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Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Annie, determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands ofPlat+ League of Legends matches. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the best items builds, runes, summoner spells,and skill analyses for Annie, including a few tips and tricks that we found specifically for you that will help you toquickly learn how to play Annie. With our Annie Guide, you will find out what items to build, which Runes to pick, skillorder, and how to properly utilize Annies abilities. Now that you know what Annie abilities do, how to build her using runes,gurus, Summoner Spells, and items, you should know how to play her efficiently.

When building Annie on the Lol Wild Rift, you must play perfect runes on her like Electrocute, Harvesting Strom, AdaptiveCarapace, Band of Mana Flow. The first best items for building Annie in Lol Wild Rift are Echo of the Ludens to get herreload, Wave Clear, then Awakening Soulsealer for getting her ultimate faster. After knowing all of those things, you canbuild the other champs vs. Annie in WildRift. In League of Legends Wild Rift, you can build different items for Anniedepending on which enemy champions you are facing and what style of game play you are playing.

Annie is a killer champion in the LoL Wild Rift mid-laner, that is able to one-shot your support lane with ease if they areon top of her, or if they are fully equipped with items. Annie is the kind of carry that just about everybody in LoL needs towatch out for -- she has stun capabilities, does ridiculously high burst damage, and will blow up with an Annie SignatureBear whenever the situation calls for it. Annie uses her abilities and attacks to clean up waves of minions, take overteamfights, and use her ultimates to whittle enemies to pieces. Annies combo is typically stacking the Annie passives andusing your ultimates to stun the entire enemy team, while also using all her ultimates.

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This combo is good to stun and deal damage to an enemy as Annie ability 1 is single target. When Annie gets her Ultimate(Tibbers), it is best to wait until you have 4 stacks of her Passive (Pyromania) so that you can use Area of Effect to stunmore enemies. The best way to approach a single-shot is by trying to get behind the bush (with your Passive (Pyromania)prepared) then as soon as the enemy comes at you, you can surprise them with her ultimate (Tibbers) and combine it with therest of Annies abilities and set her aflame. Ignite is great on Annie because you can Ignite while an enemy is stunned fromyour abilities, and you get a nice little burst of additional damage.

Flash is a great spell for getting out of binds, and it works great for Annie too since you can cast your Flash and combineit with his ultimate (Tibbers) and passive for a little bit of stun on area of effect. Before getting her ultimate, Annie canalso get a engage using the Annie Kit, but Annie will need to follow that up with an Ignite and likely another teammate to dothe extra damage. Basically, if she is built completely around the AP, then she can likely single-shot any champion that isnot tanky with that combination. Annies kit is pretty unique, as Annie is able to do lots of damage and outlasts pretty mucheveryone under most circumstances.

She mostly deals magic damage through her abilities and her auto attacks, and she can do quite a bit of damage through hercombo attacks and her ultimate. As you get more familiar with Annie, you will see that Annie has a place in higher ELO(skill) games, since her stuns can be an excellent tool to start teamfights and set up lane kills. I would suggest going withthe Merc treads on this, possibly with a double MR rune, and then Wild Rift, where Annie cannot really One Shot you withoutthe ignite. Sweet Tooth A good rune to have on hand for when Annie gets low in landing phase and needs that extra healing,mana, Annie could use a little free flash ignite on enchanter spells, flash is essential on most champs.

As you can see in the above builds, there are mentioned sets of Annie Runes that have better potential on Annie. Anadditional build to Annie is stacking 4-5 Dorans Rings if you cannot farm enough for Needlessly Large Rod.

Since Annie build 11.19 and Runes help with magic damage, you are going to be focused on building items to maximize thedamage of brusts from your Champion Ability Kits AP. On stage, when picking and banning champions, you should banning thosewho could counteract Annie, and vice versa. If you see Annie is stronger vs. an opponents team carry, you will want to chooseAnnie.

In early games with Annie, simply focus on farming and trying to poking enemies with her abilities when she has a chance.Always use your abilities 2-3 times before engaging an enemy so that you can activate Annies passive) while fighting. As thegame goes on, it is best to maximizeandat the endis a really powerfula skill ofandto create the advantage and to dominate theopponent.

At 100 discord, your next damaging ability deals 100 (+10%AP) bonus magic damage to your target and up to 3 adjacent enemies.Build Annies LOL Wild Rift. If a champ or monster is hit by more than one rocket, additional rockets only deal 10% (10 secsreload) damage to annie build wild rift. These items enable an enormous annie burst, which can probably kill your targetswith one combo (R, Q, W, Ignite) before they get able to escape.

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