This site contains computer optimized League of Legends builds.
  1. Using the build calculator
  2. Engine options
  3. Making a guide

Using the Build Calculator

Build Page
To use the site go to the Builds page on the top bar.
First, select your champion, you can use the search bar at the top to find a champion quickly
For now select Zoe as the champion.
Champion Select Showing Zoe
Champion Page
On the champion page, you can open the build calculator or see builds written by other people in the guides.
For now open the build calculator.
Open Build Calculator
Build Calculator

You now need to select what role you are playing the champion in. At the top is Mid, Adc, Top, Assassin, Jungle & Support. Then you need to select the play style of the champion. The play style determines the set of stats that the site will optimize the build for.
In this case will select Mid -> Standard Mage Builds for Zoe.

Playstyle Selector

All builds are optimized for raw damage. The rest of the stats being optimized for are shown below. In this case: Ability Haste, Mana Sustain, Stasis and Gap Close. For this example we will set Ability Haste to Very High.

Stat options

This gives the following build order below. That is optimized to give the stats we asked for. Stats like Ability Power, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, etc. were automatically translated into Damage using a model of Zoe's abilities.

Build Order

But the on paper stats don't always tell the complete picture, Zoe has a strong early game and can take advantage of this by using early game items. We can force the taking of Biscuit Delivery, Timewarp Tonic and Corrupting Potion. A bar will appear under the Reset and Add Engine Option buttons, initially Red, it will change to Yellow (once it first gets a possible build) then disappear once it has finished optimizing the build. This runs in your browser and will take 0 to 60 seconds to complete. It runs faster in Google Chrome due to it's better Javascript engine.

Build Customization Panel

We now get the following build:

New Build Order

This is good but we think the boots are in the wrong place. Let's change that by using the Add Engine Option button. We can add two engine options, Set Tier 1 Boots Gold and Set Tier 2 Boots Gold to move the boots into the correct position.

Engine Options Set

This produces the following build below with the boots in the right place:

New New Build Order

Engine Options

The optimizer supports the following options:
Engine Option Description
Tier 1 Boots Sets maximum gold spend in build before getting boots
Tier 2 Boots Sets maximum gold spend in build before getting tier 2 boots
Change Mana Curve Required mana is checked at 5 points through the build order, you can adjust the required mana here. The required mana is multiplied by the values given.
Limit Gold Limit total build gold to X. Can be useful for working out the next item to buy
Ultimate Build Quads gold income after minute 20 and raises item slot count by 1
Add Data Files Add additional build names here to consider items from those builds whilst searching. Important when making drastic changes to build options. Comma seperated list of data files. The default value displays the data file for the current build. Look at other builds to get the names of their data files.
Spellblade Proc Count Number of times spellblade will proc
Melee Champion Auto Attack Modifier Percentage of time a champion is typically in contact with another champion for making auto attacks. Range: 0.0 - 1.0
Item Groups Consider a set of items at a position in the build
Usage: Position,Item 1,Item 2,Item 3
e.g. 0,Horizon Focus,Rabadon's Deathcap
Enemy HP Enemy HP from start of game (minute 0) to end of game (minute 45),
default: 550 to 2150
Enemy Armor Enemy armor from start of game (minute 0) to end of game (minute 45),
default: 30 to 90
Enemy Magic Resist Enemy magic resist from start of game (minute 0) to end of game (minute 45),
default: 30 to 50
Ban Extra Runes If you run out of ban rune slots above, you can add an extra rune to ban here
Ban Extra Items If you run out of ban item slots above, you can add an extra item to ban here
Combat Length Override Change the combat length for damage calculations.
0.5 is Poke, 1.5 is Burst, 4.0 is Sustain
Early Combat Length Override Change the early combat length for damage calculations
default: 0.5 for Poke Damage
Mid Game Combat Length Override Change the mid game combat length for damage calculations
default: 1.5 for Burst Damage
Late Game Combat Length Override Change the late game combat length for damage calculations
default: 4.0 for Sustain Damage
Extended Combat Value Change how effective Conqueror and DoT items are on this champion. Increasing this will encourage the selection of Conqueror and purchase of items such as Liandry's Anguish and Demonic Embrace.
Range: 0.0 - 1.5
Override Stat Ratios Change the ratio between desired stats
E.g. {"Burst Damage": 1, "Ability Haste": 1, "Effective HP Magic": 0.065, "Effective HP Physical": 0.082}
This can be used to create builds outside of normal ranges given by the stat buttons
For example, you can set Ability Haste to 10 to get a build that focuses almost completely on Ability Haste
Evolve Icathian Rain Evolve Kai'Sa's Icathian Rain before gold amount X is spent in the build
Evolve Void Seeker Evolve Kai'Sa's Void Seeker before gold amount X is spent in the build
Evolve Supercharge Evolve Kai'Sa's Supercharge before gold amount X is spent in the build
Schedule Stat Modify how much the stat counts for over time
Format: [(ts1, multiplyer1), (ts2, multiplyer2), (ts3, multiplyer3)]
E.g. [(0, 5.0), (1200, 0.0)]
says the stat counts 5x at the start of the build, linearly scaling down to 0x at minute 20

Making a guide

First select the champion you want to make a guide for.

Select Zoe

Click on Create New Guide

Create New Guide

You will now need to make an user account to manage your guides. Just an username and password is needed. You can skip account creation by pressing the skip account creation button, which creates you a temporary guest account that can be upgraded to a full account on the account page.

Sign In

On creating an account you will be given an account recovery token in case you forget your password. If you are writing an serious guide, screenshot it and save it to your computer.

Account Recovery Token

Fill out the basic info about your guide: Guide title, can other people find the guide, the guide's image in the list and the position

  • Guide Title
  • Is the guide public?
  • Guide image when listed on the champion's page
  • Guide position

If you have a Twitch Channel you can add it in "Embed Your Twitch Channel" to have it auto play on the guide. Unlike some other sites, there is no charge for this feature.

Guide Info

Set the summoner spells for the guide. You can have up to 4 sets.


Set the skill order. Use the quick set option then manually click on the skills grid to change the skill order.


Now you can add builds from the build calculator. Click on Build ID Finder to open it in a new tab. You will need to fill in the build names and builds ID for the guide.

Add Builds

This is the build calculator but at the top is an build ID for use in guide creation.
You can make any changes you want including forcing all the runes and items to be whatever you want, which probably defeats the point but it's up to you as the guide author.

Build Calculator with IDs

Next is the guide text. You have access to wiki style text for this. You can do most things with the UI. More advance stuff needs you to use bbcode. (See guide formatting instructions) Three buttons to note are:
The LoL button that lets you insert images listed here such as champion, skill, rune and item images.
The insert image button that lets you insert images hosted on another website.
The view source button for working with bbcode directly.

Guide Text

Submit your guide. Don't worry you can change it later!

Add Guide
Now go to the account page to see all your guides. You can see the guide's votes, edit the guides and delete the guides from the account page.
Account Page