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There is not much game played on Corki, or builds differ wildly, we provided a best build, but this does not come with highconfidence ratings, so please use your own judgement. That said, this guide is a great starting point that will get youcomfortable on Corki and making an impact on your games. From optimal runes, to build paths, and potential counters, this iseverything you need to know about Corki in your League of Legends games. With our Corki guides, you will discover what itemsto build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to use Corki abilities correctly.

Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Corki, determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands ofPlat+ League of Legends matches. Find out everything you need to know about building a mid-Corki in League of Legends Season12, including runes, items, and ability orders. The following sections offer a detailed walkthrough on what League of Legendsplayers should be doing in order to unlock that hidden potential of Corki.

Corki is a powerful marksman, has high-range attacks & a large damage, Corki can build items from mages as well, and it isreally simple to figure out Corkis abilities. Corki takes advantage of a hybrid build which makes most out of its damagescaling, magical penetrating abilities, and high AoE damage.

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Essence Reaver Solari Chargeblade Infinity Edge Void Stuff Guardian Angel Gluttonous Greaves-Stasis Corki has an excellentblend of skill strength and damage on offense, which makes him an excellent champion to itemize and an extremely difficultchamp to kite. Essence Reaver is an excellent early item giving Corki Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance, and AbilityHaste, making it easier for him to get off of his abilities on a regular basis. After Essence Reaver, you want to focus ongetting a higher critical strike chance so that Corki is always capable of dealing high amounts of Critical Strike Damage.

While primarily played in midlane as a skill-oriented caster, Corki does carry a few Attack Damage Ratios in his name, makinghim a relatively powerful threat when it comes to dealing Hybrid Damage. Because of his passive, he is a great pick for amarksman role when your team, particularly the mid lane, is mostly focused on dealing physical damage. Because of his chatfor magical damage, Korki is also a nice mid-laner who scales very well in late-game. He believes Corki does not need anotherdamage rune such as Ignite, as he is a high-damage-dealing marksman.

Due to Andplays passive, Corki is a great choice in the double lane if the majority of your team has phys damage, he is alsoan excellent champion in the midlane thanks to Conversion, since it will scale nicely in the mid/late game. Because Corki isa hypercarry that can single-handedly win games, he is going to be a good addition to your champion pool. Corki strugglesearly in games, Corki uses his early-game spells to farm up and poking enemies, and then gets his 3-core items. All four ofCorkis abilities do magical damage, and because Corki is more of a spell-caster rather than a auto-attack-dependent champ,you are going to want to get Sorcerer Boots to make sure that you are getting maximum utility from the abilities.

If you get to that stage in a game where Corki has reached that point, and you have got a basic set of items under his belt,Corki truly becomes the ultimate late-game carry. With the ADC of Corki, the build and the playstyle is similar to the Midlaner, since Corki benefits greatly from attack damage and playing the passive. Ravenous Hydra and Muramana give Corki ADdamage, while Guardian Angel provides a good defensive option. Exosen then goes for the infinite advantage, as Corki doeshybrid AD damage, so building AD and AP into Corki is beneficial.

Exosen found the Legacy Corki build most efficient, as this allows it to reach its Power Spikes during the game. Corki is amarksman in Wild Rift who has high damage output from attacks and basic skills, low survivability from defenses or mobilityskills, and moderate difficulty with skill mechanics and controls. Gatling gun is a critical item for Corki because of thefact his ambiguous damage output makes him inefficient at using items that provide Armor/Magic Infiltration.

Fires Corkis Gatling Gun, dealing 16 physical damage (16+20% bonus AD) in addition to 16 magic damage (16+20% bonus AD) every2 seconds for 4 seconds. Corki launches missiles at the targeted location, which explode when they hit, dealing damage toenemies in the area. Valkyrie (2nd Ability) Corki sprints forward, leaving behind a fiery zone which deals magical damageover time over the course of several seconds. While 100 Ability Power and 200 Health is nothing to sneeze at, ShadowflamesPassive Effect, causing your Ability to gain bonus Magic Infiltration depending on your targets missing percentage health, isone of the more unique, and well-tailored, passives that a piece of equipment can provide a champion like Corki.

Since Corki Build 12.10, that champion, and Runes, are going to be helping you do a mix of damage, your focus is going to bebuilding for full damage, and marksmen are almost always built with all-damage items, with few item exceptions. However, itseems like there is an entirely new build coming out, featuring a Ludens Tempest, that is been leading to Corki dealingEarth-shattering damage throughout Season 12. Corki has an incredible 63% winrate in Pro Play (36-22) at 12.1. Absolutelyinsane how good Corki is doing in Pro Play -- the all-new build is such an incredible low-risk, high-reward thing. I thinkthere is no argument to be made in favor of AP Corki, you are essentially always going to do more damage on AD with any realworld combination, especially past level 11 (which is when you start buying items with AP with this build).

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