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We calculated the construction of the object with the highest victory rate, the best runes for Yon, mythical objects, the order of skills, the complete construction of the object, starting objects, summoner spells, the order of creating items. , amulets and tokens. Below you can find the best items and runes to craft for Yon, according to LoLSolved's calculations from thousands of Plat + League of Legends games. Using accurate runes and explosive damage item assemblies, combined with the Assassin's playstyle, this is a challenging champion to play League of Legends. On the other hand, a couple of standard base builds are Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, which give Yone both higher attack damage and higher attack speed.

T1 Faker Season 11 LoL Pro Build for Yone - Find out how T1 Faker plays with Yone, what items he creates and what runes he chooses. If you're looking for the best Yone rune build, we've got you covered. He tried creating Fleet Footwork runes for Yone, but sticks to the Conqueror version for most games. Now that LoL Yone is here, here's everything you need to know about the new League of Legends champion, including what you want to build and strategies to follow now that the Unforgotten has joined the Rift.

Using offensive ADC mythical items such as shield bows to make Yone comes at a price, and even league pro players Perkz and Knight have tried it. He always starts his construction this way, even if he chooses the Blade of the Waste King as his first item in a few games, only when he really needs it. The best Yone rune in the middle is precision as the primary, while dominance is secondary.

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The instructions on how to play Yone build Season 10 and the Rune table for Yone only Top, Top Yone collect the full damage from the professional masters to increase the skill set - The Unforgotten. This will increase the attack speed of the champions, making Yone even more deadly when played aggressively. While mid-level champions like Syndra Lissandra and other mages can harm Yona, she can use this to her advantage. It takes some getting used to, but a clever game like this allows Yon to survive on the lanes, otherwise he would have to suffer.

Eventually he will need to get off this lane if he is going to snow the game. Yone is a fighter with some Path of Assassin skills, playing mainly in the upper and mid lanes. Key details to watch out for is that Conqueror will offer Yona more scaling options, which will further help his mid-to-late game play, especially in extended battles.

When it comes to core Yones items, both items, starting with Guinsoos Rageblade, Immortal Shieldbow, or Bloodthirster, have become popular choices for many Yones lately. The best Yone runes at the location are the primary path and the secondary path. These options offer Yon a life steal, creating a healing monster if done correctly. While in spirit form, Yon gains additional movement speed and retains a percentage of damage dealt to enemy champions, marking anyone hit by basic attacks or abilities.

If you are a Yasuo fan, you will probably find a lot of fun as Yone has a lot in common with his little brother, who rushes into and out of battle and uses his double blades to cut through his opponents. After at least 0.5 seconds, Yon dashes back to his clone, detonating any marks to deal real damage equal to the amount saved. Collecting protective items can be almost mandatory for Yone, so Deaths Dance and Guardian Angel are powerful items for him.

This is because Yon will fight longer and therefore will benefit more from fighting more armored opponents. Flash and teleport. Flashing and teleporting are also good choices, especially when you are fighting on the road. As for runes, Yone has two choices that suit him; these are the conqueror and the fleet Futwork.

If he hits an enemy, Yon gains a shield for each enemy hit and increases for each champion hit. Otherwise, he will lag behind and potentially even unleash an avalanche on the enemy in the upper lane. Yone benefits greatly from the top lane as it is a long lane, which means that players can get more from the radius to remove his ID. If allowed to enemy mid to attack him, he will only be ambushed in the jungle.

Yon strikes all enemies in his path, inflicting physical and magical damage, teleporting after the last defeated champion and knocking victims back to Yon. However, Yon is an assassin and will end up hitting tanks on the top lane and split thrust duelists who also live on the sideline. The cooldowns of Yones Q and W depend on her bonus attack speed, and her passive makes critical strike chance especially effective, so prioritizing these stats at the start of the game is a must.

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Yon the Forgotten is a two-handled Ionian who works as an assassin in the upper and middle lane. The Undying Shield Bow is the standard Mythic item for Yone in Season 11, and Faker agrees. Combo Chain for Yone build - super kill with Q => Q => E => Q => Flash + R. When the spirit form dries up, Yon returns to his body and repeats {{mark percentage * 100}}% of the entire the damage he inflicted on champions during this time.

Yone will automatically double her critical strike chance from all sources, but her critical strikes cause 10% less damage than other heroes. Conqueror is the standard mythical item of Yone and Faker agress in season 11. If Yone hits an enemy with Q, he will gain a 6-second Gathering Storm stack.

Infinity Edge is Yone's primary source of damage, and Faker often prioritizes this item. And, unlike most players, he rarely makes Phantom Dancer his priority. Yone charges forward, dealing physical damage. On hit, gives the stack for n seconds.

The faker usually finishes off his Bloodthirsty, so he jumps to the Guardian Angel or the Mercurial Scimitar. During his lifetime, he was Yone, Yasuo's half-brother and a famous student of the sword school in his village.

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