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Retribution damage and fire shield will cause you to do whatever the enemy intends to do to hit you. If the enemy does not have a magical resistance item, skip items other than pure abilities and power items to increase your damage.

Using Domination Rune and burst damage items, this build combines the style of Assassin Ekko with the build of 1119, a hard-to-play champion in League of Legends. Ekko gets the most power from the Dominance Rune, which is supported by sorcery. In the middle of the game you get through if you are the one who shares the teleports.

Like any other melee champion in the middle lane, you will bully the enemy laner. If you have a 2nd or 3rd turn, you can hit the best of the opposing team, just remember that you can burst your bubble and use it again. The goal of the bet will lead to a second roll if you decide to use the skill, but everyone will know the original outcome.

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It allows Ekko to hit harder and be more aggressive as an alternative to Lich Bane. The third attack is a harmful spell on the same target that deals magical bonus damage to the target and gives Ekko burst speed. Cause your next base attack to use this ability to become an Empowered Item, allowing Ekkos to incorporate her passive gender into her foundations for massive burst potential.

Ekko relies heavily on getting inside in team battles and assassinating key targets, similar to Ulte in League of Legends. Its scope and control of the crowd allow it to determine the course of the battle, slow down enemies, and stun them with its parallel convergence. As the ultimate remedy, Ekko is extremely powerful and allows escape, healing and damage.

One of the best things about playing Ekko is that your build-up path is very flexible. You can take advantage of tactful AP-oriented items that allow you to choose the role you want to play Ekko based on the game and position. Certain things are more effective for Ekko in some situations.

There are certain things that are most effective for Ekko regardless of the situation and give you the best chance of success with her. This section explains the skills you should improve for an Ekko installation in S11. You will also recognize the priority of the skills you need to play as an Ekko.

Hextech Protobelt ($0.1) is one of the cheapest and most effective AP products for a few champions, including Ekko. Supporting Keystone runes are incantations that go well with them. The best Ekko rune position between the primary and secondary pathways.

This build has its basic combination, which allows Ekko to fire his projectiles and land his second blow on his return, but also uses the Hextech Protobelt 01 relay variant of the above, which allows you to cover more distance and take advantage of item weaknesses. Inflammation is important for Ekko, not only to intensify the outbreak, but also because it can be applied to painful wounds. The additional intelligence and your initiative work together to simulate its speed.

Ekko is a sea urchin, he does not fit the typical description of his parents, but no one will suggest changing him. Don't be afraid to use Ya Boi Ekko as bait to swap with his predecessor to cast your spells for your VI. Ekko builds his own things and does not use any of the artificers that match his abilities.

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If you are looking for the best runic structures for Ekko, we have you covered. The guys from GameTimePrime help the guys to find the best Ekko builds and guides for Wild Rift on LoL Mobile. Where to find some of the best items and ranes to build Ekko is determined by calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games.

We calculated the highest win rates for each item build, the best runes for Ekko, mythical item and skill order, complete item items, summoning spells, item build order, jewelry and tokens. As you can see, below is a list of the most popular and effective Ekko combos. Not only can Ekko do everything, but you can achieve a lot without messing up half the time.

Thanks to the magic of daylight, you will find your way through the dark lanes of Zaun. Beat enemies with 3 unique attacks and the ability to deliver burst output in late game in one shot. You learn a second Rangers spell that passes without a trace.

Exhausted or not, Ekko can fire a shot of cuddly champions and she can snowball to the point where she is virtually indestructible. With 4 Dash, she can travel very fast and reach high-quality destinations without being noticed. Whether jungle or middle track, their construction and playing style does not change.

As an outsider, Ekko seems to achieve the impossible every time. He revels in the freedom to be a threat to his friends, even when he has to defend them. With his own invention Z-Drive, he explores and branches out the possibilities of reality in order to create the perfect moment.

Ekko is a human, but he differs from the other children in Zaun, which makes him a variant of a human. He uses his knowledge of these events to travel to the past and prevent it. Now that he has faded into the well, it makes more sense to hide in public.

It is the common thread of the deck when it comes to deadly damage, and it can also revive Ekko's spell with Chronoshift. This article is perfect for this situation and fits perfectly with the already mentioned Ekko Rune set.

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