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Orianna does a lot of damage at the start of the game thanks to her active abilities, which allow you to defeat enemies due to her attacking dissonance to emerge from risky situations and protect yourself. Although Orianna doesn't have much AP, her skills allow her to face elusive champions, and her shock wave is crucial to reaching the right moment to reach the previous game where the right goals can be achieved. Orianna has so much power in the early game that she is great against any opponent, but her enemies can bully her until she is on her balls.

Orianna uses his skills to clear waves, control team battles and crush enemies. Orianna's early game is relatively weak, but she excels in the middle and late game, where she can do massive damage with her skills and shockwave. In general, her skills allow her to be a great Duelist and to be useful in the decision-making phase of the game, which is one of the central focal points of a team battle.

Their passive ability, The Clockwork Windup, is simple but deadly, allowing their attacks to deal additional magical damage and increase damage when they attack the same target. Orianna is a mage who manipulates the battlefield with the extraordinary brass ball she has built with camaraderie, protection from damage, shield, ally acceleration, slow enemies, and amazing 5-man control. She can command her ball to trigger a shock wave that causes magical damage and hurls enemies nearby into the ball after a short delay.

Orianna Splash

This item helps with magical penetration and painful wounds, and it makes it easy to defend against heavy champions like Dr. Mundo. Orianna can command her ball to attach itself to an allied champion, shield him, and cause magical damage to enemies it passes along the way.

In Wild Rift, you can build multiple items for Orianna based on the opposing champion you face and your style of play. In Wild Rift, you can create different attack combos for Orianna's base and enemy champions you face, regardless of your style of play.

Brutal is a great way to gain extra skill and damage early in the game when Orianna is fighting. Orianna is characterized by short distances and paths where it can shield itself and mitigate the damage caused. She's not a strong burst champion, so make sure you take barriers to make up for that.

Orianna's Ultimate Work works in combination with all your other moves to move and hide in your sphere, delivering powerful attacks that can upset all sorts of plans.

When you mix Orianna's poke playing style with this, you become even more powerful than when you play alone. This build-up increases Oriannaas haste ability, and it will help you spread spam spells as much as possible.

This build features Orianna's highest AP in the game and allows her to kill many non-tank champions with a single combo. This setup causes Orianna to burn her enemies down to the HP base value of her HP. It can be used in combat, but it is even stronger to make it.

Orianna is a master that takes some time for her core items to rise and fall in the late game. In this late game, Orianna becomes much more powerful than she was before her centerpiece. With Orianna, you can use your skills much more often by stacking Archangel Wands and upgrading them with Seraphs Embrace.

Orianna Splash 2

Orianna's car attacks are amplified with additional magical damage, which increases with each additional attack. Her Brass Ball increases the magic damage of her auto attacks to 15% of her ability each time she lands one. This makes them extremely strong in the early game, which means you can make the most of the damage boost by beating your opponent with an AAS trade.

We calculated the highest win rate per item built, the best runes for Orianna, mythical items and skills, complete items, incantations, items, trinkets, and counters. Percentage shows the opposing counter-scoring against Orianna in the middle plat game.

In our Orianna Guide you will learn how to build objects, cut runes and select skills to use Orianna's skills. In this post, we'll look at Orianna's best items builds, Runes, summoning spells, abilities analyses and attack combos, including the tips and tricks we've found for you as you master them. What you will find are the best items and runes you can build with Orianna, as Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games have revealed.

The next Wild Rift Champion that we will cover in this Orianna Guide is one of the champions that I personally find fun and very strong to play. As a basic summary we can say that Orianna is an excellent champion for extreme sweepstakes in Wild Rift. In Wild Rift, she is considered a S-tier pick for the middle lane because she does a lot of damage in the middle and late game and she can change the fate of a team in fight with her ultimate.

Orianna is a powerful and complex midfielder with the ultimate potential to eliminate up to five players from the other team at the same time. If you read this guide, you will know her skills and the best builds you can use with her.

Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
Ability Haste
Mana Sustain
Extra HP
Gap Close
Force Runes
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Ban Runes
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