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Landing a brand on a target with burning targets. The target takes bonus damage from the skill. An additional ability can be applied to the target because the target is empowered.

Flame lets the enemy take damage for a while while while Burn generates mana, and then Burn kills the enemy while it is on fire. After detonation, the enemy receives no additional markers for a short time, but each time they are hit by Brand's ability, they continue to receive damage. (1) Burn fires a flame ball at the enemy, stuns them for a few seconds and then causes flame damage.

After a short delay, Brand creates a flame column in the target area, which deals magical damage to all enemy units in the area. Wildfire (3) - Wildfire ignites all enemy targets and deals magical damage. Fire unleashes a devastating torrent of fire, bouncing around oneself and nearby enemies five times, and inflicting magical damage on enemies in the time between each impact.

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Fire casts a powerful explosion of fire on the target, which spreads to nearby enemies and causes magical damage. Fire releases a stream of flames that jumps around enemies in its vicinity 5 times.

CLASM Ultimate Brand releases a stream of flames that can jump between enemies or themselves up to 5 times, and each impact does magical damage. This is a great team fighting ability that can do a lot of damage and surprise most enemies on every jump.

In a 1v1 situation, Pyroclasm deals burst damage and chains your other abilities while bouncing around Brand itself. If the enemy plays defensively, you can harass them by using the ability Brands 1st, Sear, on nearby minions and throwing a conflagration at them. In a 1V1 situation, you can also use Pyroclasms to bluff the enemy, so you can use Brand's ability and surprise the enemy with your narcotics if available.

It can be used to stun, imprison, or blow up a target, and it can also be used to help counters escape from enemies. Stormfire is a ranged skill that binds one target to another target for a duration, then pulsates and deals damage to a small area of activity. When the target dies, Stormfire jumps to a nearby target and triggers the correct Passive on the skill tree when several counters are active.

Brutal is a great way to gain extra skill and damage early in the game, where you can outwit branded enemies. With Brand you can move around a lot, throw your skills around and cause a lot of shock damage. The more you do in combat, the more stacks you get, and with Liandry and Torment's Fire Passive you will do damage over time by stacking them much faster than Brand.

After building the first two items, you either do a flat damage build with Rabodan or Death Cap, or take Rylais Crystal Scepter to give a slow damage to enemies hit by Brands'abilities. In season 11, Brand was built with runes to help you deal with magical damage, but now you can focus on building items that maximize your AP and maximize damage from the champions "abilities and kits.

In our brand guide, you will learn what items you build, which runes you select, and what skills you need to select to use brand skills. Learn more about brand skills, details of the best product superstructures, skill levels and more. How to find the best items and runes you can build for tokens is determined by calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

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This section explains the capabilities that you can compare with branded products in S11. Ideal brand constructions have changed to better characterize the meta of the qualification level.

Storm Brand has become one of the most popular, rounded and powerful skills in the game and is one of the best balance and league start skills. Storm Brand itself can handle standard packs (including rare enemies) in one cast. As a result, buildings with a high-speed feel can handle fire recall, mobility abilities, new storm fire damage, and automated storm fire jumps from target to target that rip through packs in no time.

Brand capability is based on fire and flame, which causes serious damage to enemies in no time at all. With the Flame Passive, Brand has the ability to set enemies on fire for a few seconds and do magical damage. Brand's spell lights up his targets and deals damage for 4 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

A tribesman of the icy Freljord called Kegan Rodhe, whose soul burned out into a vessel of living flames from his body, a creature known as the fire roams in search of other Runes in Valoran and vows to take revenge on those who wronged him and not to suffer another dozen lives.

Players can complete this build by recording a mana flow band that provides additional mana to support Brand in the early game. The best positioning of the Rune brand is on the primary path and A on the secondary route. Brand can be played in the center, auxiliary or bot tracks, so you can use two different builds.

We calculated the highest win rate per item built for the best mythical item on the Runic Counter and the best skill sequence for the entire item, starting with the Summoning Spell, then the Order to Build the item, and finally the Jewelry Counter.

Building brand loyalty is a way to reward your most loyal customers and help keep them on your side and come back for more. You can offer your customers additional perks as you go through the brand loyalty spectrum. At level 28 in the First Lab, you can switch to Armageddon Brand to use it in the endgame setup.

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