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We are going to be digging into basic skills, Awakening skills, and Engravings players will have to invest in order tobenefit from a Lost Ark Bard build. Players looking to take the Bard Build Playstyle in Lost Ark should consider equippingthe following skills that we are going to discuss. To make the most out of Bard Builds in Lost Ark, the best Awakening Skillfor players level 20 is once again DIssonacne, which is so super powerful that it can significantly help and support a playeras he or she looks to main Bards and aim for a win against his or her opponents. The next critical skill players cannotpossibly miss when playing the Bard Build in Lost Ark is Winds of Music.

Continuing the Bard Build progression from Lost Ark with the next skill on the list, we have next to Stigma, that players mayutilize once reaching Player Level 10, which may be played as long as a player has the necessary 91MP it needs in order forthem to cast the player that has the Stigma next to them. Starting off our first Tier One Tripod, Mind Enhancement isrecommended for a Lost Ark Bard build, since it is going to be mostly focused on cutting down on the amount of MP required tocast Guardian Tune ability.

Of course, players looking to make Bards in D&D; 5e need to remember that a Bards best party contribution to a fight, nomatter what build they have, is as a supporting character. You will play an integral part of your party, since a Bard needsto be kept alive in order to aid the Bards allies in battle. Especially because the Bards are usually never on the frontlines, it is an ability the Bards can utilize, which makes them stronger in battle.

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Since lord bards are performers as well as magical users, they must be agile, and dexterity comes in. In battle, Bards ismost at home buffing allies and hobbling enemies with magic, so another party member can get to the killing. Generally, aBard uses the Bards abilities to grant the party a variety of buffs and effects, building their meter for serenade. Bards mayspend their Serenade Meters to deliver a strong buff on damage, the Serenade of Courage, or a powerful AoE heal, the Serenadeof Salvation.

Awakening is the only reason Bards can heal for the amount that they can, giving you 24% max HP Recovery Effect on Serenadeof Salvations End Tick. If a Bard starts the game with their Charisma rating under 20, the player needs to focus on gettingthem to that point by leveling up. If someone wants to have a half-decent Bard with the arcane abilities, then considermaking the strength a discard statistic instead. Swiftness is an excellent stat for the Bard, as you will want to A) dodgedamage, B) stay fairly close to bosses while performing some small AoE abilities.

spamming abilities as you would on other classes would get you some things for your party, but you would not be getting thefull benefit of the class. Since the Bard is one of the only characters in the Lost Ark-losing MMORPG that you are not goingto be building around for the damage potential, your normal primary build is not necessarily going to be your best bet in thecase of the Bard. She is also, as one would expect, hardly any use in battle beyond those hits that need to be hit in orderfor her meter of the Sentreade to refill, so you really run the risk of missing some of the best battle mechanics of MMORPGLost Ark while playing her. Bards should always be wary of positioning, since she is quite squishy and dies easy incomparison to the other tanks and DPS classes.

Bard, the healing and shield powers of the Bard are unmatched, making her the class that players are asking for most in aneffort to fit in as new members of a party. Normally, I would split up this section into dedicated PvE & PvP skill tables,but because of the unique Bards stance as an entirely support-oriented class, there is not really a need to modify her builddepending on what kind of fighters you expect to face. Coming up with any Dungeons & Dragons character is a laboriousprocess, so this is a guide that will make sure players get the best Bards they can build. It is time to inject somecreativity into your Dungeons & Dragons party, and that means exploring the best ways to build your Bard.

On this page, we are going to provide a rundown on the Bards abilities, tier progression, and what class bonuses andengravings you should pick up once you hit endgame. Below, you will find the best items and runes to build as Bard,determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of Plat+ League of Legends matches. Since Bard builds and runes inSeason 11 are going to be about helping you do magic damage, you are going to be focused on building different items thatallow you to nab more enemy players with the champions skillkit. If you are interested in shopping for other supportingcharacters before you commit to Bard, take a look at our guides on best builds for MMORPGs Lost Ark Paladin and Artilleryclasses before heading over, or take a look at our Lost Ark Class Tier List to get an overall overview of your options.

If you are already comfortable playing the Bard, it is a great resource to get quickly up to speed on a good rune choice forpatch 11.20. Useful Feytouched or Shadowtouched Feats give that Bard the ability to increase CHA or INT by +1, as well asgiving you access to helpful spells

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