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Lux is an immovable champion with good timing, and Prismatic Barrier saves Lu's life a lot of time. Lux can outwit champions to get more damage out of you, to make the team fight easier. Lux is best in the early game if you can beat the enemy with Lucent Singularity (3rd skill) and if you use your Prismatic Barrier 2nd ability to shield, you can win the trade with the enemy Bot Lane.

Luxs 1. Skill, Light Binding, paralyzes the enemy and hits multiple targets in your team that deal 5% more damage to the enemy. Lux releases a ball of light that binds two enemy units and inflicts damage.

Lux throws his wand and bends light around friendly targets he touches, protecting them from enemy damage. Lu's ability to mark enemies for lighting triggers Lu's auto-attack and Lu's ultimate ability to deal magical damage.

Lux Splash

Not only does the debuff trigger LUX's passive ability to upgrade the lighting, it also has no duration. The next attack of Luxs ignites an energy that causes magical bonus damage depending on the level and target of Luxs. As seen above, Lux grants attack speed and additional damage to allies she attacks with her shield as long as the shield remains active.

Like all champions, Lux can build different items depending on the position and situation in the game. As a supporter, Lux needs runes to win gold to keep her on the same level as other champions in a game.

A great item for many supporters, Redemption Lux offers a way to heal your allies and strengthen the power of Lulu's Shield. The stronger Lux becomes, the more his shield heals and becomes stronger with more items. It is a must-play build that focuses on Lux and contains the core elements that give the player the best chance of success.

If you are within range of an attack point and feel that you need health, you should play Lux. You don't need health so much if you keep your distance and use your range. With Lux mid you want to do more damage so that you can be more effective in team fights and do not have to worry so much about protecting your AD wearers.

With Luxs Range, it is in a unique position to peel ADCs as it has the range to cause damage to high priority targets. Dominance is a good option as the 5% Bonus CDR Luxs helps spell availability, but you can also use Ardent Censor or other supporting items to keep your shield maintenance constant. Given the ability of Luxs's prismatic shield, it can help protect its allies from harm.

Lux thrives because of her amazing range and utility-oriented skills, making her stand out in walking, supporting the team and, of course, farming from a safe distance. If Lux misses her pitfalls, she is helpless. With game-saving rotations and occasional snipes, Lux can uniquely dominate the battlefield in League of Legends.

The best lux rune position between the primary and secondary pathways. Given the remaining Lux rune positions and the champions played in the build, taking runes is not a breeze. In the Bot Duo Track, Lux is likely to be damaged by at least one enemy champion.

Lux Splash 2

Reaches a light ball that roots 2 enemies for 2 seconds and causes 70 magic damage (70-70 AP) at its vertex and returns lux shields to allies for another 100 damage (100-40 AP). Lux users often use Final Spark as a one-shot combo to select enemies, but it is also underestimated when used after initiation. Beating three or more enemies in a single cast of Final Funk is a spell Lux wins.

Learn Lux skills, details about the best items, skills and more. This section explains the skills that can be improved with Lux Builds. Lux Builds 1.19 is one of the easiest to play Champions in League of Legends, thanks to the ability of Witchcraft Runes and Burst Damage from Item Builds combined with the burst playing style.

If you are looking for the best runes for Lux, we have you covered. In our Lux-Guides you will learn which items you build, which runes you choose, and which skills you need to choose to use Lux skills. Build Lux with the help of the Build Guide.

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