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As a prop, Swain should do damage in the middle lane, but his build-up gives a well-coordinated team more benefit. He is also a terrific team player with a strong power in midfield. There is not the right rune for him in the early game, but in good situations he is a joy to play with his Ravenous Flock passively.

This makes this middle track Swain build less than ideal in the solo queue, but not as bad as some of the better tournament clashes. For prefabricated teams with lots of carry players, consider this setup as an example of top / bottom support favoring tighter champions. Because Swain is so resilient, you have to build around her HP and defensive stats, and the best builds include both.

This puts the opposing DPS champions in a difficult position and puts them in a situation where they can die without having to flash through other summoning spells. The passive Ravenous Flock clicks on enemies that are moved to an immovable state by a blow from the air, and they can be pulled away from Swain. Standing out from a champion like Jax, who has a strong melee range, allows Swain to become an easy target.

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When Swains Raven collects soul fragments, heals him and increases his maximum health. When Swain clicks on an immovable enemy champion, he draws him closer to him, inflicts damage on him, and tears out soul fragments. Crow deals 50 / 75 / 100 / 0.2% of abilities power points with magic damage and heals Swain for half the amount dealt.

Swain is the visionary ruler of Noxus, an expansionist nation that reveres strength. This is a three-part series about how to prepare a build to dominate the game with Swain. How to Build Swain Season 11 Guide Mid Rune Page Swain strikes powerful solo items in addition to building a full AP Magic Damage Pro player to increase skills, summon spells and acquire the latest Swain combo skills to advance to League of Legends.

Good Swain Rune positioning area primary path andA secondary path. Good Swain builds with 1119 runes and supports dominance primary and inspiration secondary. Capture the immortal great laning rune that Swain exploits.

This can be the difference between a good Swain and an excellent Swain, especially when charging the enemy Jungle Champion with Ghost. The healing is strong enough to make Swain an incredible 1v1 champion and a 1v2 champion on his own. A dangerous 2-Swain game can be frustrating, but your team will still do a lot of damage.

Try your best to land on as many enemy champions as possible in the middle of the fight. As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent. A large axe is the primary weapon for a general increase in damage accumulation.

This construction is an extraordinary mixture of Berserker mode (increased damage and movement speed) and passive healing effects (hatchet healing and life personnel), which gives you impressive survivability.

If you are looking for the best runes for Swain, we have the right answer for you. We calculated the highest win rates for each item build, the best rune-swain mythical items and skills order, full item-build launchers, summoners, item-build order, and jewelry counters. Where to find the best item and rune construction for each Swain has been determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

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There are not many games played and champion builds vary a lot, so we have provided the top builds, but they do not have a high trust rate and should be used at our discretion. There are a few tips and tricks you can stick to when grinding XP for your build, but there is a lot to be said about leveling. In this new role-playing game, New World, Level Build Guide, we bring you the best level builds for New World.

Using the Dominance Rune and the AP Duel Item Build in combination with the Battlemage game style, Swain Builds [1119] are among the most difficult to play champions in League of Legends. There are very few difficult encounters for Swain in the early game, and many of the meta-league champions are very good in that early game.

Some people have trouble with wave clearing on Swain, but the truth is that Swain is great at wave clearing. This proves true for all League of Legends champions, especially late battle mages like Swain.

Swain transforms for 6 seconds into dragon shape, gains maximum health, and deals magic damage to enemies within range per second. In Death Hand, Swain unleashes several bolts of third-party power that pierce enemies. In Vision of the Empire, he opens a Demon's Eye that does damage to enemies and slows them down.

Trying to dodge level 1 damage can be deadly, and when an enemy lands a blow, it slows down and becomes an easy target for the rest of your abilities. Furthermore, if the target is not a champion, the damage to abilities is halved, so it is not very useful for wave clearing or jungle.

The above mentioned weapons are our five best level builds for the new world, which use different attributes. Swain can harvest soul fragments from dead champions, and he can do that to them. Percentage shows that the opposing champions counter against Swain.

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