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I think the Permaslow build-up that you see with the Ahri players at the moment is very strong and I think it can be used as a support. The downside is that the on-hit build is less effective. After trying many different builds and starting with the attack speed on hits, glacier reinforcements and perma slow builds, I found that the general mage build is Neeko the best all-around build.

If you are looking for the best runes, we have you covered. You will find that the best items and runic constructions for Neeko are determined by calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games. If you are familiar with the game style, Patch 1.1.20 has some great resources for good rune selection.

It's hard to see how Riot can annoy a champion without reconfiguring new objects and buildings. There are not many games that are played with these champions, and the builds vary greatly, so we have provided the top builds below, but they are not high trust values and should be used at our discretion. Neekos is a tough guy, but he doesn't seem to be a popular choice.

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Neeko tends to network well with champions who use his ability to lock up opponents. Neeko has the highest winning percentage of any bot lane champion with an impressive 56.56 percent. People play Neeko's on-hit builds untouched, with the champion having a ridiculous 0.14 per cent play rate in Patch 9.4.

Its best synergy is with a lot of jungle, which are good in early 2v2. Neeko works well with champions who can hold opponents in group matches. However, there are a few champions who have struggled with that and you will want to try to avoid that.

You have the pleasure of watching others get frustrated with neeko-champions like you. The reason she gets a lot of bans is because she fulfils her potential in this build-up, so make sure you use it before she gets into the ban phase.

Neeko has her stealth and shape splitter, but it's not enough against many champions. Neeko relies heavily on the attacking range and can punish melee masters in the top lane.

The potential for her AD build was there from the start, but Neeko's lone buff came in patch 9.5 and affected her E ability, Tangled Barb. Combinations with Empowered Tangled Barbs flourish so that Neeko cannot move for long periods of time, making her a strong beneficiary that can do a ton of damage. A current trend in leaderboard and professional play is to exploit this by relying on Neko's skill, Shape Splinters, and his passivity, which inflicts additional magical damage to every third basic attack by the champion.

As is so often the case with champions on the top rink, many of the hard-to-control skills have been replaced by them, with Mercury's Treads being the most effective. Tangle Barb - Neeko hurls a jumble of damage to the roots as it happens. The best position of the Neekos rune is between the primary path and A the secondary path.

As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent. Don't turn into a champion when you spot an enemy. Focus on knocking out your opponent with CSE and gaining experience.

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Neeko is one of the youngest Champions of League of Legends released by Riot Games last December. Featuring dominance runes and unique items, this build combines the special play style of Build 1119 with the most difficult to play champion in the game. How to Build Neeko Season 11 Guide AP Rune Page Neekos combine powerful items such as Top AD Builds and Full Magic Damage from professional players to enhance the abilities of the Summoners The latest Neeko combo skills and combos in League of Legend.

This drastic patch eliminated Neeko's chances of seeing competitive play as a bottom rink and took away her new build potential. In patch 9.5, Riot Games introduced a hotfix to prevent players from accumulating attack damage and attacking speed items for them. Due to their drastic attack speed and hit damage, the Neeko Build was taken out of the solo snake and Storm was dead.

Welcome to the Statistical Neeko Build Guide Mid Lane 1.12.0 where we calculate the highest winning rate for each item build, the best runes for Neeko mythical items, skill sequence, full item build launches, summoners, item build orders, trinkets and tokens. Percentage shows the opposing counter-scoring against the champion in the middle plat game. NeekO Builds 1.19 is a rank D pick for the middle lane role in season 11.

A League of Legends streamer's rise to stardom is one of the clearest examples of how an action or in this case a video can change your entire life. Some would argue that for AD Neeko, it's all about making the champion loathsome, playing against him, stopping unconventional construction, and curbing any kind of creativity.

The League of Legends streamer's life has changed dramatically in just a few months after his Boomer Twitter video. His incredible breakthrough caught the attention of 100 Thieves, the esports organization that confirmed Boomer would join their ranks of content creators.

Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
Ability Haste
Mana Sustain
Extra HP
Gap Close
Force Runes
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