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Shaco has been built with Runes to help you deal with physical damage since season 11, so that you can focus on building items that maximize the damage induced in AD and the master abilities. You can find the best items and runic structures for Shaco determined by our calculation of thousands of plats in League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes on Shaco, mythical item and skill orders, full item builds, starting items, summoning spells, item build orders, jewelry, and tokens.

S Jungle Role focuses on building AD items to kill enemies, while his AP style of play focuses on setting traps and chasing enemies to death in the bushes. Percentage shown is the opposing counter-scoring against Shaco in jungle plat games. You can change the suggested picks for Shaco builds based on the capture tier meta game.

Shacos are similar to Lee Sin in that they can be built according to the needs of their teams and the objects that are viable for them. This enables constructions like Gunblade, which offer Shaco a lot of stability in the jungle. Similar to Statikk Shiv for AD Shaco, when you finish the build with Hextech or Gunblade you get a lot more kill pressure and burst. So it's important to start playing early and snowball the game as soon as you get the items.

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This setup caught my attention after I found a place in this tutorial on how to refuel a Shaco early in the game. Building Gunblade allows the Shaco to have a lot of damage potential while still having an automatic attack range.

Patch 9.2.1 did not bug Shaco, but changed its capabilities in a way that opened it to a strong new AP build. Shared thrust tracks with a full shaco are the easiest way not to die and to use this construction. This section explains the skills Shaco can build with S11.

Players who use the simple escape mechanism of Shaco, deceive the box placement, and exert pressure on the map, enjoy this build-up to destroy towers and 1v1 enemies. Most Elo players focus on building AD Shaco to reduce its effectiveness. This guide covers strategies that use my experience with Jungle Shaco and other types of roles into which you can insert Shaco without referring to guide sources.

Shaco has long been seen as a selfish and unhelpful champion to win, but with the new update he can compete as a team-fighting killer with a split-push threat and a strong middle game. Instead of holding snowball battles late in the game, Shaco seeks his way behind enemy lines.

As with any Champions League winner, Shaco will be very effective depending on the situation. Suppose you build Infinity Edge, Static or Shiv, you get a tremendous peak performance from AD Shaco. The same goes for Shaco buildings, where complete damage followed by GA ensures safety every time your Q comes in to escape a deep dive.

Personally, I prefer Recovery to enchanted armor for its game-over, but the enchanted armor is easily surpassed by a 1-armor MR item if you don't have Shaco.

These items cause a large part of your total damage throughout the game. There are certain things worth building for every champion, from the jungle to the props.

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The structure of AP offers a lot of potential spheres of action and a 100% ability that is scaled with its ultimate scale. Cookies will not only help keep Shaco in the game after restoration, but also save gold to buy potions. Spellthiefs Edge is a good starting point to support Shaco.

After people started experimenting with new items, Shaco's popularity in the jungle spin-off has skyrocketed. With so many healing items and abilities in play, it is important to have an item with severe wounds. Capture enemies and move bot lane boxes can be used to zoom enemies so that Shaco can make it to the bot lane before the enemy can.

As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent. If you want to build your match up and keep playing, remember that some champions are more complex to play.

A good portion of the player base focuses on a few power picks in the jungle and supporting roles, and Shaco has too many skills to ignore. The dream item for AP-oriented champions is the Rabadon Death Cap, which should be your go-to option if you accumulate enough gold in the later stages of the game. You can also get a late game comp that scales well in team battles.

On 100 charges, the next damaging spell, after consuming 100 charges, deals 100 / 10 magic damage to the 4 targets hit. Champions and monsters hit by multiple Firebolts take 10% damage from each additional bolt.

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