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We calculated the crafting of the items with the highest victory rate, the best runes for Warwick, mythic items, skill order, complete item construction, starting items, summoner spells, item build order, pendants. and tokens. Below you can find the best items and runes to build Warwick, according to LoLSolved's calculations from thousands of Plat + League of Legends games. Using accurate runes and underwater item assembling, combined with Diver's playstyle, this is an easy champion to play League of Legends.

If you are looking for the best rune structure for Warwick, we have you covered. Warwicks Q and R already offer a solid amount of life steal in League of Legends, and this build builds on that aspect of the champion, ensuring that his auto attacks are as powerful and rewarding as his Q. From hunting (yes, it's Rengar's skill, but it also suits Warwick), we have a complete guide to mastering Zaun's Wrath Without a Cage, including all of Warwick's best builds, runes, and some tips and tricks.

Although Warwick usually plays the Jungle role in League of Legends, his top lane win rate is one of the best. Once you get to the later stages of the game, increasing Warwick's health to make him more resilient becomes especially important, since you usually engage in teamfights. Killing Warwick Top in League of Legends has never been more difficult than with max life steal.

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Basically, he assured us that when playing Warwick, we will increase our attack speed and use normal attacks more frequently. By removing these basic elements, Warwick can be constructed very flexibly. With Warwick, you may want to focus on establishing attack speed, movement speed, attack damage, and tank statistics. Fortunately, this item serves two purposes, so it allows Warwick to start normally in the jungle until he becomes proficient without using the item.

One of the most iconic League of Legends jungle champions, Warwick has been popular since it was added to the game. Warwick 11.22 is considered a Tier C choice for a role in the jungle in Season 11. Updating the Warwick Jungle item as quickly as possible will be one of the keys to being successful with a champion. An extremely powerful item for the Champion of the Jungle, Titanic Hydra grants Warwick 450 additional health, 40 attack damage, and 100% base health regen.

Finally, this item also allows Chilling Smite to be used against enemy champions, which will deal real damage and steal 20% of their movement speed over two seconds, allowing Warwick to capture them and ensure destruction.

Starting in the jungle, you want to farm with Q, but W max is the best way to play Warwick, providing you with attack bonuses and movement speed when hunting enemies. The last passive item skill will see Warwick use his basic attacks to gain a stack, which when zoomed in will damage and slow down the enemy. The best Warwick runes at this location are the primary path and the secondary path. Not only is this strong armor, but the speed you get from momentum will also help Warwick.

Also, in the late game, you are unlikely to use it a lot because Warwick's damage is mediocre. However, he often chooses more tanks than some of his dueling counterparts due to the fact that he already has sustain in his kit. This skill is best used with a target isolated from the group, as Warwick can be easily interrupted and killed during this skill.

Warwick is one of the most watched League of Legends champions. The nearest enemy hero, regardless of his current health, will be marked by Warwick, and all his movement speed and attack speed plus Chengdu will be applied. When Warwick's health is below half, magic damage will also heal him. Warwick also gained a huge attack speed gain against enemies with low health.

Now it's not just "R-to-win", it requires skill and provides a counterattack. Both items are powerful in their own right, but being active allows Warwick to reset his basic attack, which is a useful trick for an auto focus champion like Warwick. This lifesteal helps him stay in the early stages of the jungle and makes Warwick a formidable duelist.

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It is easy enough to learn and can definitely be a great starting point for ropes in the jungle. Warwick is a hunter in the heart of League of Legends, roaming the Rift in search of his next kill. Warwick gains attack speed, life steal, and moves faster for the rest of the fight. Through excruciating experimentation, his body fused with a complex system of chambers and pumps, machines that fill his veins with alchemical fury.

We have a complete guide to Zaun's Uncaged Wrath, including the best builds and runes. As the match progresses, it is best to maximize and ultimately it is a very strong ability to create an advantage and dominate your opponents.

Chemicals pumped into Warwick's veins improved his healing, allowing Synged to gradually and painfully reshape a person. No longer content with indiscriminate killing, Warwick now pursues those already covered in the scent of blood. Although many consider Warwick to be nothing more than a beast, the mind of a man is buried under the rage, a gangster who folded his blade and took a new name in order to live a better life.

Warwick struggled to remember even one memory from his past ... all he could see was blood. A chemical chamber was installed on Warwick's back, integrated with his nervous system. Coming out of the shadows, he hunts those criminals who terrorize the depths of the city. But no matter how hard he tries to move forward, he will never escape the sins of his past.

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