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With Braum you want to maximize your abilities 1, 3 and 2. s position while trying to run a farm, you can dash to one of your melee servants, knock it down, and play Skill 1 to slow it down and passively use Braum. You can then surprise the enemy and strike back with your Ultimate, followed by ability 1 and ability 1 to use Passive, which allows allies to stun the enemy before your Ultimate.

These items help to decimate team combat and give Braum the extra power and control over the amount needed to make Braum one of the best tanks in the game. Built to give Braum more armor and HP, this build also reduces damage to the enemy. It also grants Braum 250 bonus health and 40 armor, with another 10 percent cooldown.

This item has an effect that is very useful in team combat, giving Braum and his close allies a shield. When this effect is activated, Braum can use allies "abilities such as Braum Stand by Me to grant bonus armor and magical resistance. Many items are safe, but Steel Shoulderguard is perfect for that, as its levels rise to 30 Health, three Attack Damage, and 25 percent Health Regeneration.

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Concussive Blow can be applied to multiple targets simultaneously so that Braum can apply his Passive to as many opposing champions as possible. This ability scales well with Braum's abilities and does a considerable amount of damage and can be incorporated into damage items. If there is a cooldown on the target, Braum's attack must deal magical damage.

When an enemy champion decides to apply a mass control ability to Braum, slow him down and stop before reaching his allies. Braum is the only one who is damaged by the AoE effect when the active projectile passes him and stops him.

Upon arrival, Braum takes aim at an allied champion or minion and receives armor and magical resistance for a few seconds. Taking Guardian allows Braum to protect a fellow fighter by giving him a small shield when he takes damage.

Braum lifts a shield that blocks auto attacks and distance abilities for the next 5 seconds, and he can block attacks from any direction for that time.

After stunning an enemy, they receive no stack strikes for the next 8 seconds, but an additional 7% magic damage from Braum. If the first attack hits outside of Brewshield, damage from the following attack is reduced by 28%, 32%, 36%, and 40%. Enemies that do not receive stacks after Stun for 8 seconds take an additional + 7 magic damage from Brewattacks.

For the next few seconds, the target will not receive any new piles and will receive additional magic damage from Brewing attacks. Braum will be hurled into the frozen ice, and his shield will slow down and do magical damage. While this is active, there is a cooldown on the target that deals additional magic damage to that champion.

Braum's attack on the 1st Winter Bite sets a signal that stacks up with every attack that Braums and his allies undertake. Getting the first debuff effect on yourself and your allies increases the stack of Concussive Blow. S Car Attack with Winter Bite, he marks every attack pile he and the other members of his team make.

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It offers 40% MR magic resistance, 40% ar armor, increases all brewing skills, and has a 2% boost to attack allied attack damage. This construction gives Braum the magical resistance of a champion who can deal with magical damage from enemies.

Braum has an unbreakable ability that is useful for blocking damage and hindering strong and weak champions. The best runes for this position area are the primary path and the secondary path. As for the secondary runes, you should choose runes that help create synergies with allied Brems and find the ultimate style of play, rather than relying on the next allied champion.

You can select different divisions for the best build for a particular base level in the meta. On top of that, it depends on the champion and the opposing team what you can do.

The best items and runic structures for Braum can be found, as calculations have shown from thousands of plats in League of Legends games. Our guide will tell you which items to build, which runes to select, and what skills to use for each skill. We calculated the highest odds for each item build, the best Runic Braum item and the best skill order, the complete item build, summoning spells, item build order, trinkets and counters.

In this guide we'll take a look at some of the best Runes and Wizards, including tips and tricks that will help you win as a braum in League of Legends Wild Rift. In season 11, Braum builds runes that help you do magical damage, but you can also focus on building armor that allows you to survive and protect your teammates and wear champions.

Braum is a League of Legends Wild and Rift Champion with five common skills, one passive and four active. Like all champions in the game, Braum has to adapt his physique to the situation.

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