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Irelia is agile and fast, making it hard for her to commit, and with the right physique, her basic attacks can kill enemies in seconds. Their ability to split basic attacks makes them excellent at clearing out enemies as they wander, which can make them lethal against opposing champions who believe they can use minion numbers to their advantage. Here are the six best articles we will recommend to Irelia to optimize their kit for a liquid attack.

In our Irelia Guide you will learn which items you build, which runes you select and which skills you have to choose to use Irelia's abilities. You will also find the best items and runes you can build on Irelie, as Leaguespy's calculations have shown from thousands of plats in League of Legends games. Find out more about Ireliana's skills, details about the best items, skills and more.

It's not very good in the early game but once you've got a few levels and items above your belt line, you can stack your passive Ionic Passion with lots of attack speed and use your ultimate Vanguard Edge to do a lot of damage.

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With this ability, Irelia goes on the defensive, which means that she takes less damage from incoming attacks. This helps her take advantage of her early game damage and trade with the enemy for an early kill.

This is one of the most important skills for Irelia, as it helps her to stack her passivity and maximize her damage potential. Channeling abilities will reduce damage by at least 50%. Items that hurt your + 1% abilities will give Irelia valuable value.

Sunfire Aegis provides defense statistics and its passive gives Irelia more damage and shed with the health of her physique. This article works well with her kit, especially if she builds a physical vamp object. Their ability + 1 causes this item, and the Passive can be used to get them to hold on to their target.

With enough practice, you will be able to defeat enemy Irelia encounters and use them to secure kills for your team and support their trail. However, she relies heavily on getting her 5 stacks of passive punches on her ability 3 and ability 4. Coupled with the micro skills you have played in our Wild Rift Irelia Guide, good knowledge of the game and macro can win more games and climb higher ranks.

Our Wild Rift Irelia Guide is one of the strongest champions in the game when it comes to dominating Riven, so invest time to play this guide and reap rewards. Trained in the ancient dance of the Navori, the young Irelia adapts her art to war by using graceful and skilled movements to float a variety of deadly blades. Since the overhaul in 2018, Irelia has been one of the most expressive champions in the entire game.

This champion marks Irelia's 3rd ability, the flawless duet, as well as her ultimate, Vanguard Edge. Supporting Keystone runes are summoning spells that match. The best Irelia runes are located between the primary and the secondary path.

Brutally, Irelia helps in the early game by taking an extra portion of damage, finally beating minions and dealing with enemy champions. It relies heavily on Ionic fervor to do damage, so it is best to stack your Passive to go into battle and do additional damage. Once you get into the late game, it has its core elements, and that's when you're unstoppable.

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You can hide a second blade while playing Irelia's first skill, Bladesurge, but this is daunting as it increases the cooldown of Bladesurges. You can use this ability to damage minions until they are low enough to perform multiple resets of Bladesurge. Alternatively, you can escape the jungle monsters with Bladesurges and play Irelia's 3rd ability, Flawless Duet, in a camp while running through walls.

Irelia's Bladesurge, a fast-paced attack in which her protégé attacks her enemies, not only does damage, it also restores your champion's health. The more Irelia uses her abilities, the better, because runes increase the haste you get by unleashing her deadly attacks.

If you build Irelia for the full damage, you will not only be tanker than usual, but it will also more than make up for the amount of maintenance you get from vital items like Immortal Shieldbow. The passive ability Ionian Fervor sees her abilities stack up with her attack speed. Irelia can be switched off by taking this rune, which gives her more resistance to it.

Mercury's Tread not only increases Irelia's speed of movement, but also has a passive toughness ability that reduces the duration of effects such as numbness, stabbing, and anxiety. As you can see, the 25% increase in the ability to hurry is crucial for the reuse of their abilities.

We calculated the highest odds of winning items with the best runes, Irelia's mythical item and skill order, full item build, summoning spells, item build order, jewelry, and counters. The percentage indicates the opposing counterscore when Irelia is at the top of the turntable. Their blade damage marker stuns the opposition when used correctly.

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