The Yuumi Special (AP Build)

The Yuumi Special (AP Build)

Skill Order:
Prowling Projectile
You and Me!
Final Chapter

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 build that is objectively worse early to early-mid game, and maybe has some potential lategame.. I'm not anything close to a high level player but I have spent a lot of time coming up with this build. After the extensive heal/shield power nerfs I sought out to see if maybe we could ditch the standard yuumi build/enchanter items to come up with a build that would be a bit more resilient to their changes. The first thing I looked at was the popular full AP yuumi build. While it is more of a joke it's actually closer to real than I thought.

The Benefits: Through testing I found that a fully built AP yuumi can most definitely outheal/outshield the standard build. You will also find that your damage output will be much higher ontop of that, and you'd be surprised how often yuumi's damage even without this build can make the difference between success and failure. Going out for autos and landing Qs is absolutely essential to playing yuumi optimally so quit watching netflix when the fight is on and hunt for damage opportunities.
You will find that Rabadon's 
and Wardstone 
will also increase any AP you receive from your W which is why wardstone gets its place in the build. not only is it cost-effective with the amount of bonus AP you will receive it is a great support utility since your job will be to keep good vision for the team.
Because Rabadon's 
 increases your AP after W is applied you will find that supporting other hyperscalers will supercharge you and your anchor's AP through the roof. That means more healing, more speed, more damage. On that note, if a hyperscaler is present you should prioritize upgrading W over Q as that will upgrade your entire kit and give your hyperscaler that much of an edge in fights.
This build, although risky since mejai's 
is a cornerstone, is a cheap way to build AP. As a support you can't CS so it's important to maximize your output with the gold that you do get. this is why the build looks the way it does. Shurelya's 
is a cheap mythic with a powerful passive AND active. The mythic passive also grants a considerable amount of ab haste at full build which justifies it being taken over moonstone 
which was recently nerfed. I'm sure moonstone w/ large item haste is still a strong contender though. Wardstone 
is super cheap and is already an essential item for managing vision. Chemtech 
is a strong support item with AP and ab haste, speaks for itself. Staff of flowing water 
is one that people doubt me on however. But I firmly believe that it is cost-efficient thanks to its passive which grants additional AP and ab haste, and even gives it to your anchor too.

The Downsides: Generally, managing mana will be more difficult. You will have less mana regen than usual so you will have to do more bop n' blocks and waste less mana on high risk Qs. Your earlygame healing will be worse than normal as healing through AP only picks up after rabadon's
 and some AP items. Mejai's
 is a cheap way to build AP but risky if you are threatened by the enemy team, especially if they have strong yuumi counters like pyke, amumu, leona, etc. You could try to fit in mikael's 
in place of wardstone if it is that essential but you are giving up AP and control ward storage to do so. 
Using this build you are also giving up both Redemption 
 and Mikael's 
 which are both very powerful utility for a support.
This build is a lot less flexible than the standard build because alternative AP items tend to be more expensive and provide less utility.

I actually think that there are downsides I can't think of right now and that the downsides will generally outweigh the benefits. But this is the build I will be experimenting with for a while as a base. My hope is for a true hybrid AP build to crop up somewhere that is on par with if not better than the standard build. I also just want an AP build that isn't just about going all-in on damage and takes luden's as the mythic.

This is Nikke Katski's poorly written guide, have fun watching netflix while building AP.