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When you play Kayn, your main goal in the early game is to achieve your form as quickly as possible. As you can see, here are the priorities and skills you need to play Kayn. The best position of the Kayn rune is the primary path, and A is the secondary path.

With such runes, Kayn and Rhaast can do and receive the most additional damage. Remember to take other runic sets to fit the build, we will write a picture of each runic list later.

If you are looking for the best runic structures for Kayn, we have you covered. Where to find the best items and ranes to build Kayn has been determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of Plat League of Legends games. Find the most popular pro-kayn jungle trail in Season 11, the JG route to jungle-free kayn for beginners, including the best red kayn runs and blue kayn runs.

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Kayn is an incredibly flexible champion - he one game is a tank-cracker and the next a hard-to-stop assassin. Mastering this art form can transform an ordinary kayn player into an amazing one. If this guide is what you want, this is a good place, because we have the best build-ups, runses, tips and tricks to master the Shadow Reaper.

What makes Kayn such a great champion is that she can accommodate a variety of different playing styles. With its two forms, it can adapt to any situation and become the kind of jungle you need to make up a certain opposing team.

If you are reading this in a situation where the combo is struggling, try to avoid Purple Kayn as much as possible and look for it in good situations as it is difficult to explain and you will understand more easily how Kayn wins games.

In the course of the game Kayn withers and controls his living weapon, a large scythe, which he uses either as Blue Kayn when she takes control of him, or as Red Kayn. His flexibility and high damage rate make him a fan favourite. If he attacks rangeshooters, he will have a blue ball, and if he attacks melee masters, he will receive a red ball.

This article has zero crossover with Kayns runes, depending on the shape you want to run in. You can choose Purple Kayn, which carries both Blue Kayn and Red Kayn runes, but it is far from ideal. The runes on this object can switch between two different shapes.

At this particular point Kayn turns into a shadow murderer of darkness. His passivity is the Darkin Scythe, and he wields it to fight Rhaast and Darkin as long as it is under his control. Once they are down, it is a triumph for Kayn to dominate them and he becomes a shadow murderer.

Kayn has some items that are good for both his Shadow Murderer and Rhaast form. Since Kayn's Shadow Killer Form requires high physical damage stats, we prefer mythical items that cause lethality.

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Similar to our rune recommendations, you will find quality-oriented kayn items for the composition of the opposing team you are fighting against in your current match. Our calculations included the highest odds for the item builds with the best runes for Assassin, Kayn, Mythic item and skill order, complete item build start, item summoner spell, item build order, and jewelry counter. We calculated the high win rate for the item build with the good runes for Assassin, Kayn, Mythical Item / Skill Order, Full Item Build, Start, Summon Spell, Item Build Order, Jewelry and Counter.

This is a champion build guide for League of Legends based on statistical analysis of latest game data, so you can be confident our stats are unbiased and accurate. We offer the highest rated Blue Kayn builds and detailed purchasing guides that are accurate, unbiased and up-to-date. We use a hard and fast algorithm developed on the side of the unique machine code that allows us to create a list of the 10 best Blue Kayn builds that are trending every day.

Kayn builds - how to build Kayn in 2 hours starter article, the best kayn builds for this patch. It's the preseason of League of Legends, and Kayn Guides will be updated over time.

With the recent article changes, Kayn has become much more relevant in the meta. Spirit Visage, Thornmail and defenses like Spica can all be built for Kayn when she is in danger.

Kayn's Q-line does damage, and at the end of her swing her scythe does additional damage to the crescent. Kayn attacks enemy champions around her with damage and becomes unassailable for n seconds. This couple favors Kayn in every form, but no matter which Spica she goes with, she always gets the best value.

This is great for multi-target clear in the jungle, making it hard for enemy champions to escape when Kayns is on top. This is even better in the later stages of the game, when the attackers become weaker and most champions start building defenses.

He is also known as "Red Kayn" or "Drain" and is a tank hunter who wants to find his targets. Kayn Build 1119 Win Rate of 52.29% is good, Pick Rate of 78.7% is high, and Ban Rate of 16.4% is medium. With domination runes and strong duels combined with an armored playing style, Kayn is a hard-to-play champion in League of Legends.

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