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If you are already comfortable playing with Ecco, it is an excellent resource to get quickly into good rune choices for patch11.20. With our Ekko Guide, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to use Ekkoabilities correctly. From Runes to Items, Gameplay Tips, and More, we have compiled a guide that can help you master playingEkko in League of Legends Jungle. In this article, we are going to look at Ekkos best items, spells, and counters to properlybuild around.

Below, you can find the best items and runes to build Ekko, determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of Leagueof Legends games with a Plat+. Find out everything you need to know about building an Ekko jungle in League of Legends Season12, including runes, items, and ability orders. These basic items will provide you the best odds to succeed with Ekko.

Hextech Protobelt-01 is one of the cheaper, more impactful items in the AP for a couple of champs, including Ekko. This itemhas an excellent path to construction and gives you excellent stats, however, mini-dash is the cherry on top.

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More importantly, the skill allows you to stack up 2s, leaving you with just one more attack hit to trigger the effect, or toactivate a passive. By making your next Basic Attack, once the skill is used, Empower, The unique passive allows Ecco tostack onto Eccos passive (which also buffs its Basic Attack) to have a huge burst potential. Ekko, when casting this ability,is able to evade all immediate attacks and return to his remaining Holographic Position, healing some of himself and dealingburst damage to nearby units.

The best way to get the most out of Ekko is by triggering his passive abilities, which continuously do additional magicaldamage to enemies. This does so by having each third attack or damaging spell to the same target do a bonus amount of magicdamage, as well as giving Ekko a burst of speed if the target is a champion. Ekkos next attack in the next three secondscauses him to flash at the target and deals bonus magic damage. The easiest way to trigger this passive is to ensure that youhit your opponent twice with his Timewinder skill.

When Ekko hits his Ultimate, Ekko becomes untargetable, heals some of the missing HP, and returns to his Shadow location.Ekko launches a time-distortion grenade, which expands into a temporal distortion field when it hits the enemy champion,slowing down and damaging whoever is caught in it.

Ekko is a Mage-killer who has incredibly high damage, snowballs very hard, can roam around to make plays, and is easilycapable of taking out enemy champions with poor defense. Ekko relies on getting into team fights, killing primary objectives,and getting ulted in League of Legends. Ekko is a Assassin champion who has strong core attacks and abilities, moderateabilities that reinforce teammates and debilitate or crowd control enemies, and weak survivability through defensive skillsor mobility.

Using dominance runes and burst damage item builds, combined with an Assassin playstyle, he is a difficult champion to gameagainst in League of Legends. A great choice to level in solo queue, as far as difficulty goes, Ekko is a difficult to playchampion for new players to League of Legends. Ekko is a champion with a very high skill ceiling, and players who are notfamiliar with his skills and abilities are going to struggle with learning his playstyle.

No matter where Ekko is placed, he is able to dish out some eye-watering burst damage, all the while providing utility andmobility. When Ekko gets into the mid-to-late game, and gets some items, that is when he can be an immense playmaker for histeam. If fed early, Ekko not only has a chance to 1-shot the more tanky champions, he can snowball into the position of beingnearly unbeatable. Using what is actually a 4-dash, he can get quite far away and pick off high-value targets before anyonenotices.

Ignite is also an excellent spell on Ekko, as Ekko is able to cast it more often than not while going on a teamfight. Igniteis essential to the Ekko build guide, not only for adding to burst, but because it applies Grievous Wound.

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For that reason, Ekkos first Build Item on Lol Wild Rift is Ludens To Echo, since it gives you haste ability, as well as AoEdamage that helps to clear waves. Ludens Echo is a great build first item, since it helps Ekkos wave clear abilities,increases its magic damage, and grants reload time. After Ludens Echo, Rabadons Deathcap is a strong item, giving Ekko lotsof power for abilities, while the Lich Bane is a very unique item for Ekko, working great with Ekkos third ability, PhaseDive. Ludens Echo Rabadons Deathcap Lich Bane Staff of Void Morello-Nomicon Ionian Boots of Lucidity-Stasis Ekko buildsability-power items that aid in damage output of her abilities and passives.

Other good items in the wild Rift lane for Ekko are enchanted boots with Stasis or Protobelts to get an additional Dash,deathcaps, and Void Staffs to get the most damage and burst against one-shotting enemies. Electrocute provides burst damage,and fleet footwork allows ekko to dash slightly faster, sustaining and dealing higher damage with the initial strike. To playthe game at low risk, Ekko relies on a stun off of Parallel Convergence(w), which can be easily avoided by savvy enemies.

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