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I know what it is like to hit that scary loss screen multiple times in a row, and believe me: Our full-AP Akali builds havehelped. It helps to vent, since the build allows you to play a bit more aggressively than you normally would, so that you getthat rage out. While this build of Akali does indeed grant Akali slightly more maximum HP, it does boost his abilities byproviding extra AP.

Lich Bane is the first item in this Akali build, giving Akali +80 more AP and +10 ability haste (AH). When combined with askilled Akali player, One For The Baron Lane shines brighter for each champion killed or pathed extra. Similar to how wedivided the item builds, we are going to divide up support rune builds as well, one for Baron lanes, one for Mid laners, andone best for mid laners, for Akali players.

The build for top lane is identical to mid-lane, there is really nothing different from it as far as gameplay style, builds,etc. If you played akali at all during Season 12, you will likely know this style does not really work. If you want to playwell, you should not be running Akali against them, as Akali makes things slightly more difficult.

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If you are already comfortable playing Akali, then it is a good resource for getting good rune choices for patch 11.20 fast.With our Akali Guide, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to use theabilities of Akali correctly. Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Akali, determined from LeagueSpyscalculations from thousands of League of Legends games at +Plat level. Since building an Akali build in 11.19 helps you domixed damage, you are going to be focused on building items that will maximize the AD Burst damage you get out of yourchampions abilities.

Zhonyas Hourglass, being one of the best defense items in the League, is an excellent choice for Akali, even in the build oftanky items. Zhonyas is an excellent item, especially against teams that are heavily focused on attacking damage, orchampions that rely on combos to take you down. While its lack of attack stats beyond ability power may make it a bit lessdesirable on offense, granting you Armor, Magic Resistance, and the ultimate Health Burning Effect makes it pretty strong.Zhonyas also allows Akali to take advantage of this because of Akalis playstyle.

Assassins Mark is a crucial component to Akalis combo since it is possible to trigger during both of 3rd, Shurikens flip castanimations. The shuriken marks the first enemy that hits, and when Shuriken Flip is cast again, Akali sprints towards themarked target. Assassins Mark (Passive) Assassins Mark triggers every time Akali damages an enemy champion using an Akaliability. Akali flings five kunai, dealing damage according to his Attack Damage and Abilities Bonus, as well as granting aSlow.

Moving toward a ring grants Akali bonus Movement Speed, while crossing the ring grants Akali bonus damage, Movement Speedwhile moving toward an enemy champion, and Attack Range. This rune adds a stack of multiplier passives to enemy championswhenever Akalis basic attacks or abilities hit them. Bone Plating reduces the damage Akali takes by 30-60 points for 1.5seconds after being hit by an enemy champion. Unboweds Unbowed has a synergy with Akalis passive, as she has already had todeal damage using her Basic Attack.

In other words, Akalis tanking does slightly less damage, but because Akali is able to sustain fights for a long time, heroverall damage output is higher. She has lots of mobility skills, making her excellent at taking down enemies one-by-one,going in and out of view. Akali is quite weak early-game, but is really good mid-game, easily squishy one-shot champion. Herbasic items are fairly cheap, and she is also very good early game, although she is a close-range fighter, and does not havemany options for safe farming.

Akali is a powerful assassin champion with a lot of damage to dish out, it is difficult to farm with Akali, you will needplenty of time to figure out her abilities. Akali is an Assassin champion who has a high base attacks and abilities, a lowcapacity for buffing teammates and debilitating or controlling enemies, and low survivability through defenses or mobilityabilities. In other words, Akali is Assassin champion who plays around his opponents being sneaky and slippery. Akali is aburst damage assassin with mobility that excels at killing champions quickly, as well as making long-term 1-on-1 exchanges.

Using dominance runes and burst damage item builds, combined with an Assassin playstyle, Akali is a champion that ismoderately hard to play in League of Legends. The extra heals and health build works well for making Akali a tanky champion.Together with a tanky item build, you will be able to reach 4000+ max HP on Akali with ease each match. The built-in healingof Runes allows Akali to hold her own even longer in long-term engagements, making her even more difficult to kill inaddition to the tanky stats that she is already getting with the Build Path.

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Having the early resiliency is important to Akali, since Akali is a close-ranged killer that is going to be taking a lot ofpoke damage in the laning phase. While his range may be taken advantage of by enemies during the laning phase, thecombination of the runes and items below should help get past this point. To optimize your build to tank for Akali, youshould be going with a Precision tree along with Resolve as a second rune path.

Assassin with HP recovery and stasis
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