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After three throws, Riven strikes with her sword and inflicts physical damage on enemies that are hit. It also has the ability to charge its blade with its basic attacks, expending the charge to do additional damage. When it shatters with a shield, Rivens Slash deals magical damage to nearby enemies.

Runic Blade and Rive Passive deals damage to the next Auto Attack Bonus each time you play a skill. Runic Blade allows you to recharge Riven's blade and abilities three times. Riven has a Passive that, when applied to a skill, passively charges Runic Blades three times.

The buffs stack up three times, and they remain with Riven during combat until they are used up. Slow Roll and Break Wings move when Riven is thrown, and you can use them to dodge skill shots and follow enemies on the run.

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Riven is a fast fighter, so you will want to keep your enemies on their toes when you use her. While she can do physical damage, her ability attacks do a lot of damage, and she can combine well. Smite - If you use Riven on a jungle character, you can use it to cut enemies short in the early game and give you an advantage.

Riven is one of the most complex and rewarding champions to play in the game. It keeps enemies on their toes, with combos and unexpected damage and CC coming out of it.

This helps Riven when she tries to take advantage of her early game mobility and trade it with the enemy for an early kill. Once she gets her 2-3 items in the late game, she gets even stronger and can hit enemy, close targets with a single shot with her combo. If it is 1v2 or 1v3 against enemy champions, it can feed on it and accompany your team until late in the game to help them win battles.

You can create different attack combos with Riven based on the opposing champion you face and your style of play. You can switch between different options for Riven to see which one works best for you and whether you prefer to play with lifestyle items.

As a hunter with vampirism on Rives, you often get takedowns that allow you to get more AD, and Vamp helps to do more damage while staying in combat.

Learn more about Riven skills in detail, the best items to build, skills to improve, and more. To get the most out of the items listed below, there is a direct leveling path for each of the Rivens abilities, which you want to follow to get the most out of it. Once you get into the late game with Riven and its core items, you will be unstoppable.

In our opinion, Conqueror is the best rune for Riven because it can stack them. Each Riven attack gives an additional stack of Conquerors, and if you have a full five stacks, it deals bonus damage when paired with its Passive. Riven's early play is very strong because she does damage quickly, and she can make quick combos to avoid too much damage.

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Valor - Riven's third ability, Valor, beats the cursor in any direction and receives a shield for 15 seconds. Blade of Exile - Rivens ultimate ability strengthens her sword and gets 20% AD bonus attack damage. 75% range in auto attacks, ki scream and broken wings for 1.5 seconds. It also increases damage by half the value of Vaalor damage.

Black Cleaver gives Riven the health, attack damage, and haste she needs when using her abilities. This is an attack-damaging ability that grants a single wind gust for 15 seconds of its blade expanding and giving 20% bonus attack damage and greater range. Riven can activate it by throwing Wind Slash while doing damage in a cone, and she can throw Wind Slash at enemies with low HP to take more damage.

Riven stuns nearby enemies for a second before doing physical damage. Shocks nearby enemies and does physical damage to them before stunning them for 0.75 seconds. Stuns them with its sword for 0.75 seconds before inflicting damage.

Over time, Riven has acquired the ability to use Wind Slash, a powerful ranged attack. Each slash does it damage and passively charges it, and the third slash has a small setback. Percentage wise, the opposing Champions Counter Rating Riven is currently at the top of the Platt game.

We calculated the highest win rate for each item built with the best runes, Riven Mythic Item and Skills, Full Item Build launchers, Summoning Spells, Item Build Orders, Jewelry and Tokens.

In our Riven guide you will learn how to build items, select runes, and select abilities to use Riven's abilities. In this guide, we'll look at the best item builds, runses, summoning spells, ability analyses and attack combos for riven including some incredible gameplay tips and tricks we've found for you. What you will find are the best items and runes you can build with Riven, as Leaguespy's calculations have shown from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

With the help of the Build Guide, Riven can be built with confidence. Top Boxbox Rune Page Riven is a powerful single item that surpasses buildings full of professional players in the event of damage to upgrade the abilities, summoning spells, and newest combination abilities of Riven Season 11 to progress to League of Legends. The most powerful items for Riven and ways to build Boxbox Riven for players around the world.

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