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League of Legends tracks millions of LoL games played each day and gathers champion stats, matches, builds, summoner rankings, champion stats and popularity, but according to Riot Meddler, Lissandra and Irelia have not seen any need for change. With dissolved runes, abilities, burst damage, and item builds combined with a burst playing style, Lissandra's buildings are 11.19% of the hardest to play champions in League of Legends. Where to find the best items and runic buildings for the master is determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of tiles from league games.

The new work-in-progress Passive Lissandra unveils new LoL 11.13 in League of Legends Champions Lissandra Jungle Nexus Blitz Build Guide The best mythical items and Runes build order starting with items, summonses, boots, trinkets and trademarks on March 23, 2021. Lissandera's mighty season 11 items and top builds are full of AP damage and magical damage for professional players to enhance the summoning spell's abilities in the wake of season 11's new lissanda combination abilities in the League of Legends. In percentage terms, the opposing counterscore is on lissANDRA.

This page contains a guide to champion and character strategy for Lissandra, including statistics, skills, abilities, runes, mastery and style of play. LoL 11.5 Lissanderas AR / URF Building Instructions The best items, mythical items, and runes to build in sequence starting with items, Summoners, Boots, Jewelry, and Counters at level 2. How best to solve lissandra rune mid lane primary and magic secondary.

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League of Legends Champion: LissandraFind the best champions for this Lisandra. She is a master mage with supreme control over a number of legends and can be very annoying to opponents. It has the ability to throw daggers at enemies for high attack damage and deals magical damage to the first target hit by the dagger.

We track millions of League of Legends games played every day to collect championship stats, matchups, buildages, summoner rankings, champion stat popularity, winrate, class (s) and burst.

Lissandra is a Swain who tries to keep control of the board in the early rounds before switching to a strong end-to-middle game Swain Leviathan. Her skill increases the magical penetration of enemies, which means that she increases her explosive potential in team combat. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second if it interferes with enemy movement, and the ability does not apply movement-impairing effects to items.

Rabadon's Death Cap is a standard mage item, and it increases Lissandra's ability, meaning her abilities do more damage. In return, because their skills do more harm, they can snowball the competition. The best positioning of the Lissandra rune is on the primary path and A on the secondary route.

The Empty Staff continues to increase Lissandra's damage and offers good bonus abilities. This can come in handy in team battles, especially with their ability to whitewash and burst crisp targets. Lissandra fits well into the powerful Tier 1 archetype, but there are plenty of other viable decks that build on one of her strengths.

Lissandra Swain doesn't have much synergy with Lissandra, but she's a good warrior who gives you presence on board so you can cast your breadwide damage spells. You will want to hold it in your hand until it reaches level 2 when you reach the middle to late game.

This is a Champion Build Guide for League of Legends based on statistical analysis of the latest game data, so that you can be confident that its statistics are accurate and updated.

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The Lissandra / Ionia archetype has a lot of tools for early and middle board wiping, freezers, anesthesia and healing. If she is able to get close to her, she will beat her and she will follow. LissANDRA dies at level 1, so if you don't have a Guardian, you have to find her.

In this meta-report from Mezume we learn that Lissandra will be playing alongside a new champion in the top line-up this weekend. The truth is dark, and it uses its elementary magic to transform the power of true ice into something dark and terrible, burying it, skewering it, and revealing its deepest secrets. It looks forward to an exciting and promising future in meta.

Lissandra is an effective campaigner for high-profile professional players. The legacy of her past is the beginning of the end for Runeterra. Thanks to your E, you can support the opposing team in a fight with a good commitment.

If their health is less than 60%, they increase 50% of their true magic damage if they have the ability to strike. Champion monsters hit by multiple Firebolts take 10% damage from each additional bolt. On 100 charges, the next harmful spell, after consuming 100 charges, deals 100% + 10% magic damage to the 4 targets hit.

Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
Ability Haste
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Extra HP
Gap Close
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