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Welcome to Statistical Thresh Build Guide for Support 1.12.0 We calculated the highest win rate per item build, the best runes for Thresh, mythical items and skills, complete items build starting items, summoning spells, items build order, jewels and counters. Percentage shows hostile champions against Thresh.

In this Thresh guide we will see how the Thresh capability works in LoL Wild Rift, how to use this capability and how to get yourself in the best shape for the current leaderboard. In this tutorial you will learn how to build items, form runes, and select abilities to use Thresh's ability. You will also find the best items and runic structures for Thresh, as calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games have shown.

Thresh is an ambitious and restless spirit, a guardian of myriad mysterious secrets that he can undo with the power of big life and death. Damnation - Thresh harvests the souls of enemies who die near him, giving him bonus armor and abilities. Enemy champions, big lackeys, and monsters drop souls that can be captured by Thresh and return to Thresh with the souls, depriving them of their second ability. Threshing can harvest souls from enemies who die in its vicinity, and each soul grants 15% Armor and 15% Power.

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This means that if you land Thresh's death sentence with the first or ultimate ability, the enemy is slowed down and it is harder for him to escape. Once you pass your death sentence, you can reshape the ability to allow Thresh to storm in and bind the enemy. The enemy is thrown back, and Thresh has the ability to aim again.

Thresh throws herself in the direction of the target, catches the first unit in the scythe, deals magical damage to it, holds it in while stunned for 15 seconds and gives Thresh and his allies a true vision of the enemy, which means the enemy is invisible to them even if they cast a spell of invisibility. Enemies are struck towards Thresh when the skill is directed backwards. Once activated, Thresh sweeps his chain and encounters enemies who are hit in the direction of the blow.

Like aftershocks, Thresh affects the movement of enemy champions in many ways, causing them to do more damage in the seconds that follow. Thresh is a runic support that solves primary and secondary inspiration.

Thresh is a beefy fighter with an incredible ability to move not only for himself but also for his enemies and allies, as he can turn them into crooks, save them from danger and take action. Learn about Thresh's abilities, details about the best items to build, skills, and more. This section explains the capabilities and how to bring a Thresh build to level.

You can use Threshs Kit to keep allies alive, focus on killing enemies you can support, or you can turn into a team battle. One skill you want to learn first, for example, is its Death Judgment, a long-range hook that is useful for engaging enemies with poor health while your jungle tries to cross an alley.

It can be used as a reliable initiation tool to pull enemies away from Thresh and his team. If you push an enemy towards Thresh or target an enemy in front of you, you can also use this ability to pull the enemy towards Thresh. This works especially well with Thresh when you flash in and try to land his Death Penalty (1st ability) or Flay (3rd ability).

The best thing you can do with Thresh in the late game is stay close to the team. Thresh is great for roaming the middle lane and trying to connect with enemy champions.

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If you meet an enemy with the ability Thresh 1st, Death Sentence, while you become Dark Passage, your allies will throw it again and you will smash your loot, but they will still be able to follow you and use the lantern. Stand with a threshing lantern behind enemies and prevent them from using their lantern. When an enemy sees a soul in his vision of Thresh, they will deprive him of his soul and he can use his second ability, Dark Passage when he has to close his lantern and drop it if he wants to collect souls.

Many of Thresh's skills can be used to save allies while securing kills in the track. These points focus on improving and adapting the defense capabilities of Threshes according to the composition of the opposing team to contribute to your allies and teams when fighting for siege control goals.

Thresh is one of the strongest props in the game, making him a worthy champion in leaderboards, as he can catch you with a slim chance of you still being alive. If you want to master Thresh, we have the ultimate guide, including the best builds and runes. Thresh Builds 1119 is a rank B pick for the supporting role in season 11.

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