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The Turbo Chemtank, Deadman Plate, Sonic Skarner and Old Righteous Glory Builds make him a monster in the jungle and allow him to run away with the game. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes, Skarner's mythical items, skill sequence and complete item build, starting items, summoning spells, item build sequence, jewelry and tokens. In this case, this is the ideal Skarner build given the capture tier meta of the game at the moment.

Skarner's build (1119) is a rank D pick for the jungle role in season 11. The dynamic stack of his car attack slows down the first enemy he hits and makes him an object for Skarner. The further the game goes, the harder it will be for you to kill.

The best Skarner runes are Jungle Inspiration (primary) and Witchcraft (secondary). This setup is made for monsters in the jungle like Turbo Chemtank, Deadmans Plate, Sonic and Skarners. After the 6th minute Skarsgård Reksai makes the game difficult.

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Trinity Force complements Skarnerss's overall package, as he relies on auto-attacks to hit enemies every time he throws Q (crystal slash) and W (crystalline exoskeletal fracture). Hybrid damage, high speed and armour make Skarner a must-have in enemy combat. This section explains the skills you can gain by upgrading Skarner's build to S11.

As it grows stronger, it empowers itself with a cooldown that reduces the time between basic attacks on the enemy. Skarner can be abused in early 1v1 scenarios, but if he misses his stunts, be sure to fight him in the Spire Zone. When a crystal is in the possession of the team, it gains movement speed, attack speed, and increased mana regeneration.

Skarner doesn't do much for you while the game goes on. Doubtful to say that RekSai will destroy 1v1 in the early game, but try to abuse that as much as possible. The best Skarner runic position is the primary path and A the secondary path.

Trinity Force gives Skarner a good attack speed bonus, which allows him to do good damage the closer he gets to the target. Thornmail is a good item to address both physical and automatic attackers, as it helps to repair damage in skirmishes and collisions. PE your team when he leaves his jungle and be ready to counter ganks when you are close.Skarner is good at dragons and objective control early in the game.

Skarner takes damage and does a lot of damage. Don't underestimate Skarner's CC and its damage. Avoid being hit by Skarner’s E-Fracture because it slows you down and makes you vulnerable to its Q, Crystal Slash and Auto Attack combo.

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