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As would be suitable to any champion in League of Legends, Akshan, the ranged shooter Riot says will be used in the middle lane, will build various items to suit the situation he finds himself in in a specific game. The build-up path and runes for the champion will continue to evolve as he gets more time on the live server. Although it is not yet available on live servers, his recently unveiled kit gives us a brief idea of the details and runes he will benefit from for maximum performance.

In our Akshan Guide, you will learn what items you build, which runes you select, and what skills you need to select to use Akshan's abilities. How to find the best item and runes for the champion is determined by the Leaguespy calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games. The key points that give the Akshan player the best chance of winning his team.

Unlike other shooters, Akshan is not a champion who wants a lot of attack speed, but rather raw damage, which is amplified by his abilities. Like Kraken Slayer, his attack speed is a mythical passive that is done to keep it slow. He has many skills that apply his lifestyle to hits, attacks and critiques that are scaled ad hoc with attack speed.

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When Akshan attacks, he can fire an additional attack that causes reduced damage. In automatic attack, he fires a second shot that does 50% less damage. With his passive, dirty combat after three punches, his attacking ability helps him deal bonus damage and gain a shield.

When firing an attack, Akshan fires a second shot, causing 29 physical damage instead of 50. If he pushes forward, he will find it easier to launch a press-down attack on bonus damage. When he attacks, he fires a second attack, which causes reduced physical damage.

This gives you durability and additional damage, giving Akshan an easy way to manage lanes and outwit your moving opponents. The passive W allows you to revive allies, making you a priority target in combat, and having additional survivability and damage will be a must for Akshans players.

Kraken Slayer is the most damaging item and plays well with Akshan against many mobile champions with spells like Danger Dash and Galeforce. For this build you should have a strong crit build, as your damage will be caused by your auto attacks.

Aksan's first ability, Avengerang, is an automatic attack proc that protects against being turned into a nosedive. Akshan jumps off his rope when colliding with an enemy terrain or champion to avoid a clumsy landing that gives the enemy the chance to break through. You can reactivate the heroic amorphous when you hit an enemy terrain and battlefield champion by pushing it in the opposite direction, giving more freedom of movement. When the enemy attacks you, when you are weak in health or fighting alone, Aksan's + 1st Avengerang Auto Attack ability will trigger a shield that in turn will dive. He can continue to attack the next enemy by doubling his attack speed while swinging.

In a well-rounded construction situation, Guardian Angel is a solid option for Akshan. It is also a situational point, as opponents have a lot of tools to target him in a fight. When it was first built in S11, it had runes that helped you deal with physical damage, but now you can focus on building items that maximize your AD burst damage and master abilities.

Runes can be used to compensate for Akshan's low damage in early play. Building pieces of armor that add durability is a great way to round off this Akshan construction. Three hits from Aksh's attack is the most damaging ability that does physical damage.

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In this Akshan guide, we will see how Akshan's skills work in LoL Wild Rift and how you can use these skills to get yourself in the best shape for the current leaderboard. We calculate the highest winning items to build, the best runses for Akshan mythical items, skill sequence, complete item build-up, starting items, summoning spells, item build sequence, jewelry and counters. I will work hard to keep this League of Legends / League of Legends Build Guide up to date to help you create the best Akshan builds for the meta.

Akshan is a skill-oriented shooter, and his main roles are Assassin, Midlane, and Bot Lane, with his summoning spells focused on giving him the tools to move, rotate, and erase enemy champions. His items focus on maximizing his attack damage, critical strikes, and dropping AD items, while his comp exploits his power and durability by placing vital artifacts around him. Starting with his Avengerang, you can use waves, minions, groups of enemy champions, and team fights to make the most of his abilities.

For Akshan, the traditional structure of critical impact shooters is the first option. The best option is the Berserk Greaves, which is the only attacking speed object in Akshan's build.

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