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Serylda's resentment grants Pantheon 45% attack damage and a unique passive that gives it the ability to slow enemies down for a second before dealing damage to enemy champions. These capabilities make Pantheon a viable support option, as it is capable of doing a lot of damage. By using aegis of assault against enemy champs and using their strongest abilities he can be useful as a support for maximum duration.

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Learn about Pantheon skills, details of the best items to build, skills, and more. This section explains the capabilities that can be improved with Pantheon builds in S11.

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Support pantheons work well with aggressive, highly damaging early shooters like Draven and Jhin. In season 11, Pantheon builds have runes that help you do physical damage, so you can focus on building enough damage and threat to survive team battles and dives.

Pantheon's primary impact and kill abilities are confirmed as abilities. The spear Pantheon has in its kit is the Comet Spear, the first mortal skill. The spears first ability, Comet Spear can be used to stab or throw projectiles.

Helps conquerors of the Pantheon do more damage and gain an early advantage in the early game. This item has 125 Health, Healing, and 75 Mana Restoration, giving Pantheon the advantage of defeating enemies early in the game. The combo Conqueror / Pantheon allows them to stack faster, allowing them to inflict even more damage on enemies.

Dueling base attacks are dominant for any champion, but the unique passivity of blocking 12 percent of damage when Pantheon launches a base attack will help against the effects of many other boot options.

In addition to the 45% Movement Speed Bonus granted by Plated Steelcap Boots, which grants 20 Armor, there is also a unique Passive that blocks 12% of the damage Pantheon takes from basic attacks.

In the recast, Pantheon hurls a spear that inflicts physical damage on enemies that are hit. His high damage rate at the start of the game can cripple opposing teams' key carriers and cause teammates to snowball in the lane. To counteract this build-up, Black Cleaver Pantheon grants 400 additional health, 40 attack damage, and a 20 percent cooldown.

In the vast majority of cases, Pantheon will increase its Q first, as it represents an enormous source of damage to trade and poking, which is why I say that Pantheon internals are recommended in this guide.

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Pantheon has a hard time when it comes to the late game because it doesn't do the most damage and is easy to play. Once you are into the late game, Pantheon drops damage and becomes more of a champion of crowd control that helps the team survive. Rune harmonizes well with Pantheon, because he can handle runes with his abilities.

Late selection of items brings more durability and usefulness to the build, slows it down and tries to negate the fall Pantheon suffers at this stage. As with any champion in the league, different items will complement the Pantheons set more than other, and these items will vary depending on the situation and game. The following elements are a set of instructions and templates for building Pantheon in Wild Rift, and they are the elements to consider.

In our Pantheon Guide you will learn how to get items, build runes, and select skills to use Pantheon's abilities. You will also find that the best items and runes you can build for Pantheon are determined by Leaguespy's calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games. The Pantheon rune setup and loading game style have very little information in the iteming and runes section, so check out the other parts of this Wild Rift guide.

If you are looking for the best runes you can build for Pantheon, we have the right answer for you. League of Legends can sometimes be a challenge to fix builds, so make sure you use this Pantheon building guide to have an easier time in the Rift. If you haven't, make sure you continue with the League of Legends 9.16 Patch Rework of Jungle Pantheon Buildings, because in this guide we'll cover all the items, runes, summoners, spells, and abilities needed to get to the top of the meta-jungle and clarify the priorities for jungle players on Pantheon.

Picking the best Pantheon 9.16 League of Legends Builds is critical if you want to win games and do well in the current meta, as building random things for Pantheon will not make it as powerful as it could be. In this Pantheon guide, we'll see how Pantheon's skills work in LoL Wild Rift, how you can use them, and how to get in shape for the current leaderboard.

Pantheon is a very versatile champion who is able to play three or four roles, but that will not stop you from playing Pantheon as an ADC if you are a question mark behind Ping and your team is playing well. Building Pantheon's Jungle is incredible because it makes you tanky, damaging and mobile. Pantheon builds were strong in the upper lane before the overhaul, but he can also play well in the middle lane.

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