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We calculated the item construction with the highest win rate, Zyra's best rune, mythical items, skill order, overall item construction, entry items, summoner spells, item production order, pendants, and tokens. We calculated the item construction with the highest win rate, Zyra's best rune, mythical items, skill order, overall item construction, entry items, summoner spells, item production order, pendants, and tokens. Based on LoLSolved's' calculations on thousands of Plat + League of Legends games, you can find the best items and runes for making Zyra below. Best Zyra supports construction, counters, guides, runes 1 hour ago League of Legends Zyra supports constructions, runes, mastery, guides, skill commands, counters, matching, matching, statistics, guards and more.

With 11 Zyra Builds and Runes helping you do magic damage this season, you will focus on crafting various items that will allow you to capture more enemy players with your champion skillset. If you are looking for the best rune build for Zyra, we have you covered.

S10 Zyra supports the creation of building elements, counters, and skill orders. The Zyra construction guide in ProGuides 9 hours ago. Zyra Savage Rift creates runes, items and combinations [LoL Mobile 9 hours ago Zyra Savage Rift. Under Zyra's command, the enemy is forced to create magic resistant items, which can cause a lot of damage to your ADC. ProGuides learn from the best 6 hours ago Zyra Support Build Patch 11.20.1.

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Find Zyra Builds, Counters, Guides, Masteries, Runes, Skill Orders, Combo, Pro Builds, and Stats for Summit, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and Support in S10. Zyra Build 11.22 is considered a Tier B pick for a Season 11 support role. Supports Zyra counters, synergies and analysis of the first choice 2 hours ago First Pick Force. Welcome to LoLSolved Zyra Statistical Development Guide, 11.22 NA support.

Zyra is one of the best offensive support for single player games in the League of Legends queue. These core items will provide you with the best experience of the champion. The best Zyr runes at this location are the primary path and the secondary path. The League of Legends LoLSolved Champion Building Guide is based on statistical analysis of the latest match data, so you can rest assured that our statistics are fair and always up-to-date.

She pairs well with Liandrys Torment and Rylais Crystal Scepter, making it difficult for her to become a melee champion. Zyra Runes is a great ambush - look for opportunities to set a seed trap in the bushes and then lure enemies in.

This rune will ensure that you can travel the same distances as them, even if you are planning a construction route without Mobility Boots. These boots, combined with the movement speed rune, will ensure you don't fall or lag behind your opponent's heavy roaming champions.

He punishes immobile champions and needs to be dealt with, even if he falls behind. Zyra can store multiple seeds at the same time, and killing enemies reduces the cooldown of rampant growth. Grab the roots. Zyra scatters vines across the ground to trap her target, damaging and immobilizing enemies she encounters. After you upgrade your original support item, you no longer need the yellow keychain.

Mejais is the best avalanche item in the game, giving you tremendous magical power if you get some early kills. Switch to Oracle Lens once you've earned 500 gold to upgrade your Free Ward Support Item and use it to nullify enemy vision.

The key rune of greatest support is the summoner spells that are best suited for this. Deadly Thorns Thick vines spread over the ground and turn into thorns, dealing magic damage to enemies in the area.

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Hide in the bushes and wait for the enemy to pass before collapsing on them. When dropped next to a seed, Deadly Spines will sprout a Thorn Spitter plant that shoots enemies from afar. When thrown near a seed, Grasping Roots grows Vine Lasher, whose close-range attacks slow down the enemy's movement speed.

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