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If you are already comfortable playing Aphelios, it is an excellent resource to get quickly into good rune choices for patch11.20. As you can see in the above build, the mentioned rune sets Aphelios has the best potential on Aphelios.

Below you can see the best builds for LoL Aphelios, calculated from average winning builds on the Platinum+ League. Below youcan find the best items and runes to build for Aphelios, determined by LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of Plat+ Leagueof Legends matches.

From Runes to Items, Gameplay Tips, and much more, we have compiled a guide that will help you master playing Aphelios onbotlane in League of Legends. Learn everything you need to know about building an Aphelios ADC in League of Legends Season12, including runes, items, and ability orders.

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How To Build Aphelios Guide for Season 11 AD carry, as well as Aphelios Runes Page, to build Aphelios for a more powerfulitems, the best way to build Aphelios to max damage for Pro Players, in order to boost the Skill Set -- The Gun of Faith, aswell as more Spells of Skill Combos Aphelios for Countering League of Legends ultimate. Sun Huanfeng Season 11 Aphelios probuild - Learn how world finalist Huanfeng plays Aphelios. Since the Aphelios Build 11.19, the champ and runes are going to behelping to do the damage physically, and your main goal is to build everything damage, and marksmen are almost always builtusing full damage items, with some item exceptions.

Enemy Tip Each of Aphelios Runes weapons has varying weaknesses, look to take advantage of those which will best fit yourchampion. The best champions that this champion runs in a bottom lane role are Precision as a primary, and Inspired as asecondary. On stage, when picking and banning champions, you should banning those who could counter Aphelios, and vice versa.If you see that Aphelios is stronger against an opponents team carry, then you should choose Aphelios.

When playing against decks with interactions against Aphelios, a good practice is to begin your turn casting your LunarArmor. If you are able to get Aphelios onto the board at a certain time, and Aphelios does not immediately die, and you areable to draw two Moon Weapons--one by casting him, the second by casting a Phase--you can do a ton of things to draw cardsearly on, and turn them into meaningful damage. This means Aphelios almost always puts you two cards ahead of your opponent,and if you can cast Aphelios while able to secure one phase, then Aphelios puts you three cards ahead of your opponent.

He is in the Hunters class, which means he is primarily going to be attacking enemies at the lowest life total, while alsodealing more damage. Towards mid and late-game, where Aphelio is able to get items, Weapon of the Faithful is one of thestrongest ADCs in League of Legends. Aphelios in League of Legends plays the bot lane and prioritizes earning Gold Coins, andduring late-game, has to do lots of damage in teamfights in order to win the game, making his role called as an attack damagecarry (ADC).

When an enemy champion is marked, it is capable to right-click an opponent once in any part of the map with an attack fromtheir off-hand, as well as remove adjacent marks. Once he attacks the base of Aphelios using the Cresendum, Aphelios cannotattack again until he returns to him, but when he does, his attacks are reset. Aphelios switches out the primary hand weaponfor an offhand weapon, replacing the Basic Attacks and Activated Abilities.

Aphelios can right-click marked enemies anywhere on the map to follow-up with the basic attack with his off-hand gun (or withhis non-Calibrum gun, in cases when he has switched the Calibrum into his off-hand weapon prior to firing). In addition toscaling, Runaans Hurricane will have Aphelios shoot at two targets at a time using Aphelios Basic Attack, which allows him toeasily engage more opponents or farm minions at higher rates. Another item to boost Aphelios attack speed, Berserkers Greavesoffers a boost to his 45 attack speed, in addition to movement speed increases that are common to all boots in League ofLegends.

A common pick of most ADC champions in the game, Dorans Blade is an excellent early item for Aphelios. As with all championsin League of Legends, Aphelios will need varying items and runes depending on the circumstances in which Aphelios is playing.However, with this said, Aphelios has many items which are going to make the champion extremely strong and give you betterresults in-game.

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If you are planning to bring Aphelios into your lineup, or looking for a better champion to draft, then you will want to keepan eye out for her best builds and counters. When playing Aphelios in yet another Boom Baboon deck, generally speaking, youwant to play Aphelios in situations where you can ensure that you can at least draw out of phase. Every 10 minutes ofplaytime, the Champion gains one additional AD, making it stronger as the game goes on.

Aphelios is a champion that needs to get early gold in order to stack items and power spikes, so having a way to get a littlebit of damage in and get it back is going to help Aphelios during his laning phase. Overheal is going to let the champion geta shield from some healing being granted on it once he hits max health. Next to starting items, there are starting items, youwill later level these up into full items for Aphelio builds.

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