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The LoLSolved community works hard to keep its League of Legends builds and guides up-to-date, and they are here to help youbuild your best Anivia build for the S12 meta. Below, you can see the best builds for LoL Anivia, calculated from averagewinning builds on the Platinum+ league. In our League of Legends builds, you will see the most popular and versatilevariations for each build. Below, you will find the best items and runes to build Anivia with, determined from LeagueSpyscalculations from thousands of Plat+ League of Legends matches.

Since Anivias builds and runes in Season 12 are going to be about helping you do magic damage, you are going to be focused onbuilding items that allow you to engage in fights like the Battlemage. Skill Order, or Skill Priority, is extremely importantin League of Legends, to ensure you begin winning lanes before buying any strong items. On stage, when picking and banningchampions, you should banning those who could counter Anivia, and vice versa. If you see Anivia is stronger against an enemyteams carry, then you should choose Anivia. As you can see in the above build, the mentioned rune sets Anivia has bestpotential on Anivia.

To be able to do enough damage early in the game, Anivia needs to switch out the Anivia runes for the Arcen Comet for theElectrocute, and his Mythic items need to be Ludens Tempest then the Archangels Staff, while the Hourglass of Zhonya is alsoimportant. Upon dying, Anivia reverts back to a Egg, and she gains -40/-25/-10/+5/+20 Armor and Magic Resistance modifiers.Anivia blasted the target Anivia with freezing winds, dealing 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+60% to the abilitys strength) magicdamage. Gains are significant, as her ability causes a AoE portal to form around the target Anivia (3G/Jade/Legend/Evoker),dealing spell damage over time which erodes spell resistance.

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Meanwhile, the trait Swiftshot says whenever a target ally or foe uses an ability, the Evoker gains bonus mana - this allowsAnivia to use her abilities more frequently. The Swiftshot trait states that every time Soraka first casts her ability duringthe turn, not only does it heal the champions on her team, but it also heals one player. The Legend trait is unique, sinceLegend allows Anivia (3G/Jade/Legend/Evoker) to eat nearby champions and gain their stats.

Neeko (4g/Jade/Shapshifter) The Jade trait does not lack for amazing utility and Cc potential, especially in a championsexpensive range. With all these advantages, Neeko is going to be a huge part of whatever comp she is in, including a compfocused on Jade champions. She is also taking two roster spots, but the tradeoff is that it makes her Shi Oh You count forthree Jade champs.

Soraka (5G/Jade/Starcaller) Continues to take on the utility Jade champions, with Soraka being one of the best utilitychampions to be created. Jade is good at Cc and timing buys, and that is going to help both Anivia (3g/Jade/Legend/Evoker)and Shi Oh-Yu to get out there and carry games.

Getting Anivia into midlane is still challenging for most players, even pros, as there are many assassins out there becauseof increased lethality. Using the Runes of Sorcery and the Duel Items build for AP, combined with the Battlemage playstyle,Anivia is a difficult champion to play in League of Legends. Either Anivia does not see much play, or builds differ wildly,we provided a best build, but she does not have high confidence ratings, so please use your own discretion.

If you do wish to build and play on your own matches, be aware this champ is very difficult to play mechanically. As a gamegoes on, the best thing to do is maximizeand ultimateis incredibly powerful skill ofinto to build up the advantage anddominate the opponent. This makes it easier for a lot of champions in the Jade composition of a team to get those bonuses,but will also require some unorthodox positioning in order to pull this off.

Some adjustment to build paths following a playability upgrade are on the cards as well (look for Shaco and Katarina playersspecifically). As professional play returns in League of Legends, the effects of the games durability update will be madeavailable to everyone starting in mid-June. The pro play is already underway, with Riot continuing their work to iron out allof League of Legends biggest changes. Riot made yet another major durability tweak after LoLs Patch 12.10 update, againnerfing Grievous Wounds only two weeks later.

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