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On contact with an enemy, 3 bullets circle Diana for 5 seconds and detonate and deal 25% magic damage (25% + 20% AP). The bullet explodes, does magical damage when it comes into contact with an enemy, and refreshes the Diana Shield until the last one explodes. If the champion is marked with moonlight, Diana's Crescent Strike will break the cooldown of Diana's Lunar Rush and reset the moonlight of all enemy champions, dealing half of the magic damage consumed.

As soon as a target is hit by moonlight, Diana uses her third ability, Lunar Rush, to rush towards it. If it draws in one or more enemy champions, Moonlight will crash into them after a short delay, deal magical damage to the area around them, and increase the target of the first pull. Diana is best played when she uses Lunar Rush and Moonlight together, as you can slowly punish her by numbing her on her way out of position.

Moonlight is an important effect of your Lunar Rush 3rd ability, which allows Diana to jump on champions that have been hit. Lunar Rush takes Diana so far that she can target an enemy that has been magically damaged and remove the moonlight. With Lunar Rush, Diana can whizz to a point where there is an enemy in the area doing magic damage or removing moonlight.

Diana Splash

This item pairs perfectly with Diana's third skill, Lunar Rush, which allows her to attack faster. This allows her to do insane damage and murder the weak champions in the opposing team. If you let go, Diana will strike the Moon Spiral into the enemy and deal magical damage, and the longer you hold out, the more damage you do.

With an ability of 70% and a magical penetration of 40%, this item is an amazing late game element that allows Diana to penetrate the enemy's magical defenses. This will help Diana survive the early game if she gets involved with the enemy. Once she has reached the middle and late game, she gets a few items later in the game to be useful with.

Wild Rift in League of Legends Diana can build items that improve the abilities, magical penetration, attack speed and acceleration of abilities in the game, as well as increase the best magical damage in League. Wild Rift Diana is a melee mage with the ability to dive into the enemy team and destroy anything in its way. She can pounce on enemy champions with impunity in her murderous build-up, which is a great construction to use when learning Diana's mechanics.

There are different techniques to build Diana for different opposing encounters. When Orianna is played as Diana, she can be a bit difficult to advance in the early game due to her long-range skills and powerful auto attacks that keep you from searching for gold. Doing this in ping matches can put players on a track where the enemy can develop Vamp Hunter or Titan runes, which makes Diana amazing late in the game.

Diana has a car attack that delivers a stack every three and a half seconds and gains two stacks on the next car attack, splitting the next enemy and doing magic damage to him. Most of the time you want to stay on top, use Diana with Crescent Strike as the first skill to hit minions and defeat enemies. This allows runes to be stacked, and if you hit an enemy with an automatic attack with 5 abilities, you deal more damage to them.

Diana creates three orbiting spheres that explode when contact with enemies and cause damage to everyone in the area. If she is stopped, Diana will suffer damage with an initial shot. Diana's second skill, the pale cascade, reveals three bullets that damage enemies who touch each other.

Diana Scorn Moons ultimately attracts enemies to control the crowd while the rest of her abilities do fantastic damage. The spiral effect that Diana activates with Moonfall Unleashed is considered an air effect because it interrupts the enemy's current action (their attack or spell ability) and allows Yasuo to apply Ultimate Last Breathe to targets in your area that are affected by your ultimate effect. Their ultimate ability is a massive ability that does damage to power by drawing enemies near.

Diana Splash 2

When you play Diana, your main objective is to assassinate enemies. Hitting multiple targets with skills that Moonlight uses is a crucial part of the game. Without them, you won't be able to climb the ranks, but Diana isn't that great in the current Meta League of Legends.

Diana is a bit more difficult to play than Ahri in the early game because Ahri has a long range. I don't feel this build-up is important to Diana lol, I haven't noticed any difference in the attack speed between the rhino and the tooth of the OFC.

Below are the best items and runic constructions for Diana, as determined by calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games. We calculated the highest win rate per item build, best runes for Diana, mythical item and skill order, complete item building elements, summoning spells, item building order, jewelry and tokens. The percentage that is displayed is the opposing counter score for Diana in the Jungle Plats per game.

We will explain how to deal with distance mages in the next part but dealing with distance mages is one of the hardest parts of playing in League of Legends Diana. In our Diana Guide you will learn what items you build, which runes you choose, and what skills you need to choose for each skill to use Diana's skills. Learn more about Diana's skill details, the best items, skills, and more.

The following item sets are an instruction and template for the construction of Diana in the Wilder Graben. Diana has core items that increase attack speed, health, and abilities such as haste, magical penetration, and movement speed. Their Agony is a good item to build if you play as a tank champion, as you can do more damage depending on the maximum health of the enemy.

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