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Now that we were able to play with BelVeth for a couple days, we decided to tweak our build quite a bit. As with Runes,BelVeth has wildly differing builds depending on the playstyle you are going for, so we are going to need to take it onebuild at a time.

That is what you are going to learn through this guide. As in past builds, you have many options, but this is the BelVethGuide, so we are going to look at what is best. Obviously, you want to know what you should build once the runes are out, andwell, this guide gives you that. If you are already comfortable playing BelVeth, it is an excellent resource for gettingquickly into good rune choices for patch 12.11.

Do not worry, we will go over all of the essential aspects to playing BelVeth, including the best runes and items that can bepicked up in BelVeth. This guide will teach you BelVeths abilities, his recommended playstyle across League of Legends, aswell as the best runes, summoner spells, and item builds for him to carry his game effectively. Below, you will be able tofind the best items and runes to build for BelVeth, determined through calculations from thousands of League of Legends gameswith Plat+. We are going to showcase two of the most popular ways of playing with these pro builds BelVeth, which are alreadybeing used on PBE by a few players.

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We also wanted to give you some extra flexibility, so we are going to be providing the AD build as well as the AP one thistime.

Just as we wanted to augment Belveths offensive speed utility with Runes, we will want to do the same thing with items.Belveths abilities do not just scale with attack speed, they scale with AP as well, so AP Ones are an option as well. As wementioned earlier, BelVeth is a speed-attacking monster, since the champs kit will get stronger overall because of him - andwe are going to want to augment this. As with the last build, the keystone bonuses are different, but BelVeth has a voraciousappetite for attack speed, so yes, go for that.

BelVeth scales with attack speed incredible well too, since stats are beneficial to BelVeths abilities and kit overall.BelVeth, if he is able to advance, BelVeth is able to easily snowball out of control due to his extremely high damage output.BelVeth will dart and charge extremely quickly because she scales with Champion Takedowns and Epic Monster Kills. BelVethsmethod of auto-attacking with stacks works well on the jungler, since he can AFK-farm and carry 3 items.

To cap everything off, BelVeth has incredibly high single-target damage, but also is not afraid to flash a little AoE too.Bonu True Damage stacks infinitely on champs, but up to 10 max on monsters. Every time BelVeth gets takedowns on champions orEpic monsters, she spawns Void Coral at their locations for 15 seconds. Whenever BelVeth takes down a big monster orchampion, she gains a permanent bonus attack speed in the form of Lavender stacks.

In addition to this, she gives her other Legendary items five bonus attack damage and 70 bonus Health. In addition toimproving the vital statistics for Moar, such as attack damage and attack speed, you will get shields if you are under 30%max health, which works great with Belveths kit.

It is important to match BelVeth up against lane-heavy champions to ensure that your team is able to survive in the earlygame. BelVeth has a fair amount of damage during League of Legends early stages, but your aim is to farm up and grow into amonster late-game, so stronger early junglers like Shaco or Lee Sin may aggressively engage with you in order to prevent youfrom reaching your power spike. BelVeth came to League of Legends as the games 160th Champion, and is an unforgiving, speed-based, aggressive jungler who, if allowed to scale up in the late-game, takes over extremely fast, leaving enemy teamshelpless to stop her. BelVeth is not the best ganker, and is also unbelievably weak early-game, so you just want to farmBelVeth.

BelVeth certainly seems to be a unique champion that could potentially be pretty strong, but is held back by his early game.BelVeth is highly dependent on your items, and it is crucial to keep yourself from falling behind in the early game, or elseshe will never hit her ceiling. Thanks to BelVeths Auto Attack Playstyle, BelVeth has very fast jungle clearing, meaning thatyou need to be able to kill the jungle on your side effectively, and find opportunities to early ganks before you get backyour early supports.

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This has no limits, so BelVeth will flourish late-game, only getting stronger the longer the game goes on. The champ is amelee-oriented killer who excels at long-range engagements thanks to his many Dash Resets and his excellent usage of hispassive. If you have heavy AD comps and want more AP damage, then you may want to play BelVeth with a higher AP/on-hitbuilds.

As you can see, there is little item overlap with an AP, those appear to be BelVeths best items. Going into mid game, BelVethshould have between two to three main items, this is when you can really start powering things up. BelVeth seems to havetrouble staying above 40% Win Rate at higher ELOs, so we wanted to make sure that you had as optimal of a build as possible.

Skill and Auto attack based ADC Builds
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