxed)

-Evolve Order: Q -> E -> W for mostly squishy, if not then Q -> E -> R