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If you harass Cassiopeia at levels 1-3, the trade with her ending will probably cause her to run out of mana. If you opt for your W-end at the end, it will allow her to apply light Q and E spam to you. The reason you should choose the W-end is that it will put it on his image and ground you.

Cassiopeia does a lot of damage, and it will burn through its mana, so make sure you don't take any damage for that reason. Cassiopesia is immobile, so you should be able to lock her out in many fights, especially in the middle of the game, before she gets Flash or R-Offed without getting hurt.

As the youngest daughter of one of Noxian's most influential families, Cassiopeia is a beautiful and cunning seductress capable of manipulating even the hardest of hearts. She is a deadly creature who is out to manipulate others according to her sinister will. Transfigured by the venom of the ancient Shuriman Tomb Guardian, it continues to serve Noxian's interests in its most haunting way.

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Cassiopeia, leaning back on a crenellated roof, looks out over the winding streets and crowded streets of Noxus. Undisturbed by the cool night air, she wears a shift of translucent silk that reveals a transition on her hips where the soft skin merges with the sinuous overlap of snake scales. The scent of roasted meat wafts from their hidden aura, but it does not mask the abominable stench of thousands of people living above one another.

Cassiopeia is a fearsome creature, half woman, half snake, where even the slightest glance can bring death. Cunning and agile, she glides through the veil of the night, petrifying her enemies with her ominous gaze. She unleashes a petrified stare that does magical damage to astounded enemies who confront her for n seconds.

Cassiopeia emits a poisonous gas that poisons enemies and does magical damage for 3 seconds per second. When an enemy is poisoned, they take additional magic damage and Cassiopesia restores C. When killed by a target, CassiOPEIA restores T-mana. If she beats a champion, she gets 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 movement speed, which expires for 3 seconds.

Enemies don't have to look at Cassiopeia to be stunned, as petrifying gauze stuns their enemies when their front half is oblique to their back. Champions in League love it dashing, but not Cassiopesia (assuming miasma doesn't block their ability to dart), which means that given the Petrify Gazes cooldown, if an enemy dares to dart at you, they get what they paid for in LPS. She is a friendly champion who can beat back enemies even against her best team-mates.

Doran's ring and health potions are two of the best starting points for most mages. All three items have fantastic paths that offer mana, damage, and survival, but there is a limit to how often you can use them. Item cooldown restarts when you take damage from a champion, and the cooldown ends automatically.

In season 11, Caps went with Liandry's suit as the first choice for Cassiopeia. The first thing Caps did when playing Cassiopesia was that he preferred the Flash-Barrier combination. When he got that, he bought Mejais Soulstealer instead of Cassiopea.

Sustainable damage dealers are essential to team victory, and with so many options in the game, unique traits can ease the path to victory, not only for Cassiopeia, but also because her damage is so great, with a huge amount of damage done to the enemy, she can cut it to pieces. "She scales a lot with you in her early game, which makes her different no matter who you play. It is one of the great selections for players who love to play mages in the late game, and it is flexible enough that many Korean players choose it as Top, Mid, or Bot Laner.

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In season 11, Cassiopeia builds runes that help you do magical damage, but you can also focus on building items that allow you to battle battle battle lemages.

How to find the best items and runes to build Cassiopeia is determined by Leaguespy's calculations from thousands of plats in the game League of Legends. This section explains the abilities you can gain by leveling a Cassiopesia build. Recommended CassiOPEIA builds are presented below with a focus on layers and meta.

This page provides a guide to the strategy of the Master Characters for Cassiopeia in League of Legends (LoL), including statistics, skills, abilities, runic buildup, and recommended gear, gear, and gameplay. This page contains the Master Character and Strategy Guide to Cassiopesia in LoL, including stats and skills, skills and abilities. CassiOPEIA has some of the most powerful items and top builds with full AP damage for professional players to enhance the skills and spells of their latest counter-combo skills in the game.

The best Cassiopeia runes by position range on the primary path and A on the secondary path. We calculated the highest win rate per item for the best champion runes, mythical items and skill order, complete items, summoning spells, item build order, and jewelry counter. Percentage show hostile champions countering for Cassiopesia.

Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
Ability Haste
Mana Sustain
Extra HP
Gap Close
Force Runes
Force Items
Ban Runes
Ban Items
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