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Runes help Lucian to do a lot of damage to the ADC and to stay alive in team combat for as long as possible. Since Lucian is not as strong as the ADC in the early game, runes compensate for that. In this particular guide, it was decided to help Lucian make early moves more brutal.

Building strategies vary by location, so it's good to understand situational elements to improve your game. Most of the time, the players build up Lucian as the other AD shooter in Dragonalley.

With Lucian in the middle you can play a lot of matches to get an advantage. You can play Lucian to dominate or not to play at all.

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League of Legends Lucian is a fantastic champion with many builds, including the vaporizer build. As a Sagittarius, Lucian concentrates on building objects that cause great damage.

Learn more about items, runes, and how to select skills to use Lucian skills in our Lucian Guide. Where to find the best items and runic structures for Lucian was determined by calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

Sentinel of Light Lucian is a purifier whose mission is to hunt down and kill immortal spirits. Merciless and alone-minded, Lucian and his Guardians of Light no longer stop at anything to protect the living from the long dead and the horrors of the black mist.

Here is the ultimate Wild Rift Lucian building guide for Dragon Baron and Middle Railway players. This is my crazy fun series that focuses on builds you can try out in unranked games to have more fun and experiment with the new revamped enumeration in League of Legends. This section explains the abilities you can gain by leveling Lucian Builds.

With precision runes and complete damage items in this build, combined with a shooting style, Lucian Builds 1.11.9 is one of the most difficult to play Champions in League of Legends. Lucian is full of shooters and generic rune setups popular with ADCs.

Lucian is a champion who relies heavily on manabar pickups and manaflow bands to take runes and ensure more sustainability. The best Lucian rune site is the primary path and A the secondary path.

Is reduced by 1 second when Lucian hits an enemy Lightslinger, and by 2 seconds for all champions. Skills cooldown reduced by 1% when Lucian damages an enemy Light Linger. The cooldown of this ability is 3 and decreases by one second each time Lucian is hit by enemy lightning conductors.

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Lucian Empower Ally Lucian The next 2 base attacks deal bonus magic damage. Use this ability on Lucian for the next attack for 3.5 seconds and fire two shots. Use these skills to attack LuciansNext for 35 seconds and fired two shots, then fire two shots, then back up again. With these skills Lucian has the next attack 35 seconds and fires again two shots.

This passive ability causes Lucian to perform a double strike after using this ability. When marking an enemy hurts Lucian or his allies, Lucian gains speed of movement. When Lucian and allies damage a marked enemy, he gets 65% movement speed for one second.

His first ability, Pierce the Light, acts as an opener to reactivate Lucian's passive light lingering. S third ability, Relentless Pursuit, can be used to cancel the reverse swing animation of Ardent Blaze. To hit an enemy with flame, throw Lucian Ultimate, Culling to get a bonus movement speed, which makes it easier for you to land more shot on your target or your enemy champion.

It gives Lucian an increase in attack damage and ability. Essence Reaver - This item is not currently in play, but it is a welcome addition to any Lucian build as it is. Eclipse Upgrade - The cost is high, but Eclipse is the best mythical item for Lucian, increasing his damage and giving him hold.

Bloodthirst - This item fits well into the aggressive Baroness Lane Lucian is building, thanks to its additional physical vamp statistics. Botrk - A key item for Lucian since his release, Lucian has the ability to project Botrk on hit effects with his passive.

Lucian builds to be dominant in the laning phase against most champions, especially melee fighters. Lucian begins as a lower track character, and based on the game, he will switch between tracks and ditches. This will result in status degeneration and will no longer open up to the targets placed around him to counteract his groundbreaking, grassroots damage spikes in the early game.

Taking advantage of his good mobility, Lucian's scaling in the middle and late game is an integral part of the game. When Lucian moves and fires, he can reposition himself and use his third skill, Relentless Pursuit, to flash through the prototype.

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While our Pantheon Guide has been around for a while, this Lucian Build Guide covers Lucian counters, runes, objects, and potential track comparisons. Many of us who have the victorious Lucian in our ranks have used this guide to ensure that you are making the most of that skin and even climbing with a reduced profit. Percentage indicates the opposing counter-scoring against Lucian on every ADC spot in the game.

Most of the time, there are only a few core items, such as runes and summoning spells, that a Lucian building needs. The rest of the build consists of situational elements depending on the composition of the opposing teams and the state of the game. When you start playing a normal Lucian build, you will focus on using your Q, R and AA.

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