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At first glance it's not very effective, but after a few AP articles it starts to do a lot of damage. This item costs 1600 gold and gives you 145 skill power stacks, making it one of the most gold efficient items in the game. If the enemy has no magical resistance, it can be skipped to increase damage from other pure abilities.

Riftmaker is an amazing mythical item for Gwen, which gives her the strong stats needed for Omnivamp and helps her compete in team battles. When I play as Gwen, I prefer Riftmaker as a mythical item that uses the combination of high attack speed, movement speed and skill. Riftmaker Conqueror is the best mythical item you can buy for it, and I buy it in-game by default.

Most players start with Q, followed by E and W, and expand Gwen's skills throughout the game in upgrade order (remember to upgrade to R at levels 6, 11 and 16). Gwen can throw pin work three times, but has to hit the enemy for 8 seconds to unlock subsequent throws. At least she can snip twice and add a snippet to each ground attack she fires at the enemy for a total of four (up to six).

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Throwing a Fire Pin deals magical damage, slows down enemies, and applies Gwen's Thousand Cut bonus to magical damage. Throwing a Fire Needle Cord that deals magic damage slows down enemies and applies Gwen's Thousand Cut Bonus to magic damage. Casting a needle of fire that causes magical damage slows down the enemy and applies a thousand cuts bonus to magical damage to Gwen.

Champion Gwen's base attacks deal a magic damage bonus based on a percentage of their enemies "maximum health. After a basic attack, the victor heals from the damage done to her.

To get the most out of Gwen's stacks, she has a Q key for automatic attacks. She can snip at her enemies with her scissors to catch the middle and do real damage by making a thousand cuts. The stacks taken from the Conquerors stack will make them even better.

The Holy Seamstress's base damage is higher than many items, so she can easily dominate her opponents. Gwen draws most of her strength from her two items, which means it may take a while for her to get going. She has Precision Rune stacks to trade healing for Q damage, and her passivity is oppressive.

If opponents are able to escape Gwen's attacks in advance, building Hextech Rocketbelt and Riftmaker can be useful for closing gaps. Gwen needs to play it safe as she transforms into late game monsters. Coupled with the fact that you can reposition capabilities that are active while it is low on CD and whizzes around with its e-flash, the choice between Hextech and Rocketbelt is for maximum style points.

Gwen needs to build high attack speed and agility for her primary style of play, as well as high damage and burst items. She can use enough skills and basic attacks to use combos, but does not have the same security as Lilia or Seraphinelilia.

If you're looking for the best runes for Gwen, we've got you covered. Here you can find the best Gwen items and runic constructions as determined by calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games. Here are all the combo rune builds you need to know and take this Gwen guide to heart before you enter the game for an easy win.

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Now that you're ready, we've decided to take a look at the items and runes that will be incorporated into new LoL winner Gwen, and take a closer look at her skills to get you started right away with a positive win rate. In this guide, we will focus on Gwen as the frontrunner as she has her most prominent involvement in the role. Known as the grumpy Top Laner with the best runic building tips and tricks, Gwen knows how to do it before you join the solo queue.

Next week, LoL Patch 1.18 will be released, and a new LoL winner, Gwen, will be available to play. Gwen is easy to pick up and learn, and true Gwen masters will be able to take over games 1v9.

The highest odds for item builds with the best runes, Gwen's mythical item and skill order, the full item start items, summoning spells, item build order and Jewelry Counters were calculated.

The best Gwen runes are jungle precision (primary) and dominance (secondary). They are position range (primary path) and (secondary path). You can change or select the suggested Gwen builds to reflect the meta-game layout.

Since season 11, Gwen has been building runes that help you deal physical damage, so you can focus on building brittle items to earn gains in exchange for orbit phases. Certain things are more effective for Gwen in this situation.

An early shelf life is very important for Gwen, as she is a melee killer that does a lot of impact damage during the laning phase. She also wants to be wary of picking blindly in certain matchups, especially at the top of Hallowed Crap, because there is not much standing in the way of the benefits in melee 1v1 and checking out her stats against opponents like Renekton. Their main role in the top flight is picking cheese, with Heimerding and Singing having the highest odds of winning.

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