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If Jhin kills an enemy champion, Lotus Trap will spawn and explode when the enemy champion is killed. When Jhin kills enemy champions, the lotus trap blooms when they are killed. If a Target Champion is hit in the last 4 seconds by Jhin or his allied Lotus Trap, the Target Champion will be rooted for 1s, and Jhin will gain speed of movement while shouting them. When Jhin is killed, the enemy champions Lotus Trap spawn and detonate when they are killed.

Jhin launches a cartridge that causes physical damage by hitting nearby enemies that have not yet been hit, hitting the cartridge at maximum time. Jhin fires a long range shot that deals physical damage to the first champion hit with p and also to other enemies along the way; if this skill hits a champion whose damage has been caused by an allied champion within the last n seconds, it roots the champion for n seconds, and s grants Jhin's speed of movement and whispering. Jhin's penetrated last bullet is a dark magic strike that deals a bonus to the damage dealt.

The fourth bullet from the Jhins weapon is a critical strike that does more damage depending on how much health the target has lost. If your opponent is behind Jhin, the last fourth ball will hit and deal bonus damage. Jhin has a car attack that does more damage than typical ADCs, and he can have up to four cars without having to recharge.

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With Infinity Edge, Rapid Firecannon, Stormrazor, Phantom Dancer, Mortal Reminder, Boots of Swiftness and Stasis build attacks damage. Jhin uses his movement to attack enemies and do a lot of damage. Jhin's early push play has the potential to do good damage with his fourth shot, but he steps up late in the game to take full advantage.

Complete the rotation of Haunfeng Core Item to maximize Jhin's damage in the middle of the game. Increasing the critical attack damage with the fourth bullet of the JHins pistol and the crit from the fourth shot of his curtain is child's play.

This item grants bonus attack damage, not only to support agriculture in early play, but also allows Jhin to deal additional damage when poking opposing champions. Phantom Dancer grants Jhin Shield, where it receives 30 percent health and absorbs damage relevant to the Champions level. This item does not grant Jhin bonuses for attacks, damage or armor, but its unique effect restores Jhin from the dead when eliminated and restores 50 percent of his health and 30 percent of his mana.

Once you reach the late game and have your core items, Jhin can start with his speed of movement and his critical damage. Jhin not only grants 50% bonus attack damage, 15% attack speed, and 25% critical hit chance. The 30% bonus attack speed allows Jhin to fire at his targets while using these items, and the 25% increase in the critical hit.

As already mentioned, Jhin is very good in the early game when you can take advantage of runic fights with enemy champions. It is wise to take Alistar, as the passive healing is fragile and gives Jhin time to do damage. With our Jhin Build you can see that in situations where you are able to kill a tank, it is great because it gives your team an advantage.

Ghost Blade Rush deals incredible damage to Jhin's spell, allowing him to beat the ADC early in the match-up game. The secondary Rune Mana Flow Band allows Jhin to spam spells and Triumph gives him execution and additional damage. If the enemy issues a resource boost to Jhin and denies him the second item of the Guardian Angel, there is a chance that the enemy sacrifices too much to save Jhin from death.

Jhin has a number of channels that allow him to fire 4 Super shots that cause physical damage to the first champion based on their percentage of health loss and slow them down by a slow 100% percentage for N seconds.

Jhin Splash 2

S Ultimate fires 4 shots in an extreme distance cone, the fourth shot causing guaranteed crit and bonus damage due to the lack of HP. With 80% additional attack damage and 25% critical hit probability, this iconic critical strike item from the game Infinity Edge perfectly complements Jhin's style of play.

S skills, details about the best items, skills and more. This section explains the skills that Jhin can build with S11. With Precision Rune, a complete damage item combined with a shooting style, Jhin Build 1119 is a hard-to-play champion in League of Legends.

If you are looking for the best runes for Jhin, we have you covered. In our Jhin Guide, you will learn what items you build, which runes you select, and what skills you need to select to use Jhin skills. You will also find that the best items and Runes to build Jhin are determined from calculations from thousands of plats in the League of Legends game.

Below we will guide you through the Jhins moves and highlight the choices you need to make when it comes to the equipment, runes and spells you choose. We calculated the highest odds for each item build, the best runes for Jhin, mythical items and skill order, complete items components, summoning spells, item build order, jewelry and tokens.

Jhins Build is 1119 in the S ranking and was selected for the role of the bottom track in season 11. The proven build is the Crit Build, which does not have the damage of Jhins spells, but gives your car a great finish. Jhin will recharge if he does not attack or use an ability for ten seconds.

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