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This rune and KSante build is going to be focused around League of Legends League of Legends New Champion basics. Here arethe items we would recommend to use on KSante. Below, you will find the best items and runes for building around for KSante,determined through thousands of Plat+ League of Legends games. If you are looking for the best rune builds for KSante, wehave got you covered.Heres how some of the best players in the world are trying to make the best of KSante, along with those professional builds.Without further ado, let us take a look at KSantes core tips, runes, builds, and much more. If you would like to learn abouthow abilities work, which runs you should be taking, and which items you should be building. If you want to have a balancedbuild, try out these four items with your Mythic items and boots.You will want to go through standard tank items, consider what your enemies are doing, and counter it to improve your chancesof winning. For starter items on the ksante, you will want to pick up the Dorans Shield, since that is standard on everytank. As with any tank, a complete build is highly situational, as you will want to prioritize armor for heavies AD teams,and MR for heavies AP. For the runes of Ksante, you will want to build Ksante like a traditional tank, since whatever statsyou get are going to transition to offensive by your ultimate.As you practice and learn to adapt your build, you will find that you are able to pilot Ksante. Keep playing Ksante andlearning her skills, since she becomes a powerhouse in the mid-to-late game as soon as she gets her items. To understand howKsante works, you need to know his abilities, take into account his runes, and choose items that will fit his build. Ksanteis an interesting champ to play in League of Legends, but his moveset is baffling.KaSante smashes with his Ntofos, dealing physical damage and KOing the enemy champion. You want to use armor and magic resistscaling for Ksantes moves, as very few champions increase damage while increasing their defense. Since Ksantes primary damageis scalable from her armor bonus and magic resist, you need to purchase defense items in order to do any damage. His power isfighting enemies, so similar to Ksante simply going in full force and hoping for the best, you can also leverage enemies toposition you better with your R. If you are at risk, then use this to your advantage.While his abilities might scare some, all of them synergize nicely and are easier to utilize once you figure it out. TheNtofo Strikes skill is an extremely powerful KSante skill for building a advantage and dominating the opponents.You will find the Untouchables grasp difficult to utilize if your enemy has strong early-game or has long reach. This isbeneficial as your opponents tanks cannot cover distance. If you are looking to boost the pool of your top laner, Ksante is alot of fun to play, but he can be a bit difficult to farm.It depends on your playstyle, but because of KSantes tankiness, we would suggest running Runes on champs. Here you will findour recommendations when it comes to runninges for champions. In this article, you will be able to find all of the best tipsand tricks for playing this new champion of League of Legends.The best runes for the 12.22 version of KSante are resolve as your main path, and inspiration as your second. KSante, thePride of Nazumah is the latest champion to enter League of Legends, and up-and-coming players need to utilize theseprofessional builds to make KSante great in the top lane. The next best LoL KSante Build is the most played build chosen bymany pros.The starting items of KSante Best Build in Patch 12.22 are the Dorans Shield, the Healing Potion, and a Stealth Ward as aTrinket. The passive is called Dauntless Instinct, and you do not have to manually setup this in your KSante build. Anotherexcellent item is Force of Nature, giving it extra magical resists and armor.Mercs offers magic resist, and Plated Steelcaps gives you armor, so these slightly boost your damage, making them bettersuited to a tanky build. The post These Pro Builds Are Good For KSante appeared first on WIN.gg. Playing around with herultimate, the Bruiser build seems more optimal looking at the difference in stats, the ultimate punishes you putting aceiling on your HP, so you cannot even heal with an additional Omnivamp, and while doing so, your HP stays low and you need away to heal yourself up.

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