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Remember that some people try to play Lillia in the role of other jungle. Make sure you keep up to date with more from Lillia's guides about other champions.

Bruisers like Jax, Aatrox and Gwen should not be a problem against Lillia. Lillia's most popular pieces are champions who don't have much reach and don't really have many tools to fill gaps. The worst opponents in the top flight against them are champions with high burst and mobility.

Thanks to the changes in the LoL patch 1.11.4, Lillia has improved not only in the jungle, but also in the top track. In this Champion Guide, I will introduce you to the winner, but only when you know what she can do both in the jungle and on the top rink. When it is in combat, {W} deals damage to it and applies passive Q. to it.

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Lillia casts a magical lullaby on the opposing champions affected by dream dust that arrives 0.3 seconds later, leaving them for 1.5 seconds drowsy, slowing them all down by 25% and increasing them by 50% for the duration. Champions who stack their passive after Dream Dust has been applied fall asleep and take additional damage, waking Lillia and her allies up. When it is spotted in the area, the projectile continues to run until it hits enemy territory and lands, slowing down all enemies.

Lillia's ability to apply Dream Dust deals maximum health as magical damage to some of the targets for a duration. Lillia swings her branches through the air and does magical damage to nearby enemies. Then it strikes massively with its brand and does magical damage to enemies.

Lillia's abilities apply dream dust and deal one percent of maximum health as magic damage within three seconds. Passive Lillia Q gives speed of movement and stacks up to five times each time she attacks an enemy. P. Lillia's abilities apply dream dust that deals maximum health damage to enemies within 3 seconds.

As a Battlemage, Lillia is one of the most important sources of damage for your team, and survival is crucial. You have to be wary of enemies who attack you, because she is greasy but has a reliable escape tool in her Q passive.

This Lillia build increases your chances of winning LP and climbing the leaderboard lol. Lillia's main DPS skill is the best way to apply your passivity. Your W is not the best, as it is difficult to land, as most champions get a third skill at level 3, leaving you with 2 halves.

Lillia Rune S10 We provide detailed information about runic sequences and corridors for Lillia, a new champion of League of Legends. Here are the best items and runes for LILLIA as determined by calculations of thousands of plats from league games.

Lillia is the latest addition to the stacked squad and offers a unique set of skills. We will provide information about talents, combos and counters for Lillia, the new champion of League of Legends. In PvP, in Blue, she is a cornerstone heroine that players can build to penetrate teams.

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With the release of Bashful Blooms on July 22, everyone had the chance to master Lillia with our "Lillia Guide" and get all the runes needed for the best builds to win their first game. Upcoming Lillias Jungle builds are the most popular builds and have been picked up by many professionals. With a high win rate, items with the best runes are built for Lilliana's mythical items and skills, starting with the Item Summoner's spell, then the Item Building Order, Boots, Jewelry, and Counters.

The percentage shows the opposing champions competing against Lillia in jungle tests. Lillias W. hits enemies at the center of the detonation and does much more damage. Her Q and Bloom Blow give her speed of movement towards the enemy, and her attack stacks up five times.

Items Lillia can build include Runic Echoes and Magic Boots. There are a variety of Rune items that are viable for her, such as Dark Harvest and Fleet of Footwork, but the most important point is that she is a raven-black hunter and has the ability to recover and survive early in the game in the jungle when the recovery from the hunter talisman is insufficient.

Since season 11, Lillia has been building runes to help you deal with magical damage, so you can focus on building unique items and equipment to maximize the abilities and kit of the champions. The best position of the lily runes is on the primary route and A on the secondary route.

The general list of articles and Lillia runes for S10 is as follows (we will of course see improvements when trying new builds after the official release), but this is a list of articles that Lillias can build with S10 and the corresponding article list so that it can run in S10. If you get items in the second, third or first game, you are in a good position to adapt your build to the late game.

Champion Build Guides for League of Legends are based on the latest game data statistical analysis so you can be confident that the statistics are unbiased and accurate. The community is working hard to update our LoL building instructions to help you create the best Lillia building instructions for LoL in S11 (patch 1.11.9).

Lillia is Bashful Bloom's clear speed in the early game is one of the strongest so far. Their main items are Rylai's Crystal Scepters and Liandry Agony, but you also need rune echoes to enter the jungle. I've tried it twice now, won and lost it, but I'm not sure how to build it up.

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