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One of the main items for Jax that deals enormous damage to his 2nd ability, this item grants 10% haste ability, 35% attack damage, 3.5% attack speed, and 200% health statistics. This is a top-notch defense element for the champion, ensuring Jax can survive for a long time in 1v1 fights. These passive boots sync with Jaxs passive ones, allowing him to dominate the track in the middle of the game.

This effect gives Jax the ability to hit nearby units that do magical damage and stun them for 1.5 seconds. With this ability, Jax will be able to dodge incoming attacks for 2 seconds. This ability allows Jax to charge his base attacks with a bounce and deal an additional 45 magic damage (45-60 magic damage).

When this effect is activated, Jax attacks 6 times, reducing his health to 50%. Jax moves into a defensive position, dodges incoming attacks and takes 25% less damage from all champions for a few seconds. Then he throws another counter attack, this time ending his defensive posture with damage and stunning all enemies nearby.

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Jax also has a Passive, which gives him a stack attack speed bonus, meaning that his damage increases per second the longer he fights. While Jax relies on heavy damage from car attacks, this also turns him into a lethal weapon. Jax charges his weapon with energy and deals additional damage on his next attack.

As the game goes on and you win your lane, Jax is a scary monster because he stacks his passive. In the early game, sliding lanes is not recommended, as you are prone to ganks, so it is not really recommended to use Jaxs passively. But when the game moves into the late game, the Passive works really well when Jax wants to share the push on the side of the track he is pushing, and when the track comes to stop him, he can step in for the kill.

Leap Strike causes Jax to jump on his target and damage it as if they were enemies. As you can see, Jax is a monster in the game and capable of inflicting a lot of damage on his enemies. He can jump on opposing champions and deal 55% physical damage, 55% to 100% bonus attack damage, and 60% magic damage.

With the right builds and items, Jax can unleash on the battlefield and do some pretty impressive things. In our Jax tutorial you will learn about item builds, runes, and skill selection to use Jax's skills. Jax is Kohari's only survivor and a defender of Icathia.

When the emptiness is unleashed, Shuriman's empire rises and the armies of Ikathia are destroyed, leaving Jax at home and with a goal. Jax can play jungle, baron or orbit, and his clear speed and ability to survive on orbit are fine. With maximum attack speed, Jax creates maximum stacks for relentless attack late in the game.

As you can see, Jax doesn't need fancy runes to work. The selection of runes gives him a good laning phase and makes him durable and strong in auto attacks. As you know, he can use skill 1 to jump between allies and wards to close the gap.

The damage Jax does with this ability increases depending on the number of attacks he dodges and is limited to 5 attacks per dodge. This combination uses double auto-attacks to reset Jax and his kit, resulting in a positive trade with the opponent. The defensive posture ends when Jax harms himself and simultaneously stuns him.

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The combination of extra damage and extra tank makes this championship a solid choice for Jax players. The final combo is the most aggressive build you can use if you master Jax and know how to survive simple matchups. The best Jax rune position is the primary path and A the secondary path.

Today we take a look at how Grandmaster Arms Jax can get the perfect build to dominate the game. Starting with the creation of Rune Mastery, we will take a look at the items to follow before we tackle the Champions Game. To guide us through this, I'll take a look at the best runes and wizards, including tips and tricks to guide you with Jax toward victory.

If you are looking for the best runes for Jax, we have you covered. We have calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes for each of Jaxs mythical items and abilities to get a full item build, starting with items for Summoners, Spells, Item Build Orders, Jewelry, and Brands. Where to find the best items and runes to build Jax has been determined by calculations of thousands of Platos in League of Legends games.

Jax is designed to be tanky and do a lot of damage while having mobility and mass control in his kit. Pantheon is great for holding aura objects like Locket of Zeke, but giving up it limits my ability to position Jax. I would build Murders purely as an armor piece, but consider giving it to JG if I knew I would be facing a Kayle build to win.

In this Jax guide, we see what Jax's skills are in LoL and Wild Rift and how you can use those skills to get the most out of him. This build of Jax focuses on consistent and recurring damage, with a 6-knight buff that blocks the first 90% of damage from auto attacks. Jax can do a lot of damage in late play, but gangster situations are very different.

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