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If you have access to the public Beta Environment of League of Legends (PBE), you can test different runes to see which variants for viego builds work best. You will find that the best items and runes you can build on Viego have been determined by Leaguespy's calculations from thousands of games of PLAT and League of Legends. We calculated the highest odds of winning for each item built with the best runes for each of Viegos "mythical items and skills, in order of complete items, starting items, summoning spells, and the order in which items, trinkets, and tokens were built.

Viego's skill builds are relatively simple, but there are a few adjustments you can make if you plan to enter the enemy jungle in the first few minutes of the game. In season 11, the Viego build features runes that help you do physical damage, but you can also focus on building burst bruises and building items to win the replacement phase. This section explains the abilities you can gain by grading the Viegos built in S11.

Viego has the ability to possess enemy champions whom he kills. When he takes control, he gains the abilities of the enemy champion. With Sovereigns Dominance, Viego can have a champion that allows you to use their passive items and other abilities while their ultimate goal is active.

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Viego heals part of the opposing champion he kills to maximum health and gains bonus movement speed when approaching them. He also gets an extra cast of his ultimate Heartbreaker and bonuses on movement speed for each opposing champion.

Getting the blade of the destroyed king as quickly as possible means that Viego can get involved in skirmishes where he can best kill enemies. However, he does not have to kill to harm enemies. He can go into a dance of death to do even more damage.

With Blade of the Ruined King Blade, Viego does a lot of health damage caused by autoattacks, and its Blades of RUINED KING Q ability has the same effect. This combination of patchy damage and abilities allows Viego to threaten death before the enemy's health bar is sanded away.

Considering that Viego is the Empire King and has a skill called Blade of the Destroyed King, it should not come as a surprise that this is an excellent item for him. Survival items such as Guardian Angel, Sterak, and Gage are good third and fourth items for Viego to help him survive bursts and team battles.

Viego wants to get hands on valuable items that offer best performance for the price in the early game. If he gets more time on live servers and gets into the professional game, his builds and items will probably change. Practice its unique mechanics, see what other Viego players are doing, and look at different instructions and setups.

This theme is why Viego wants to buy Trinity Force and Goredrinkers as its mythical items. Viego will benefit greatly from Blades of the Ruined King, and although it is not a mythical item, it is powerful enough to get your kit in a hurry.

The problem with the default viego build is that it ends up being too stingy, which can be problematic for champions who want to make a short trade or build a Conqueror stack. Viego is a auto-attack focused champion with skills that complement his kit. He is a mighty champion in the right hands, but there are champions he can confront, against whom he hates to play.

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Viego needs a bit more attacking speed, and his build-up with Legend and Rune Line ensures that. Most of the items that give attack speed don't have these stats, but Viego uses them to scale well into the late game. Nights can kill him, but if he accumulates his healing, he will be good for quite a while.

Viego can do a lot of damage in the early and middle stages of games, but the champion needs a degree of persistence to hold his own in team battles.

Viego is the first champion to be released by Riot Games for League of Legends in 2021. It is the most anticipated League of Legend Champion and will be the first champion to be released in the recent League of Legends season.

Riot Games announced the arrival of Viego, a highly anticipated champion of the League of Legends. Many players are not only a strong pro at the time of writing, but also enjoy Viego in their solo games. Viego and Ruined King themselves will not only be added to MOBA, but will get a whole single player game.

When attacking a Wraith, Viego takes control of the Wraith's body and heals a percentage of the maximum health of its targets, giving it access to its basic abilities and items. In this way, his runic focus increases his healing and his fighting potential. This is one of the most successful ways to build the character, in order to give an impression of the Viego building path and the general synergy with items.

Professional solo players rely on Kraken Slayer, the mythical object of Viegos and its own in-game item, the Blade of the Ruined King as their first legendary item.

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