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Evelynn enters the Demon Shadow and takes no damage from attacks for 4 seconds. During the 1.5 second cooldown, Evelynn takes damage from opposing champions and towers. Demons like Evelynn are often murderers and jungles who use their invisibility and surprise outbursts to get their prey.

Evelynn is a demonic assassin who uses her special camouflage ability to sneak through the jungle and eliminate enemy champions. She is the embodiment of the greasy champion everyone hates, and she lives on in the fantasy world of the game. Evelynn is godlike, nightmarish and all the better when it comes to repairing massive damage in the most unpleasant way.

In our Evelynn guides you will learn everything from item builds and runes to selecting skills to use Evelynn's abilities. Maybe you were shooting Agony's Embrace first on season 11 we've got the ultimate guide to the best Runes, tips and tricks for Evelynn. From the first ride on the Rift on Evelynn to mastering 7, this guide contains all the tips and tricks you never knew you needed.

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With Agony's Embrace, Evelynn is the next champion on the Wild Ditch, and we're looking at how to get there. A moat-charmer, she lives in fantasy, lurking in the shadows as an AP murderer, charming enemies and shooting them before they can do anything. She is shy in the early game and will die for most jungle champions, but when you die the pressure is on you.

Evelynn is a ruthless murderer, so you never want to commit anything unless you are 100% sure you can commit the murder. One of the easiest combos to do with Evelynn is her basic pre-level 5 combo.

The use of Lichban increases the Burst damage ability and adds magical damage to the next attack with this ability. This gives you bonus AP and magical penetration, which is important on Evelynn. It allows you to pay damages early and allows you to fight jungles on levels 1-5.

There are a lot of combinations you can pull off with Evelynn but most are situational. Make sure you consider all the options before diving into the opposing team. Be patient, as Evelyn's late matches can be dragged out by her AD carriers, so be careful what you do.

You can use Evelynn as a jungle to engage your team and use your various skills to solve with style, thanks to the passive invisibility cloak ability that makes them disappear. As an Evelynn Jungle, you can take a Pathfinder to help you move around the terrain. The best Evelynn rune position is on the primary path and A on the secondary path.

With Evelynn, you want to maximize Skill 1 and progress up to Skill 2 and Skill 3. The stats and damage statistics depend on the Evelynn builds, which we will discuss in more detail later in this article.

This percentage shows the opposing counterscore against Evelynn in the Jungle Plat game. % is the percentage the opposing champion specifies during the game on Evelyn's Jungle Plat.

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Below are the best items and runic constructions for Evelynn, determined by calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games. We calculated the highest win rates for item builds and the best runes for Evelyn's mythical items and abilities to get a full item build, starting items, summoning spells, item build orders, jewelry, and tokens. Let's take a look at the runes of Evelynn and why they are perfect for Jungle Evelynn.

Evelyn's next roll draws her closer to her target and deals 7.5% (5 / 5 / 0.02 AP) of her maximum magic damage to enemies in the way. Their next attack is the ability to banish a curse that slows them down. Enter the Demon Shades (Enhancement): Draws Evelynn closer to her target on her next roll and deals increased magical damage to all enemies along the way ranging from 7.5 (5 / 6 / 5) to 0.02% AP (her maximum HP).

Evelynn deals magical damage to 3 nearby enemies and teleports them away. After casting demon shadows, she draws Evelynn to her victim, which increases her speed of movement. Evelynn curses her target and causes her next attack or spell to slow her down or delay her spell, and the curse reduces her magical resistance.

The appeal of Evelyn's crowd control skills can be difficult for beginners. It's their only source of DPS, so you have to get used to it. Over time, the use with a wider range of nuclear weapons will improve.

The proposed Evelynn builds and changes characterize the division of the meta. The runic construction of Evelynn and the article construction are divided into two parts: the AD construction and the AP construction. You may want to build playons for your matches, but remember that the champion is very complex to play.

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