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If you are already comfortable playing Evelynn, it is a great resource to get quickly into good rune choices for patch 11.20.As you can see in the above build, the mentioned Evelynn rune sets have best potential on Evelynn. This is one of the easiestcombinations that you would get with Evelynn since this is a base pre-level 5 combo with Evelynn.

Evelynn is a champion AP assassin who has good damage-dealing abilities, decent crowd-control abilities, and has a chance tostay alive during a match. Evelynn is Assassins jungler who uses Evelynns stealthiness to get surprised, and then she willsnipe at the victim. Popular due to her ability to counter large amounts of magical damage on Wild Rift, Evelynn is one ofthe best jungler role killers. Evelynn is also capable of comboing into Flash spells or Smite Summoner spells to improve herabilities as a jungler assassin in Wild Rift.

Evelynn is a demon assassin that uses her special disguise abilities to stealthily exit jungling areas and assassinate enemychampions. Evelynn is a champion who works best when she is ganking other players, where she can emerge from her hidingplace, chain together her abilities, and take out the targets. Evelynns ultimate execute allows her to be extremely lethal(both against bursty enemies as well as tankier ones), but where she truly excels is taking isolated enemies by surprise(similar to KhaZix, Rengar, and other Assassin champions). Evelynn is only noticed with Ward of Control and Oracle Lenses,and only when in close proximity of other enemy champions.

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Evelynn is a jungler with quite the unique kit, making her fun to play at once, as well as entertaining. She is the epitomeof everything squishy champions hate, and she lives up to this fantasy in lore as well as gameplay. Evelynn is the ultimateGothic nightmare, who loves nothing better than dealing oodles of damage in the ugliest ways. On The Rift, Evelynn lives upto this fantasy, hiding in shadows like a slayer-AP jungler, then charming enemies into firing at her one-shots before theyget a chance to escape.

Evelynn is Leagues definitive AP assassin, having enraged AD carry players for more than a decade on League of Legends. Usingthe Runes of Domination and the Burst Damage Item Build, combined with an assassin game style, Evelynn is a moderately hardto play champion in League of Legends. Max out on Evelynns abilities, as detailed below, but make sure you grab her Ultimatewhen you can. Doubling down on this burst damage illusion, Evelynns Runes all seem designed to scaling Evelynns damage intothe late game.

Evelynn casts curses against its targets, making its next attack or spell slower or spell-cast slower after the delay,depending on time-based curses, as well as decreasing its magic resistance. Enter the Demons Shadow buffs the next spellcast, pulling Evelynn toward the target, dealing increased magic damage equal to 75% (5%+0.02%AP) of their maximum health toany enemies in her path. When cast while inside of Demon Shade, fully charged Allure pulls Evelynn towards the victimEvelynn, increasing its Movement Speed. When used on an enemy Champion or Monster, Evelynns second base ability causes aCurse to be broken, causing that Unit to be reduced to 65 percent speed for 1.25 seconds.

For Evelynn, you will want to first level up Ability 1, and then follow that up with Leveling Ability 2, then Ability 3. Asyou go through the game, the best thing to do is max outand finallyis the really powerful skill,andto create an advantage andto dominate the opponent.

Mastering timing between using allure and whiplash is crucial in being a successful ganker with Evelynn. When playing withEvelynn, it is better to be safe rather than dying, as opportunities come by again with ease due to your stealth. BecauseEvelynn is extremely slippery as a killer, you will never want to engage if you are not 100% certain that you will get thekill.

Be patient with Evelynn, especially late-game, because the longer a fight drags, the less care you are going to have from theenemies AD Carriers. On stage, when picking and banning champions, you should banning champions who could stand up againstEvelynn, and vice versa. If you can see Evelynn is stronger than your opponents AD carry, then you should go for Evelynn.

Since Evelynn is the jungler, you should always choose the pathfinders that will help you to go faster across terrain. Youwill be using Evelynn as a jungler in your party, engaging and disconnecting through her different abilities, and gankingwith style and finesse thanks to her special disguise abilities. In a pinch, you may even be able to use Evelynn on a Midlane or Baron Lane, as long as the role of the Jungler is taken.

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With our Evelynn guides, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, skill order, and how to use Evelynnsabilities correctly. If this is your first time in Rift as Evelynn -- or even with Mastery 7 -- there are a few tips andtricks in our Ultimate Guide that you will never realize you needed. If you are picking up agonys embrace for the first timethis season 11, we have got an ultimate guide to get the best runes, builds, tips, and tricks for Evelynn.

Below, you can find the best items and runes to build for Evelynn, determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands ofLeague of Legends games at +Plat level. Below you can see the best builds for LoL Evelynn, which are calculated from averagewinning builds across Platinum+ leagues. Skill Order, or Skill Priority, is really important in League of Legends to getstarted winning the lane before buying any strong items. Next to starting items, there are starting items, later on, you willlevel these up into full items for the Evelynn build.

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