Inserting LoL related images, champions, runes, items, etc.

Using the Insert champion/rune/item image button on the wiki, you can use any of the following:
            Rune Name e.g. Predator
            Item Name e.g. Infinity Edge
            Champion Name e.g. Zoe
            Champion Name_X e.g. Zoe_19
            Loading/Champion Name_X e.g. loading/Ashe_3
            Champion Name then QWERP for skills e.g. AatroxQ, AatroxW, AatroxE, AatroxR, AatroxP
Full image list

Other images will need to be added via insert image and an off-site URL.

Guide Layout

Tables can be used for layout. They have no border once rendered in a finished guide.
width, padding and height attributes are supported.
Use the editors view source button for adding the attributes.

    [td width=100 padding=10]Row 1, Cell 1[/td]
    [td width=100 padding=10]Row 1, Cell 2[/td]
    [td width=200 padding=10]Row 1, Cell 3 (double width!)[/td]

    [tr height=250]
    [td width=100 padding=10]Row 2, Cell 1[/td]
    [td width=100 padding=10]Row 2, Cell 2[/td]
    [td width=200 padding=10]Row 2, Cell 3 (double width!)[/td]

Page links

            [goto id="my-anchor"]
to create internal page links.

Other BBCodes

Full list of accepted bbcodes: PySkCode