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Below, you can see the best League of Legends build for Camille, calculated from an average winning build on the Platinum+league. Below you can find the best items and runes to build for Camille, determined by LeagueSpys calculations fromthousands of Platinum+ League of Legends matches.

We have got your definitive guide to Camille right here, including the best builds, runes, tips, and tricks to keep youclimbing your way up in ranks. With our guide to Camille, you will find out what items to build, what runes to pick, skillorder, and how to properly utilize Camilles abilities. Learn about Camille abilities in depth, which items are best to build,what skills should be ranked first, and much more.

If you are already comfortable playing Camille, it is an excellent resource for getting quick access to good rune choices forpatch 11.20. As you can see in the above build, Camille runse sets are mentioned that have better potential on Camille.

Camille Splash

Bone Plating helps to reduce the damage taken and wins you the exchanges with the opponents Sweet Tooth A great rune to havein case Camille gets down during laning phase and needs that additional heals and a little free cash. Brutal This helps outCamille early-game to take that extra bit of damage while hitting minions and winning trades versus enemy champs.

Enemies hit with outer halves are slower for several seconds, taking extra physical damage, and healing Camille for 100% ofthe extra damage dealt to the champion. If a Charge hits an enemy champion or a larger monster, it is stunned for one second,and Camille gains bonus attack speed for several seconds. If Camille hits an enemy during a second dash, the enemy is damagedand dazed, and Camille gains attack speed bonus.

When Tactical Sweep hits a champion using Tactical Sweeps outer edge successfully, Camille is healed according to the damagebonus. With her great mobility and actual damage, she is capable of splitting pushes and winning a 1v1 within only 1 or 2items. This makes Kamille a force to be reckoned with in the Baron lanes, and more importantly, teamfights, thanks to herultimate skill which basically allows her to Isolate the enemy champion into 1v1s. On Summoners Rift, Camille slices throughenemies with robo-like precision as the top laner, posing a highly potent split pushing threat.

Camille is a top-lane staple in League of Legends meta, and the steely shadow cuts down enemies that dare defy her. Camilleis always going to hold her own in the League of Legends meta, making Camille a fantastic champion to have in your arsenal ifyou are looking to compete top lane. She is not the best early-game, but once you hit Level 5 and get access to the HextechUltimatum (Ultimate), you can pin down any champion on an opposing team in an attempt to secure a solo kill, or use her inteamfights to pin down a high-value objective.

Playing as Camille comes with her own set of challenges: you need not only to position yourself appropriately, but you needto also keep an eye out for the terrain and the distance that Camille is capable of traveling. Camilles playstyle is a littledifficult to grasp, you will need a little bit more time practicing and understanding her abilities.

As complicated as the combos may look for Camille, the real damage for Camille comes mostly from her Auto Attacks and ability1. Camille loves using Spellblade items thanks to her Q Camilles Auto-Attack Reset, meaning that she is able to land somepretty nifty hits using the sheen. It is a fairly basic combination, but a lot of players forget it can be played inconjunction with each other, to expand her ability range by 3. Unflinching Reach synergizes nicely with Kamille ScalingFantasies, giving her additional HP as the game progresses, which allows her to stack up a bit more offensive items.

Once you reach late-game, and Camille has her staple items, that is when you can get unstuck. Next to starting items are thestarting items, you will later level these up into full items to build up Camille. These items and runes are going to makesure that you are going to get as much chance of winning as you can with Camille.

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Once you master everything, you can really start to overpower your opponents and capitalize on this one-of-a-kind champ. Ifyou are looking to farm up and take over games, be aware that this champ is a bit hard to game against. A great choice tolevel in solo queue, as far as difficulty goes, Camille is a hard champion for League of Legends new players to play. Usingprecision runes and an itemized build that is built around diving, combined with a diving playstyle, she is a difficult toplay champion in league of legends.

Runes such as Fleet-Footwork, Brutal, Bone Plating, and Mastermind are top choices for the Camille build in LoLs Wild Rift.The best items for building Camille in Wild Rift are Triforce, Sheen, Streaks Gage, Deadmans Plate, Spirit Visage, andRandiums Omen. Trinity Force Streaks Gage Deaths Dance Guardian Angel Spirit Visage Mercurys Treads -- Teleports Camille usesa mix of damage and tank items, which works great in helping damage Camille and keeping her alive longer. Hookshot Camillejerks into the wall, jumps out, and KOs the enemy champion when she touches down.

If the bolt hits the enemy champion, it is stunned for 1, and Camille gains 50% attack speed for 5s. Basic attacks againstchampions grants a shield equal to a percentage of Camilles max Health to their type of damage (Physical or Magic) for ashort time. On a phase where you are picking and banning champions, you should banning those who could stand up againstCamille, and vice versa. If you notice Camille is stronger against an opponents team carry, you will want to choose Camille.

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