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Ivern wins 55% of his games, but Hecarim is not a champion that players are willing to choose other alternatives. This is a champion with a lot of damage that has to put him in jeopardy to be effective. Aside from matchup problems, he becomes unassailable with healing and a full tank.

When you're in the game, Hecarim can prove to be an excellent assassin by either equipping himself for battle with your team or playing the traditional role of a tank.

Kajikumihoakukei says Hecarim need a time scale in the early game to prevent them from popping up too often. In the early game, Hekarim are susceptible to being mugged and killed before they can land.

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Miningrick says it is difficult for you to get into front of Hecarim because he fights you every day and is one of the best jungle players in the league, so be careful and try to find ways where you can attack teammates and carry yourself through the game. Coccaa says Hecarim's Conqueror is a mighty jungle because it has the power to run farms and gears. His mixture of damage limitation and tanking means he can build HP and AD very quickly.

Hekarim's runes are meant to help him fight and survive when he is involved in team battles. Spellblade and Divine Sunderer come together to help Hecarim do damage and heal enemy champions, and the enormous amount of HP coming from the Sunderer can help him survive a team fight.

Hekarim takes attack damage equal to a percentage of their bonus movement speed. When they damage an enemy, they increase damage and reduce the cooldown for subsequent rampages. Hekarim gain lives from enemies near and ghost of terror, but they lack durability and can only be used for burst damage.

Spirit of Terror - Hecarim deals magical damage to nearby enemies for a short time. Hekarims are capable of suppressing enemies, building health items, and absorbing enemy damage. Summoner Rift - A hectarim jungle warrior or tank that dives into the enemy back line is capable of inflicting and absorbing massive damage.

For a bit more damage Hecarim can use Steraks Gage or Black Cleaver. In MS it will be effective with strong runes without a keystone for the whole game. His snowball potential is so high that he can become a 1v9 champion in our game.

Since season 11, Hecarim has been built with runes to help you deal with physical damage, so you can focus on building enough damage and threat to survive team battles and dives. These runes work best when you can do permanent damage and Hekarim can glue them to the enemy and stack runes. Coup of Mercy does more damage than other runes, but does not really suit him.

Turbo Chemtank - Despite some nerves and adjustments, this remains the strongest element in the game for Hecarim and many other similar champions, offering him tanking statistics, the ability to hurry and of course turbocharged activity that enables 60% movement speed for four seconds towards enemy towers. The construction of Hekarims is fairly straightforward and focuses a lot on tanking and speed of movement. One of the strengths of a champion is that he can start the game as a linesman and help you move forward.

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Combine it with a Hecarim E and you will be able to rant from all angles. Warwick and Volibear can easily outclasse Hecarims in the early game and take advantage of counter-chances. If you try to get HecarIM to do such things in your first games, you will recognize the potential ease of peeling it off and destroying SoloQ, but it will also give you time to learn more about the macro boundaries and focus on the mechanics of the build.

Since Patch 1.17, Hecarim has one of the highest winning rates among the platinum leaderboards for jungle winners. With a win percentage of 52.11% in 146,000 games watched, he is undoubtedly an S-tier pick and will continue to stir up the Jungle meta. Hekarim's build is currently rated at 11.19% as an S-Tier pick for the jungle role in season 11.

I know that Hecarim claims to be a No.1 champion and has an 80% win rate due to the Challenger game. I didn't play that match much, but in the few games I played I was really good with Heather Graves, so I feel like it's in Graves' favour.

Below are the best items and runic structures for Hecarim as determined by calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds for each item build, the best runes, the mythical item and skill order of the Hekarim, the complete item, the starting item, summoning spells, the item build order, jewelry and tokens. The percentage displayed is the opposing champions "counter-score for each hectare of jungle in each plat game.

Ob you are already at level 7 or have never played Hecarim, we have the ultimate guide to mastering Shadow of War so you know everything about the character including the best build tools and runes. How to Build Hekarim's Season 11 Guide Jungle Rune Page HecarIM is a powerful, powerful item, a top build that does full damage to professional players to enhance the abilities of the summoners and complement the skills it combines with the newest brands in League of Legends. Guide to Season 10 Hiscarim Jungle League of Legends Chapter 10 Find our tips for items and ranes in Shadow of Wars that cost $48.00 in Blue Essence.

In the later stages of the game, the Hecarim setups can vary greatly depending on the match. It's the preseason of League of Legends, and Hecarim's guide will be updated over time. With the changes in the pre-season, the paths have become more diverse.

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