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We are going to discuss what type of character Braum is, how you can level him up, and which utility skills he has in combat.If you are already comfortable playing Braum, it is a great resource for getting quick access to good rune choices for patch11.20. As you can see in the above build, Braum runse sets are mentioned that have the best potential on Braum.

With our guide on Braum, you will know what items to build, what runes to choose, skill order, and how to use the abilitiesof Braum correctly. Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Braum, determined from LeagueSpys calculationsfrom thousands of Plat+ League of Legends matches. Since the 11.19 Braum Build helps you to do magic damage, you are going tobe focused on building tanky items that allow you to survive and defend the carry champions on your teammates. On stage, whenpicking and banning champions, you should banning champions that are capable of countering Braum, and vice versa, if you seeBraum is stronger than your opponents teams carry, then you will want to choose Braum.

There is a cooldown time for each target, but as long as it is on, Braum deals additional magic damage to the Champion inquestion. After this, enemies cannot get charges for 8 seconds, but take 7 additional magical damage from Braums attacks.

Braum Splash

This skill scales with Braums overall HP, so he does a pretty significant amount of damage even when not stacking damage-creating items. Winters bite scales with Braums total HP, so it deals quite a substantial amount of damage even if you do notbuild damage building items.

Winters Bite launches a piece of ice that deals magical damage to the first enemy it hits, slows them, and gives them a stackof Braums passive. Winters Bite is excellent at applying its passive as sort of mini-initiation, as it also slows, makingenemies susceptible to attacks from your teammates. You would catch enemies off guard, KOing them with your Ultimate, andthen follow it quickly with your Ability 1, as that would apply his passive, which allows allies to stun enemies that are hitwith an Ultimate. This combo will make use of any enemies who are a little off-position or trying to farm, as you will beable to run towards one of your melee minions, then knock them up fast, and then play your Skill 1 to slow them down andapply Brums passive.

Zeke is perfectly paired with the Ultimate knock-up from Braum, providing a huge slow across the AoE as well as boosting yourchampions allies. Braums ultimate deals magic damage and knocks anyone hit by it down, though the first Champion hit gets thelonger knock down than those who follow. This effect also triggers should Braum cast any abilities on Braum allies, like itsStand Behind Me, which already grants bonus armor and magical resistance.

With this ability, Braum leaps at the ally, and both get bonus 10+10% armor and 10+10% bonus magic resistance. Braum can useStand Behind Me to evade a skillshot, but the best use of the skill is blocking skillshots that are about to hit yourcarries. Often, opposing champions will opt to use their Crowd Control abilities on Braum in order to slow Braum and preventthem from reaching their allies.

The ultimate support item for tanky champions, the Order of the Knight allows Braum to team up with an ally and grants thetwo a bonus effect should they stand near one another. Knights Vow can only be linked with one allied champion per match, soBraum will want to utilize it in ADC. Zekes helps to pick apart in team fights, while also providing that additional strengthand crowd control needed to make the moustache-wearing support one of the best tank supports in the game.

The items effects are extremely helpful in teamfights, providing shields for both Braum and Braums closest allies. GargoylesStoneplate gains strength from its ability to increase Braums Armor and Magic Resistance even more should it find itself nearmore enemy champions. In League of Legends Wild Rift, Braum builds items to improve armor, magic resistance, and thus allowBraum to soak up more damage as well as aid in his carries. As a result, he is a great choice for situations in which you maywant a champion who can be a huge annoyance for an opponents composition, or in case you are eventually faced with acomposition heavily dependent on burst, battling with a heavy team.

While Braum is capable of doing all of these things pretty perfectly, he is never been really the champion to carry a game onhis own, and while this could be said of any support, he especially does not have the kit to excel, both initiating andtanking. Here are two different build paths that can help players make the moustached Muscle Man support into the tanky masscarry that he is meant to be. Braum completely negates damage on his first attack, while also decreasing the damage on anylater attacks that come in one direction. When Braum uses Braums Auto-Attack or Winters Bite, it applies a token which isstackable on each attack made by him or the rest of his party.

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