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Pyke builds use Phantom Undertow capabilities that synergy to this end. Pyke builds with skills such as Gift of the Drowning One, Bone Skewer, Ghost in the Water, Dive and Phantom Undertaker of Death. Pykes builds for TFT with 600, 1080 and 2160 hp, and he causes 3 / 65 / 130 damage per second with 1space attack range.

Pyke not only gains maximum health from these sources, but also bonus AD. Those skills make Pyke strong enough to deal with his opponents early in the game. When Pyke hides behind enemies, he regenerates damage he takes from champions.

Pyke is a champion with the ability to leave a phantom in its place and dash to the furthest enemy. He can also keep the phantom in place by whizzing to the furthest enemy. When Pyke darts to the far left, the Phantom returns to him and stuns enemies and champions along the way.

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Pyke has greater mobility than some supporters so he can intervene, release and surprise. He is more evasive than the average support and has a personal 4d6 sneak attack. If he stabs an enemy in front of him, draw them to him.

Pyke is a high-AD support build that acts as an assassin first support champion early in the game. Its kill rate and high cooldown prevent it from being built up as a supporting champion. If you want to roam and feel overplayed, Pyke is one of the leading champions.

Since season 11, Pyke has been building runes to inflict physical damage on you, but you can also focus on building various items that allow you to catch up with more enemy players with your master skills and equipment. Certain things can make the difference when you fight your way through challengers. This section explains the capabilities Pykes can build in S11.

If you are faced with many abilities to control the crowd or power-oriented compositions, you will find it easier to get these items. Assassin-oriented items enhance damage and give you the lethality you need to ignore as much of the opposing team as possible.

Electrocute - You will do more damage than you have to kill in the early game. Avoid placing runes on tankers like Alistar, as the bonus damage is insignificant.

If Pyke is in your kit and no tower had to be demolished, you want to be able to dismantle towers to help your ADC snowball. Bone plating helps, as it reduces damage and blocks blows. If Pyking your kit is not a tower that needs to be demolished, you want to be able to take out towers to get help from your ADC to snowball.

Pyke is one of the most fascinating champions League of Legends has to offer. From the instructions on how to build it in the eleventh season guide, to its support rune page, to how to recombine powerful solo items to do full damage against professional players to increase the ability of the summoners, to spell and skill combos, Pyke is the latest counterdraft to everything in the game. There are certain things that will be effective against Pyke as the game goes on to make sure you have the best possible experience with him.

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He is a supporter who builds high AD and acts as an assassin-first-support style champion in the game. This affects Pyke's ability to dance, as he builds armor and magic faster than any other champion. This is considered one of the most broken lethargy in the world, especially for props like Pyke and Senna.

In the further course of the match it is best to maximize your own strength in order to build a lead and dominate your opponent. This is the best build for Pyke in League 10 as it allows you to attack the enemy with your hook, punch and stun and survive the encounter. It also discourages opponents from getting involved unless you know you can reduce their damage.

Electronic is one of the most common options for a good Pyke build to become a challenger. There are many games that have been saved by Pyke dropping out of a team fight or executing the opposing team. But there are plenty of games where there's nothing to stop Pyke from failing in a team fight or being executed by the opposing teams.

In encounters where Pyke doesn't need boots for mobility, you can buy mercury stairs to reduce the influx. Pyke is a mobile character who allows plenty of flexibility.

There is very little use for Pyke other than the AD 20 CDR passive, which is not worth the lethargy. I'd say if you want to play Pyke, you should play one of those role-playing games, but try not to get too edgy. To put it simply, the Soul Knife ability is what I want from Pyke without having to be multicultural.

This is widely regarded as one of the most broken pieces of lethargy in the game, especially for props like Pyke and Senna. Defeating an opponent by sharing gold coins with allies gives Pyke's teammates a huge advantage in money and items. The best Pyke rune for this item is rune positioning area on the primary path and A on the secondary path.

If you're looking for the best runic for Pyke, we've got you covered. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runic pykes for mythical items, skill orders, full item builds, starting items, summoners, item build orders, trinkets, and tokens. How to find Pyke's best item and runic was determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

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