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Welcome to Statistical Anivia Build Guide Mid Lane 1.12.0, where we calculate the highest Win Rate for creating items with the best Runes for items and skills from Anivia mythology to get the full item build, initial items, summoning spells, item build orders, jewels and counters. Anivia is the strongest element for SP builds with full AP damage for professional players to upgrade skills and summon spells, the latest Anivia combo skill from season 11 in League of Legends.

Below are the best items and runes for Anivia as determined by calculations from thousands of games in the League of Legends. It can be tempting to single-handedly kill an enemy champion and chase Anivia while she is playing on another team. The percentage shown is the opposing counter score against Anivia.

Anivia's last ability, Frostbite (E), is a targeting ability that deals significant damage to enemy champions. Once Cheap Shot is activated, players can use Anivia's Ultimate Glacier Storm (R), where they can see additional damage, automatic attacks, and other allied abilities in a way that affects the enemy champion. Rod of Age works best for players building around Dark Harvest, as it allows Anivia players to be more aggressive with Order of the Soul.

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If you are looking for the best runic structures for Anivia, we have the right answer for you. There are two runes that players can choose when playing Anivia.

Using magic runes and AP Dueling items in combination with the Battlemage style of play, this champion is one of the most difficult champions to play in League of Legends. In the late game, Anivia can find herself, turn her opponent into a weak opponent with double frostbite, and sink him in the teeth of the opposing Health Bar as she builds up her items.

This section explains the skills you can gain by upgrading Anivia's build to S11. The truth is that players play Anivia to drive the crap out of the opposing team. They opt for the Anivia Ultimate for most of the game because they want to make sure they have as much mana as possible at all times.

One of the best champions to play against SoloQ is Shaco, a player who used to be electrified by Dark Harvest Builds until he found himself in the meta with Hail of Blades. Manaflow Band is an important pass-through for sustain-focused build-ups, as perfect timing can take its place as a powerful stepping stone to Zhonya's hourglass, which becomes even more useful in encounters where Anivias is a great opponent.

By this logic, there are two champions you can use with great success at Anivia: Lucian and Zed. Anivia is a master of the long game, as her early iteming revolves around mana growth ; her strongest battles come as static orbits where opponents channel their abilities before your abilities land. When playing against a distance champion, stay away from Anivia so you can avoid flash frost.

Anivia is a champion with the least mobility in the entire league of legends, although she is a great champion on the list. Built around Liandry, Agony, and Demonic Embrace, it deals a ton of damage and is a tank champion for the duration of the fight. Elektrocute has become the new nuclear rune for Anivia, and building around it helps her deal with aggressive tracks, suffer additional burst damage, and work well with her Q combo.

Anivia retrieves her wings and conjures up an ice ball that flies towards her opponents, cooling and damaging anything that gets in her way. Rebirth: After suffering fatal damage, Anivia returns to the oocyte and is reborn in full health.

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After suffering fatal damage, Anivia returns to an egg and is reborn in full health. It is weak in the early game, but after completing 1-2 of its core items, the damage it can do is insane.

Flapping its wings, it blows an ice-cold gust of wind at its target, causing minor damage. The target is stunned by the flash of frost damage in the form of a glacier storm, and the damage they do doubles. Over time, flash frosts and frostbite can lead to a devastating combination.

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