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Ranking 6th best mid laner for 11.19, placing Build 11.19 Cassiopeia in our C-Tier rankings. If you are already comfortableplaying Cassiopeia, it is an excellent resource to get quickly into good rune choices for Patch 11.20. Below, you will beable to find the best items and runes to build for Cassiopeia, determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands ofLeague of Legends games at Plat+.

Since building 11.19 for Cassiopeia helps with magic damage, you are going to be focused on building items that let youengage in melee combat like the Battlemage. You get 10 Armor and magic resists if one champion is affected (+2.5 Armor andmagic resists for each additional champion affected). Damage to enemy champions increases your Mana Regen rate 1.5-11 (basedon rank) Mana every 2 seconds, reduced to 80% effectiveness on ranged champions, for 4 seconds.

Damaging attacks and abilities provide 2-4 Adaptive Forces (levels 1--18) for 6 seconds, stacked up to 12 times at maximum24-60. As a game goes on, the best thing to do is maximizeandat the endis very powerfulapower to establish an advantage anddominate the opponent. Gain 5% toughness, plus 2.5% more with each stack of Legends (max of 10) to reach 30% toughness.

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If you are looking to farm up and take over games, be aware this champ is very difficult mechanically to play. These threeitems offer an awesome build path, offering mana, damage, and survivability, which Caps has consistently taken advantage of.There are four common setups, designated A (the largest) through D (the narrowest, with all dishes placed within 600 meters(2,000 feet) of a central point).

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Cassiopeia is a scheming, shady con artist, and she takes every opportunity she can get for her goals. By hiding from her,she berates him for killing children for the flesh of the Drakes to make money, and kills three men, leaving themunrecognizable. There, Cassiopeia was bit by the monstrous tombguardian, whose poison turned her into a viper-like predator.Feeling satisfied that her new enchanted form allowed Cassiopeia to get her way, she crushed the petrified soldiers while sheanxiously plotted to strike the next victim.

Used to being the predator of vipers when he overlooked Shurima, Cassiopeia felt an impulse to go after a Noxian soldier thatshe held in disdain. Desperate, Cassiopeia spent weeks grieving for the loss of her life, but she finally moved on andaccepted the viper-like predator, hoping that Cassiopeias newly discovered Ascendancy magic would hold potential for theBlack Rose Cult. Her mother, Soreana, told Cassiopeia the truth, telling her she was a member of the Black Rose cult, who hadmanaged to influence Shurima.

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After Cassiopeias part in the Black Rose cults plans, Cassiopeia attacked Shurimas ruins, aided by a Shuriman mercenary namedCivir. Cassiopeia casts an unnerving stare that deals magical damage and stuns enemies who come in contact with Cassiopeiafor n seconds. Cassiopeia emits toxic gas, Poisoning enemies and dealing D magic damage per second for 3 seconds. If enemiesinside the cloud are Poison, they take an extra magic damage, and Cassiopeia recovers C health. If it kills a target,Cassiopeia recovers T mana.

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Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
Ability Haste
Mana Sustain
Extra HP
Gap Close
Force Runes
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Ban Runes
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Most played skill order:
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