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If you are already comfortable playing Ahri, it is an excellent resource for getting quick access to good rune choices forPatch 11.20. Whether you are level 7 proficient, or you are simply picking up Ahri for the first time, we have got the guidefor you to know everything there is to know about Ahri, including the best builds and runes. With our Ahri Guide, you willfind out what items to build, what runes to choose, skill order, and how to use Ahri abilities correctly. Below, you willfind the best items and runes to build for Ahri, determined by LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of League of Legendsgames at Plat+.

Similar to the other champs in the game, Ahri needs to build with the right items in his Ahri Kit in order to fully realizehis potential. Similar to other champions in League of Legends, Ahri uses a variety of items depending on the situation sheis in during a match. Once Ahri has built up her prior items, Ahri is going to deal massive amounts of damage through herabilities.

When playing Ahri, it is best to play it safe until Ahri hits Level 5, once she hits Level 5, that is when she will get herSpirit Rush (Ultimate). Ahri is capable of burst through opponents with a number of abilities within a short period of time,Electrocute helps in maxing out her damage. Some may label her as a champion of low skill Expression, who can make forserious plays both solo and in groups.

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Ahri may be tricky to pick up, but once you get the hang of her mechanics, she is extremely deadly. Nine-Tailed Fox is achamp that can be hard to master, but she has a chance to be deadly once you understand her kit. Once Nine-Tailed Foxincludes a Rabadons Deathcap into an extremely powerful Ahri build, she is capable of killing nearly every other champion ina single combination in LoL.

Beyond that, the rest of the build allows for more mobility, more cooldown reduction, and more healing for the Nine-TailedFox. Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives an immediate 20 skill acceleration, making Ahri extremely dominant early in the game.

Using the dominance runes and a Burst Damage Ability Power build, combined with a Burst Playstyle, Ahri is a champion that isa bit of a challenge to play in League of Legends. On Summoner Rift, Ahri is an Assassin-Slash-Mage in the middle lane,enchanting enemies and drained of their Spirit Essence with lots of burst damage. Ahri is one of League of Legends morepopular champions, and mid-lane mage-assassin has been a favourite for years.

Ahri may look very mechanically heavy to a new player in League, but Ahri is certainly a gateway into some of the games mostcomplex champions. When Ahri is grouping up with his team and is going into teamfights, he is best served staying in theback, where he can leverage his skillsets to deal damage to enemy teams while also protecting his other carries. When Ahrigets the Ahri Ultimate, she can Dash in any direction to get in or out of a team fight, which gives her great mobility andmakes her a very safe champion to play. Even though Ahri has great mobility with Ahri ultimate, you would do well to learn toproperly position yourself, this way you will minimize the chances that she is forced to Spirit Rush on defense.

Spirit Rush is crucial for his quick, playstyle on offense, and with a good timing, Spirit Rush allows him to beat mostopponents. Not only does Electrocute combo nicely with Ahri is passive, it also deals bonus Adaptive Damage on its 25-secondcooldown. Morellonomicon also will have Ahri dealing gruesome wounds to enemies, where his abilities slowly wound them forshort periods.

Flash Burn is good on Ahri, as Ahri is able to utilize it more often than not, while hitting a Charm onto the enemy, for aprecious little bit of additional damage. In lane, Ahri wants to hit the Deception Globe during her initial hit on an enemy(but watch out, as Deception Globes are evasive) If she hits both parts of this skill, she can easily combine it with theAuto Attack for a simple Electrocute proc. The skill order you want to aim for in a really powerful Ahri build is Q, W, E.Orb of Deception is your primary damage-dealer, so maximizing it early is not a smart move.

Ahris blend of being a pseudo-control wizard, pseudo-AP assassin means that Ahri builds can get a little janky when comparedto the other choices. This means that all builds should give her a strong mana pool, haste on abilities, and tons of power onabilities. We calculated our Ahri build recommendations by analysing 128,989 recent Ranked League matches featuring herpicks.

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Inherently connected to the magics of the Spirit Realm, this champ is an enigmatic, falcon-like Vastaya searching for a placein the world. Innately connected to the latent powers of Runeterra, Ahri is a vastaya capable of warping magic into balls ofraw energy. First off, you could throw in Banshees Veil in an extremely powerful Ahri build, if you are able to extract a bitof value from it.

Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
Ability Haste
Mana Sustain
Extra HP
Gap Close
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Ban Runes
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