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Welcome to Statistical Tahm Kench Build Guide Top Lane, where we compute the highest win rate, item builds, best runes, Statistical Tahm Kench mythical items and skills, complete item build start items, summoners, item build orders, trinkets and counters. Percent show that the opposing champions count on tahms kench in the top playoff games.

Tahm Kench is one of the best Duelists and Tanks in the front row. Thanks to our Champions Build Guide you can win games with him. Below are the best items and runic structures for Tahm Kenh as determined by calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

This boost allows you to passively build Tahm Kenches, allowing him to stun enemies with his tongue stroke and quickly devour them for a percentage of the damage. Warmog Armor is great for Tahm Kench, and items like Frostfire Gauntlet, Mythic Thornmail, and Anathema's Chain give it great benefits in slowing, healing, cutting, and reducing toughness against enemies. If you have a fighting style of your choice and like to reach for weapons, a two-handed weapon is one of its best assets, as is the protection it offers its allies.

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This means that if you want to, you can build a tank and do not have to worry so much about damage items as Tahm Kench. Playing the tank role in a party is to goad and attack and ridicule your enemies so that they focus on you. In season 11, he builds runes to help you do magical damage, but you can also focus on building armored items that allow you to survive and protect your teammates and wear champions.

Many opponents know how deadly Tahm Kench is once he reaches level 6, but they play much safer when you reach your ultimate goal. You can build magical attacks when you feel cheeky with a Tahm build, but the way Tahm is, you can kill and pressure opponents by building up a defense early in the game. He can do more damage than better champions in the more difficult stages of the game.

There are not many counter-opportunities for opposing players to face him, so it is important to have a clean early game to guarantee a fed Tahm who can play mid-to-end of the game.

Shen Volibear is strong in the laning phase, Tahm Kench and Gwen Fiora in the later stages of the game and Split Push is somewhat better. If you want to build a game on your game, remember that it is very difficult to play against them. I wonder what kind of freedom I would want to negotiate with this building if I were to have one. Greedy means that many of your skills are below average.

To be honest, I had hoped to make this construction for a champ, but I hesitated to make it for a monster champ. I think if you want to talk about demon cheaters (including people who live on DS and DS builds), this character is great. The spicy buildings are very greedy for ASI and your statistics are not maximised.

Tahm Kench has a Passive that scales with his bonus health and deals him a attenuated magic bonus damage later in the game. When you have that in tow, you don't have to build that much health, and you can get the best out of your offensive skills with great ease. Not to mention lowering its cooldowns, which means you can engage in longer battles.

If Kench came into play, he would devour enemies, inflict massive damage, and suck up allies. With this revision, it will be even more advantageous to use Devour in late-game team combat, as it is much more powerful at saving allies thanks to the huge shield that stands in their way. Kench also has a shield injury, thanks to the e-health advantage he gains by crushing enemies.

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As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum and maintain the strongest ability to build a lead and dominate the opponent. Once you reach level 6, Tahm's Ultimate will unlock and you will be the strongest champion in the game if you don't feed. The demon Tahm Kench, striking with a tongue, can stun an armored warrior a dozen steps before falling into his rumbling belly and plunging into the abyss with little hope of returning.

We have the ultimate guide to the River King, including his best builds and runses so you can master him in game one. We also have the best builds, runes, tips and tricks to master the river kings in each shift.

Building items for Tahm Kench is one of the easiest considerations when you are on the River King. It is important to keep your carry alive in late matches, especially if it is to be the carry.

According to Champion.gg, which has provided statistics on a range of different statistics for League of Legends since Patch 8.5, Tahm Kench has a pick rate of 0.52 in the top lane and is 40% of the overall top-ranked champion records for champions selected in the top lane. In the world of the River Tahm, River King has an estuary so large that you have to use it well to help your allies get to the river where they want to go.

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