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Ranking the 18th best jungler role choice in Patch 11.19, placing Build Elise 11.19 in our C-Tier rankings. Find outeverything you need to know about building an Elise jungle in League of Legends Season 12, including runes, items, andability order. Below, you will find the best items and runes to build Elise with, determined from LeagueSpys calculationsfrom thousands of Plat+ League of Legends matches.

Read on for a breakdown of the best IVs (individual values), best builds (inherited abilities), weapon improvements, Lvl 40stats, and much more for Elise. That said, this guide is a great place to start, helping you to understand Elise and makingan impact on the game. If you are already comfortable playing Elise, it is a great resource for getting into good runechoices for patch 11.20 fast.

Using the Runes for Domination, as well as an item build that is built around diving, combined with Elises game style, makesher an extremely difficult champion to play in League of Legends. The best Mythic item build you will make on Elise is NightsHarvester, followed by the purchase of Magis Boots. Her main build also includes the Lich Bane and the Hourglass of Zhonya,being Elise is two other important items.

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The temptation for Elises builds is very high in-game, only a handful can stand up to her and keep their lives. Some othercounters that Elise builds against in the game are weak are Maokai, Ivern, Volibear, Skarner, and Warwick.

Keep in mind, Elise is extremely fragile, and the effect requires her to be within 2 spaces of the opposing units. EliseGravity+ restricts targeted enemies within 1 space of targets from moving for 1 Sace until the next turn. When dealing withphysical units with Gravity+, ensure that they have no means to counterattack, and always give Elise safe retraction viaMovement-Assist or Refresher-Assist abilities.

If combined with Dazzling Staff 3 and a movement-assist ability from an ally like Draw Back, Elise can constantly kite theopponent, dealing small chunks of damage at the same time. Since Elise will find herself attacking many enemies due toGravity+, +Spd could boost her already decent Spd stats and help her land more subsequent attacks. Bond of Atk/Spd and BrazenAtk/Spd provide substantially higher offensive stats theoretically, but may be extremely hard to utilize given Elises highmobility and the intended playstyle for this build.

As a game goes on, the best thing to do is maximizeIntoandAt LastIs extremely powerful skill,Ato establish the advantage anddominate the opponent. Basic Attacks and Damage abilities do 10-15 (based on Level) additional real damage to slow orimmobilize enemy champions. Deal 390 - 1000 (based on champion level) true damage to target Epic, Large or Medium Monster,enemy Minions, or Pet.

After dropping to the enemy target, Elises bonus damage and healing by the Spider Queen is increased. Pain+ is an outstandingcombination with Double Savage Blow (C-Skill and Sealed), since this causes an enormous 24 points of damage being taken bythe opposing team on top of any damage Elise deals to its own targets (+10 from Pain+). Elises Upgraded Staff has access toWrathful Staff 3 by default, and retains Gravity+ effects, which allows Elise and her allies to kite the enemy units.

Elises upgraded Staff gives her a debuff based on its placement relative to enemy units. Dazzling Staff 3 also has access toan excellent Special Refinement effect, which applies an enormous debuff to an AoE surrounding it. Below are additionalboosts an Ascendant Elise will get on her special skill per Ascendant Star Level.

This build will help your Terran troops reach their enemies faster, while also giving them more HP to counter ranged attackswhile moving forward. If you are looking to build this up and take it into a game, be aware this champ is a bit of a grindmechanically. This Elise Honda Turbo is not just inspired by Casey, but rolls as an homage to his skills and patience(especially with me).

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Based on summoner-to-summoner ranked matches, it has a winning percentage of, an acquisition percentage of, a banningpercentage of and a mean KDA ratio of, showing it is sitting at an unfavorable position in the current meta.

Elises build in-game is bit by an evil demigod, which turns her into a beautiful, yet dehumanized, spider-like creature.Elise might be suited to heavy spenders only, since she would require lots of resources to max out.

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