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If you are already comfortable playing the Akshan, it is an excellent resource to get quickly into good rune choices forpatch 11.20. As you can see in the above build, Akshan runse sets are mentioned that have Akshans best potential. Akshancould also opt for a perfect timing rune for free time counters that could combo into heroic swing for some interestingplays.

Jhin When using Akshan against Jhin, you will get the upper hand as Jhin has a lower early game attack speed, you can easilywin auto attack exchanges with Akshan and using Heroic Swing. Jinx When playing Akshan vs Jinx, you will have higheradvantage against her during the early game due to Jinxs low attack damage, so try harassing her with Akshan and farming herup for the later-game clashes.

Akshan can really put together some exciting plays using her ability 3, but this could work against her as well. Another gooduse for Akshan is provided by the passive bonus from his Skill 3: Akshan can significantly decrease allied downed abilitiescooldown, helping them heal much faster. Braum The best synergy with Akshan is the one from Braum, the Akshan passive allowsyou to stun enemies after 3 attacks, also bursting through your passive from Dirty Combat.

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With Kraken Slayer, Akshan would gain Attack Speed from Mythic Passive, and doing this would prevent him from having a ton ofattack slow. The third part of Akshans passive is when canceling the second attack with a movement instead of holding downthe attack button, Akshan will gain bonus movement speed. Every three hits of attacks and abilities deals extra magic damage,and Akshan gains a shield which absorbs the damage.

If the enemy Dives at Akshan while you are low on health, counterattack with Akshans first ability and Auto-attacks toinstantly trigger a shield and reverse the Dive. With Kraken Slayer and Akshans passives combined, you are going to domassive amounts of damage to your opponents, no matter whether or not they are being squishy. Grants gives you tankiness andadditional damage, which will provide Akshan an easy way to farm up in lanes and poking down opponents who are in the lane.

Guardian Angel is going to be more of a situational item only if an opponent has many tools for targeting Akshan duringfights. To complement her build, there will be situations in which Guardian Angel is a reliable choice for Akshan as well.

Depending on which third item is, Akshan wants to make the Akshan Fourth one with one of the remaining options. Next tostarting items, there are starting items, later on, you upgrade these into full items to build Akshan. As is the case withall Champions in League of Legends, Akshan will build various items depending on what situations he is put into in any givenmatch.

While not yet live-streamable, his revealed set gives us a quick look at which itemizations and runes would best suit him tomaximize performance. Akshans build path and runes are likely to continue to evolve as Akshan gets more time on the liveservers. Unlike the other marksmen, Akshan is not the type of champion who wants lots of attack speed, instead wanting theraw damage to power out their abilities.

Kraken Slayer is going to be the item that does most damage, but playing Akshan against lots of mobility champions can spelldanger potentially without Galeforces Dash. Infinity Edge along with Akshan would provide the necessary 60 chance to hit forcritical strikes, giving you extra damage in your critical hits, making you a threat during teamfights. Hard Counters DravenDraven is the hardest Akshan counter in League of Legends Wild Rift, the champ deals extremely high damage to Akshan early ingames, and if Akshan attempts to get into attack range, can punish him by standing off.

Ezreal Ezreal is a great pick for an Akshan Counter, having a high ability range, as well as the damage that allows him topoking at you while not getting traded. Essence Reaver has a good path of builds, and if an enemy team has many championswith stacked armor, you may as well rush it in the early game.

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Since the build of 11.19 Akshan is going to help you do phys damage, you are going to be focused on building items tomaximise AD Burst damage off the champions abilities. There are a few staple items that will give the Akshan player theirbest shot to ensure a victory over a champion. Below, you can find the best items and runes to build for Akshan, determinedfrom LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of League of Legends games at Plat+. Below you can see the best builds for LoLsAkshan, which are calculated from average winning builds across Platinum+ leagues.

Find out everything you need to know about building Top Akshan in League of Legends Season 12, including runes, items, andability order. With our Akshan Guide, you will find out what items you should build, which runes you should choose, the skillorder, and how to use the Akshan abilities correctly. Since Akshans passive changes depending on how many attacks Akshanmakes, players are encouraged to swap out often. When Akshans ability 1 hits an enemy champion, skill 1 shows their position-- in other words, it gives you a view of the opponent he is hitting. If you are attacking an objective automatically, andmark them down before indefinitely casting Ability 3, then as soon as you are in the air casting (and flinging) Ability 3,this objective becomes Akshans priority. Ultimate Ability can only be cast against champions, so be aware.

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