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You want to focus on poking the enemy for extra damage. Remember to focus the build strongly on AD and choose runes because they do more damage.

The Black Cleaver gives Jayce bonus health and damage, and it turns Jayce's most harmful ability into a physical attack that shredds the armor of the enemies he hits. Most enemies tend to focus on Jayce in team fights, and he's fed up, so getting a guardian angel to survive such cases can help. This item is important because it is where Jayce carries out his burst attacks, fires distance shots and uses combos to harass enemies.

Jayce is focused on achieving as much skill rush as possible to spam skill rotations. As a defense, Death Dance and Guardian Angels are good for Jayce.

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While active, Jayce surrounds himself with electricity and deals magical damage to enemies around him for 4 seconds. When Jayce changes weapons, he gains speed of movement for a short time.

Active - Jayce wields his hammer on a target, inflicts magical damage on him and strikes him in all directions from a short distance. When you hit enemies with Q in the sky, you do damage to them and slow them down, giving Jayce an opening for a car attack to do more damage. Its automatic attack damage overheals its bonus damage Transformed shield and protects it from damage when hit by its enemies during car attacks.

Damage to an opposing champion increases mana regeneration by 15% (11% of base mana per second) and reduces 80% effectiveness against ranged champions for 4 seconds. Spell Shield blocks the opponent's next ability and refreshes damage taken by the opposing champion for 40 seconds. At level 3, you can play Q at maximum if you want to take more damage to the enemy.

Use this to your advantage every now and then, as Jayce morphs into his R Mercury Hammer Cannon and vice versa when you get too close to him to punish him.

Jayce is one of the main champions of Nuguris, and he runs Flash Teleport to play alongside him. Jayce is an excellent split-push champion who can drive in side streets and destroy enemy structures. Because he uses a long-range champ similar to AD Carrie's standard characteristics of a traditional bruise, Jayce can play the game as he wants.

It's easy for Jayce to trigger his passivity, and he gets a lot of value from Eclipse. The mythical object Nuguri has played over 100 games with Jayce without Eclipse.

The amount of things a champion like Jayce can do is limited only by the imagination of the player who uses them. Fast combos, changing weapons, and he can stack everything together.

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His skills are unique and make Jayce a little more difficult to understand and position. The attack speed indicates that Jayce gains more health, range and mana with each of his abilities. The Shapeshifters Synergy is particularly active at the beginning of the game when Jayce is not strong enough to do solid damage.

With the current state of the game, most champions have a way of closing the gap, but with the recent changes, Jayce has the opportunity to get out of some awkward situations. Phase Rush Boost on MS of 10ms and Magical Footwear facilitate Jayce's repositioning.

Jayce will have no trouble keeping up with his damage record against enemy champions. Jayce starts the game with all his transformative skills, and her ranks don't get any bigger.

The rest of the nuggets for Jayce in season 11 will depend on the situation. That said, all Jayces items are solid, especially when combined with items like Warmog and Red Buff.

Starting with the traditional, Jayce's main keystone is Conqueror. The best Jayce runes are a primary path and a secondary path. They are primarily responsible for magic and secondary for dominance.

The special thing about Jayce is that this skill can be learned up to 6 levels and can be combined with deadly items to do terrible damage.

Since season 11, Jayce has been building runes to help you deal with physical damage, so you should focus on building items that give you enough mana, CDR, and AP to spread your abilities without interruption. How to find the best items and runes you can build for Jayce is determined by Leaguespy's calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

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The percentage shows the opposing champion counterscore of Jayce at the top of the plat game. How to Build Jayce Season 11 Guide Jayce Top Rune Page Jayce equips powerful solo attacks for professional gamers and full damage for medium builds to increase skills, summon spells and create new Jayce skills in League of Legends. Enjoy high-speed capture of Jayce's art spotlight made by the Jayce defenders of tomorrow.

Champion build guides for League of Legends are based on the statistical analysis of the latest game data to ensure that your statistics are unbiased and up-to-date. Whether it's a pre-season or a late stage of the game, the Jayce guide will be updated over time.

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