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As seen in the above builds, the mentioned rune sets Diana has best potential with. If you are already well versed in playingDiana, it is an excellent resource for getting quick access to good rune choices for patch 11.20. With our Diana Guide, youwill find out what items to build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to use Dianas abilities correctly.

Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Diana, determined by LeagueSpys calculations from thousands ofPlat+ League of Legends matches. Below you can see the best builds for LoL Diana, which are calculated from average winningbuilds across Platinum+ leagues. Here, you will learn--how to build your champ Diana on LoL Wild Rift, and which are the bestcombinations, counters, spells, runes, and items for Diana. Since the Diana build of 12.10, the champ is going to be helpingyou to do magic damage, your focus is going to be building up a lot of damage so that she is a threat, but also so that shecan survive the teamfight dive.

Diana has a really high Magic Damage, you should always win a fight against a Melee Champion. Since Diana is a burstchampion, enemies, particularly the bursty ones, usually stack up magical resists on you. It is advised to build no tankitems onto Diana, and as such, Diana is going to take a ton of damage.

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When Diana gets into her mid to late game, and gets some items, that is where Diana can become really useful. Diana canbasically go full force once she has the first 3 base abilities, which is hard for an opponent to match. While always playedmid, the changes Diana has made to make her burst damage and clearing the jungle extremely efficient. Diana may be fairlysimple to pick up, but truly understanding how she works and how you can 1-shot an opponent is going to take some time.

In Wild Rift, Diana is a close-range wizard, able to dive in on an opposing team and take out anyone standing in Dianas way.Diana is an AP/Assassin mid laner capable of taking out enemies, dealing magical DPS, and creating great teamfightopportunities for her team. Diana has lots of burst damage, but also lots of sustain, since her shield allows Diana to playaggressively outside of ganks too. An important piece of her kit is her passive, which makes every third basic attack sheperforms she will slice enemies in the vicinity for increased damage.

Slashing at two minions before using her third ability gives Diana her passive, which allows her to unleash devastatingbursts of damage as she crashes into them. Lunar Rush causes Diana to dash up to a spot close to the enemy that Diana istargeting, dealing magical damage and knocking out Lunar Light. If Diana pulls one or more enemy champions, Moonlight crashesto her after a brief delay, dealing magic damage to the area around her, increasing for each target past the first pull.While targets are affected by moonlight, Diana may use her third ability, Moonrush, to sprint at them.

If you cast Dianas Crescent Strike onto an enemy champion and Moonlight is applied, you can use her Lunar Rush to dash in.Most of the time, you want to stand back and use Diana Crescent Strike (1st Ability) to hit minions or push down an opponentfor the last time. Once you drop Moonrush (3), Diana will crash Moons downwards, spinning enemies towards Diana and dealingmagical damage (the longer you keep this skill up, the more damage you do). The first is where, while holding the ability,Diana calls down the moon, slowing enemies down and applying moonlight to an increasing area.

Moonsilver Blade (Passive) Use of an ability causes the next 3 attacks of Diana to have bonus attack speed for severalseconds. Remember to attack automatically between dashes, so that you can take advantage of the attack speed bonus of thisability, and activate your Moonsilver Blade passive when you can. Make sure that while playing Diana, that you are able touse Moonsilver Blade (Passive) as much as you can by auto-attacking in between using abilities. Moonsilver Blade is DianasPassive granting every third attack a little boost in attack speed.

Diana is a Fighter and Wizard champion who has strong base attacks and skills, weak abilities that can buff teammates anddebilitate or crowd control enemies, good survivability, with either defense or movement skills.

Much like the other Champions in League of Legends, Diana uses various items to fit different situations that she might findherself in throughout a match. While that is the case, Diana has some staple items that best complement her kit and helpbring out her best. On stage, when picking and banning champions, you should banning those who could stand up against Diana,and vice versa, if you see that Diana is stronger against an opponents team carry, then you should choose Diana. If the enemyteam has tons of damage then I would recommend picking Barrier to get extra tankiness, if not, Inflame is always a betterchoice for the spells to use on a Diana build.

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For Diana, you want to maximize your ability 1s first, and then follow that up with ability 2 levels, and then skill 3. Onething worth noting is you can hold down on the "Ultimate" button, which increases the Area of Effect and Damage for theMoonfall of Diana (Ultimate).

Rod of Age gives you scaling stats, very nice on a scaling champ such as Diana, it also makes Diana tanky, dealing tons ofdamage at the same time.

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