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Using dominance runes, burst damage, and item builds in combination with an assassination style, Qiyana builds are 11.19% of the hardest to play champions in League of Legends. Below are the best items and runic structures for the champion as determined by calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes for Qiyana's mythical items, skill sequence, and complete item builds, starting items, summoners, item build orders, jewelry, and tokens.

See building instructions, statistics, sequence of dexterity and rune mastery for Pro-Play Qiyana and Empress of Elements. Prioritize completing the Guardian Angel in your QiYana build, as players who have completed the item have a higher win rate. How to build Qiyana's season 11 mid-jungle guide rune page Qiyana's combine powerful items in addition to improving her full pro-player damage to improve the abilities of Elemental Summoners and combination abilities to be the newest counter in the League of Legends.

If you are looking for the best runic structures for Qiyana, we have you covered. When choosing a typical AD assassin, Qiyanas focuses on stacking killing offenses, which increases the damage to low-armor targets. The best QiYana buildings have 1119 runes for middle-lane dominance (primary) and magic (secondary).

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Qiyana's first basic attack ability on enemies deals bonus damage. It is more likely that we will see this building in the top alley with Qiyana, as I believe that he is the strongest, if not the strongest attacker in this case. Qiyyana's Attack Skills deal bonus damage and her weapon can be enchanted.

The next Audacity (E) ability, Dash Location, combined with increased damage, makes Qiyanas mobile. Champions who can help Qiyana in skirmishes and make good use of her ultimate knock-back effect are a strong pair with her. If you have a Qiyanas on hand you trust, consider playing one of these champions to overwhelm the opposing team.

Targeting and locking up Qiyana to prevent her from making plays is the best way to counteract it. Elemental Fury and the Edge of Ix Valley - Qiyanas wields her weapons and deals damage with bonus effects based on her Elements. If we were to take away her ability to go to the jungle, she would be a dominant mid / jungle choice for professionals.

Qiyana is a self-proclaimed empress of the element who comes from the jungle of Ixtai. It's a bruise, so you can focus on team fights or assassinate. Terrashape - Qiyana can dart to any place and enchant their weapons with the element.

We had Qiyana as one of our top tier jungle and even our top five jungle, but she didn't do as well as we imagined. We expected her to show up and do damage to monsters, and she let us down. She has gone from S-Tier to F-Tier in this patch.

Assassin with early movement speed and ward removal
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