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Black Cleaver is a good example, you can build a good tank for Wukong. You can also activate 5 layers of passive skills very quickly with Wukong's attacks and skills. This ability will also cause more damage to the jungle camp, making you a great intruder.

In addition, when this skill is activated, Wukong will immediately turn his weapon into an iron rod without waiting for it to be used on his enemies. Upon activation, Wukong will immediately switch his weapon to his steel staff, allowing him to use it to deal with his enemies immediately. Quickly switching to his steel staff can easily switch from any weapon to his noble weapon, making it easier for him to start melee combat using Primal Fury.

With this skill, Wukong spawns a clone with increased damage and health, which fights alongside him, pandering and flattering his enemies in sync with some of his abilities. Certain skills in the Wukong build affect the Celestial Twin, giving you various options to use them with additional perks that can change the waves of war.

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This ability evaporates into a cloud of mist and floats across the battlefield. This can be used for crowd control as well as area damage and allowing Wukong to constantly deal damage to enemies who are unlucky enough to be near him. Wukong uses his tricks to wreak havoc on enemies by summoning his twin and rendering enemies defenseless, absorbing all the damage and then shooting them.

Let's take a look at these Primal Warriors abilities, create some perfect Wukong builds, and get ready to wreak havoc. Build Wukong with confidence with WildRiftFires development guides. With our Wukong guide, you will learn what objects to build, runes to choose, skill order, and how to properly use Wukong skills.

Wukong is Vastian's deceiver who uses his strength, agility and intelligence to confuse his opponents and seize power. Wukong lunges at a targeted enemy and sends images to attack enemies near his target, damaging each enemy hit and granting Wukong a temporary attack speed boost. Wukong becomes invisible and dashes in one direction, leaving behind a clone that will attack enemies with reduced damage, imitating the Golden Staff and Cyclone. The Trickster Warrior sees Wukong charge forward, becoming invisible, and leaving behind a clone.

This clone attacks anyone nearby, dealing half the damage that Wukong would normally do. This ability is a sprint focused ability that causes Wukong to jump forward towards a target and deal damage to it, as well as send clones to damage two nearby enemies.

Clones will also use Cyclone to take half the damage, but the clone's and Wukong's damage does not stack. For each stack, Wukong and his clones deal 3% more damage to the target. Every time you land an attack or skill with a Wukong, you gain a 3% damage increase thanks to Crushing Blows.

Challenge - Using this Wukong ability, the twin absorbs all damage and directs it through the staff to attack enemies. Primal Fury will significantly increase Iron Staffs damage as its damage increases based on ability power, allowing Wukong to deal terribly high damage to enemies.

With this build, Wukong can enhance her Primal Fury ability and deal a lot of damage. This build ensures that Wukong has survivability and allows him to deal a lot of damage with his abilities. He can get very strong from early to late games depending on his builds and use his abilities to survive most situations and face off against enemies if used skillfully. There are many ways to build a Wukong that will allow you to use his abilities depending on your playstyle and how you want to use him.

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Sun Wukong is a versatile god who deals a lot of damage to his team in Smite instead of building tanks like other warriors. He excels at roaming and invasion, and shouldn't focus on the lane as much as other warriors who like to trade frequently with their lane opponent. He has a couple of weaknesses, including a weak start and low damage against tank champions.

After all, he is a versatile champion with ample room to experiment. He can work as the thug of Baron Lane or take on the role of Jungler and cause all sorts of havoc at the beginning of the game. Playing jungle with Wukong can prepare your team for victory early in the game if you play it right and mix Fighter and Assassin into a heady mix.

If you are still looking for ways to build and have fun with Wukong, you can find the right way to build here. Just make sure you understand his skills and don't expect super-strong builds to guide you through various tasks. We have broken down Wukong's abilities, so you know what it is, we even have a suggested build to make him stronger.

Black Cleaver Sterax Gage Guardian Angel Randuins Steel Caps with Spirit of Omen Form - Wukong Gargoyle uses a mixture of AD and tank items to allow it to deal damage and survive. When building your Wukong, you almost always want to use the aura Steel Charge mod simply because most builds will revolve around your sublime weapon, the Iron Staff. This Iron Staff build works incredibly well thanks to the huge damage buff that Primal Fury gets from all stacked skill power mods. In this build, Primal Rage is Wukong's key mod, as it significantly increases damage.

While these abilities make Wukong a different warframe than others, Wukong has several unique builds that allow players to use different mods to kill a large group of mobs at once. Now let's take a look at how popular Wukong assemblies and mods are created that can be used to create custom assemblies. In this guide, we discussed two important Wukong builds and how the different modes are useful for players.

Below you can find the best items and runes to build Wukong as calculated by LoLSolved's across thousands of Plat + League of Legends games. We calculated the construction of the facility with the highest win rate, the best runes for Wukong, mythical items, skill order, complete construction of the facility, starting items, summoner spells, item creation order, wards and tokens. Explore Wukongs skills in detail, the best items to build, the skills to level up first, and more.

He uses a long, retractable cane as his main weapon, possesses the cloud ability, and can even become an immortal creature by activating his second ability. Monkey King (also known as Monkey King) obviously had a great influence on Wukong's creation. Not only is Warframe similar to Monkey King, but his skills also complement the legend. Each basic attack of Wukong and his clone reduces the cooldown of the golden rod by 0.5 seconds so that you can continue to use the golden rod later in the game, especially when combined with the second deceiving warrior.

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